Thursday, 30 October 2008

The one with... and so the "pressure" begins... ;)

Dearest Oya, thanks so much !!! :) What can I say, great mind thinks alike *wink*wink*

Had a great time with Oya just now at KLCC.. (How come I didn't know they have Sakae Sushi opened in KLCC already?! Dang, should have gone there instead of the one in Pavillion the other day..). So anyway, both Oya and I had our cravings for sushi & sashimi satisfied during dinner, and we had so much fun catching up with each other's life.. Nice!

OK lah.. TARA 3 re-run is starting soon. Till later~*

The one with.. of here and there.

Hello mello. I am like so busy at work yo! Mojo oooo mojooooo!

(Hey, it rhymes!! Big deal, sheesh…*eyes rolling*)

Anyway. On the personal life front -- it has never been better.. :)

Working life wise, I guess the people around is having love-hate feelings towards me.

Oh yeah, and so do I, trust me.

It seems like everyone including myself hates me for being so meticulous. and so detailed. To the bosses, I tend to take some time to complete my tasks. To the juniors, my review comments are very irritatingly demanding. A sentence without a full stop also is like an eye-sore to me. Let alone the main substance. Reviewing a report can really drives me crazy! Why oh yeah, I can be that particular.


Everyone also (again including me) have just got to love me for being so meticulous. and detailed. To the bosses, my work is of an acceptable quality (throughout my years here I’ve never been satisfied with my work, well more like I’ve never had the right confidence level to be proud of them -- so I reckon it’s about time, I definitely deserve it enough said thank you very much). To the juniors, I’m doing them a favour -- more often than not I’ll amend their work myself.

I.freaking.hate.this.situation. Oh well, I am born perfectionist and I am not sorry for that.

Is it ridiculous to call it quit just because I can’t bring myself to cope up with the ever mounting responsibilities? What kind of person I am then if I were to choose to steer clear from opportunities? What kind of person it would make me if I don’t want to continue climbing up the ladder?

Hmm.. Let me guess, stupid?


That’s that. I don’t have the answer just yet.

Before I end, here are some random pictures taken during the recent long yet very hectic weekend of mine.

Welcoming Maya Arissa to the world :)

She's oh so adorably cute!! Let's congratulate my dearest friends Famie & Muni ya.. :) Am so happy for them!!

My youngest brother is sitting for SPM soon. And his school has had a graduation ceremony held for them already.

And hey he had his picture taken with a girl!! How.overwhelming. *griN* You know what I mean, my brother is a grown up already, I can't actually quite believe it!! Huhu.. :P

Alip had just turned 5 last Monday.

I seriously have no idea there's a cartoon called Ben10. Haihhh. On another related note, Alip is still the cute boy he is! :)

There were some more activities, but no pictures were taken. Like the activity of mengecat rumah Acap & Hana bersama rakan2 Gombak pada hari Sabtu pagi, and also attending open house of Kerol's aunty on Saturday night whereby I was constantly introduced as, "haaa.. yang ni la orangnye.. yadda yadda yadda.." Huhu! *smiling sheepishLy*

Eh out of curiousity (and innocence :P),

  • How do you address your fiancé's relatives eh? Like would you call her 'Mak Long' as 'Mak Long' just the way he does, or you'll just address her in general merely as 'aunty'?

  • And now that I'm engaged, when I shake hand greeting the fiancé's mom, by now should I be kissing her hand out of respect already? Or is it too much too soon?? Huhu. Like, seriously? Cause I still don't you see.

Hmm, it depends eh? Sheesh, I thought so too lah..! iSk~*

OK lah.. Till later k..

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The one with... 21 October 2008 ;)

So yesterday marks Kerol's 26th birthday... which also meant, our 3rd year anniversary too! =)

As compared to last year, we didn't have any fancy plans to celebrate these 2 significant occasions this year as we were so busy with the pre-engagement preps. Well, not that there were a lot to do, I know.. But in terms of ka-ching, of course to some extend it was very much affected too.. Huhu.

So for the anniversary, being engaged to one another is our way of celebrating it.. ;)

Hmm, that’s that.

