Monday, 20 October 2008

The one with... 19 October 2008 :)

Alhamdulillah, I am finally engaged !! :)

My heartfelt gratitude goes to each and everyone of you for the well wishes, everything went smooth sailing despite some dramas here & there.. :P

I have a lot more pictures to share, but I have so limited time right now.. Perhaps you can go visit here and here first for some updates on the memorable event of mine :)

I am on leave today, still tired from doing the post-engagement spring cleaning.. Slept at wee hours of 2am yesterday..! Huhu..

Treating myself with nasi + ikan bakar @ Kampung Baru just now with my, ehem, fiancé.. :D Now sipping my iced caramel macchiato at Starbucks in GE Mall while waiting for him to finish bits of his works before leaving for a movie... yeeehaaa...

Alritey people.. Will update more soon, I promise...

As for now, I am counting days!!!!


(For pay day lah! *sniff* :P)



  1. lia...congrats!!! cantiknyer..when is the BIG day??

  2. So cantik.. like a doll.. but pictures not enough at the moment to satisfy my 'cravings'!! Btw do u happen to have a photo of the flower basket i sent? He he

  3. F.E.L.I.C.I.T.A.T.I.O.N.
    atau dlm bahasa jawanya tahniah!!

    u look!
    but gorgeous!!

  4. tahniah cik lilia yg dah ada status baru .. hehe.

    esk aku update k .. lupe nk bawak gamba arini .. :)

  5. Nice and sweet pictures of yours, darling....

    Can't wait getting invited for the BIG day..

  6. bibi,

    thanks bb!! :) W day will be made known sometime later.. ;P How's ur preparation so far? Nanti nak mintak tips tau, ewaaah.

    parveeeeeennnn!!! :)

    hehehe i will update sOON ok I promise. together with the pic of the flowers you've sent okie! all the best with your first marketing meeting in china! hehehe.


    thanks dear... :)

  7. concorde,

    hehehe thank you!! i'm blue dabbedidabbeda la la la laaaa~~~ ;)


    terima kasih farah yang juge sudah berstatus baru :)

    sile update ok! and pls only put up pretty pictures.. hehehe.

  8. zie,

    thanks!!! of course you'll be invited... =)


    thank you peeja~*

  9. Hi Lia,

    Congrates!!! You look soooo pretty!! In person dahla lagi comei..:)

  10. iera,

    hi iera... hehehe thank you thank you *bLushinG* :P