But it was up to me then, on how to celebrate his birthday.. *haishh :P* So in view of the time constraint, I’ve told Kerol that we’ll just go for a dinner together.. and he seems to be fine with it.. Heh.. Nasib baik kan, guys just being guys, they are not really fussy about all this celebration thingy.. (yes? no?)..

Well without him knowing it, I’ve actually arranged for a surprise birthday gift delivery to his office :) It’s a last minute thing (I've arranged for it on the day itself, that last minute ok! But thank God everything was do-able according to my request.. *wink*)

BUT. Sangat susah ok untuk meng surprise kan someone yang tak tentu masa nya kejap kat office kejap kat customers’ sites.. sheeeshhh~!! So long story short, Kerol was not in office yesterday, so I had to request for the delivery to be made today instead, morning time.

Anyhow. Coming back to the dinner story.

After much discussion, we’ve agreed to have dinner at my favourite Sakae Sushi in Pavillion.. Hahaha. Yup. His birthday. My favourite meal. :P Tapi kan.. Sangat bitchy ok the traffic yesterday!! It took me 1.5 freaking hours to reach Pavillion… :( Dah rasa bersalah sangat kat Kerol.. So when I reached the car park, I quickly called Sakae Sushi to ask whether do they provide any birthday celebration type of services or not.. They said no. And I even asked, what if it’s upon request. No also. Huhu… The guilt has got all over me by then.. *iSk*.

I mean come on, to him, dah la takde birthday present.. Takde birthday card pulak tuh.. And I was late for the dinner some more… Uishh if it was me, I’m not sure how not to merajok… (Haha).

But I must thank him, he was being quite understanding.. though he did memuncungkan mulut dan menyeyapkan diri in the beginning, despite my constant pujukans dan rayuans dan mintak maafans… ;P

Oh well.

All in all, we had such a nice outing together yesterday night… =) *pHew*

After reaching home and settling down, before we said our goodnights, I did make sure that he’s really coming to office today in the morning. And this morning, I did wake him up some more to make sure he’s early for office. Coz otherwise normally if he can’t make it on time, he’ll just go to the customers’ sites first.

I woke up at 7am, and gave him a wake up call at 7.30am.

Just to make sure that he woke up early. to get ready. to go office. IN THE MORNING.

Basically yeah, just to remind him that he’s going to office in the morning. Huhu.

Who knows, hamba Allah ni boleh pulak rupenye sambung tidur balik sampai taktau pukul berapa because after realising he didn’t sms me nor call me by 10am, I sms-ed him, only to find out that he’s on the way to Shah Alam..

“Kata nak masuk office pagi??” [member mesti konfius apehal plak nak kesah sangat kan masuk ofis pagi ke petang ke tak masuk langsung ke kan.. :P]

“Change of plan.. yadda yadda yadda..”

Alaaaaaa.. *sNiff*. Looks like the plan to surprise him while he’s around in office tak jadi nampaknya…

But still. At least the surprise element was actually still there, cause the moment he stepped into office after lunch time, he was called by his receptionist to pick up his ‘parcel’…

And my he was so surprised, and happy.. and that made me happy too! :) hehehe.

So what did I send him?

It’s via this online florist, they have an array of items to be sent as gifts -- all sorted according to occasion, and according ‘for him’ or ‘for her’. Basically there are flowers, food (such as cakes & chocolates) and others (such as office stationeries, soft toys and such).

Initially I wanted to give him a birthday cake with flowers. But come to think of it, flowers macam akan menghilangkan standard ke-macho-an dia di office. So I thought I'll send him a birthday cake and chocolates instead. But then I wasn’t sure whether he’ll be in office or not when the cake is delivered to him. So in the end, I am happy to send him just chocolates and a teddy bear! Yeayyy… It has been my wish to give him a teddy bear, and now it’s the right timing.. :)

I was contemplating between these two options:

These two seems to be the most appropriate ones to give for a guy, the rest are those real teddy bears like looking. Anyway, I finally settled with the one in brown colour, for the white one doesn’t seem to look suitable for a guy. Plus, it’ll get dirty easily.

And I picked this chocolate for him.

And the outcome?

Hehehe.. Who knows, the soft & cuddly gingerbread man is quite big.. and it was delivered in a transparent wrapper.. =)

Yeay, he's happy.. Am happy... *smiLing*

So now I can work in peace knowing that my plan to surprise him is, to some extend, menjadi.. *gRin*

Hmm.. to my dearest fiancé -- happy 26th birthday and happy 3rd anniversary!! xoxo.. =) I hope I didn't embarass you with the surprise gifts ya.. *wink*

Alritey, till later~*

p.s.#1 - oh I must thank Muni for giving me the link to the url of the online florist.. :)
p.s.#2 - adakah entry ini berbaur PDA? (that's public display of affection). Tak kan? :P

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The one with... the details bit... YES! ;)

- The hantaran (from my side) -

Sirih junjung

Pulut kuning + rendang + telur burung puyuh


Blue shirt

Fresh fruits

Fondant cake (before deco)

Ferrero roche

- The hantaran (from his side *tak sempat nak took the pictures when they are in the nice gold-ish boxes*) -

Sirih junjung

Bekas cincin

Telekung (oppss ade rerama biru sesat :P)


Pastries (dengan bakul2 skali buleh dimakan)

- The setting -

The living hall after removing all the furniture

THE place for me to sit :)

The staircase (simple saje! but sweet, I like..)

- The behind the scenes -

My sister Erin doing the last minute deco on the hantaran.. I am so lucky to have her as my sister. Love you sis!!

Erin's friends (especially those on the right & left to Erin) who have helped a lot, I owe them big time!

- The before & after -

Mata lebam kerana banyak menangis pre-engagement -- work stress & esp pasal baju.. *drama drama..* haishh. :P

Ada orang kata agak over for an engagement.. Well, perhaps on the eyes area, a bit too much ey?

- The families -

Lovely Erin

Dearest Mama & Papa

Families from both Mama's and Papa's sides -- opah, the cousins, uncles & aunties.

- The missing in action -

Things would have been even merrier if Liana & Ajim were there!! *iSk*

Even she wasn't there, but at least Alin came way in advance.. :) Oh and Tazz couldn't make it too. Takpe lah, at least she had the valid reasons.. So I'm cool with it.. ;)

- The in-action -


- The crowd -

Me officemates (missing Parveen & Anushia!! *sOb*)

Oya & Muni the Mak buyong ;p She's about to deliver her baby anytime soON~!

Erin & her boyf Faiz

Some of our Gombak friends.. (p.s. Hana, nak gambar dengan kau, Acap, Azidi, Lynn, Khaleel, Pae & Ezal!)

My bestie Dayana & Kerol's bestie Nikman.. :)

Narqes the bakal Mak buyong & Kunut

Fahmie the Pak buyong with Mak buyong

- The extras -

Flowers from my dearest Parveen & her hubby Ryan.. such a sweet friend isn't she?? isk, sangat terharu..

Flowers from my best girlfriends ever! isk, terharu jugak.. (Dayana, tulisan kau sangat tidak berubah ye!! hehe)

- The appreciation -

Nice cuppies in vanilla & chocolate flavours, in blue (to represent my side) and orange-ish (to represent Kerol's side) from Daalia :)

- The happy faces :) -


So there you go.. Some of the pictures I have in my camera. A lot are not here, especially..

  • the pictures of me with my besties - Farah the Mak buyong also (sheesshh can you count how many time I mentioned Mak buyong in this entry?? hehehe), Oya, Dayana, Abby, Roxie, & Tina the Mak buyong jugak... ;P -- who came way earlier to accompany me.. ohhh thanks so much girls!!

  • the pictures with Kerol's families,

  • the pictures of the crowd outside the house, and the food,

  • the picture during THE moment when Kerol's mom inserting the ring into my finger ;)

  • the pictures with Acap, Hana, Azidi, Pae, Ezal, Lynn the Mak buyong & Khaleel,

  • and so many more lah!

Hmm.. All in all, I am pleased with the whole event. Yes there were hiccups here and there -- well that's normal, nothing is perfect in this world aite; but everything went on just smooth sailing.. Alhamdulillah..

So that's all I have now. Moving on back to the normal life shall we? :)

Till later~*

p.s. I hope you don't view this as an entry to brag okie? It's merely for my remembrance sake, hey people don't get engaged every so often!