Monday, 1 September 2008

The one with.. first day of puasa Ramadhan 1429H

Best kan having a day off on the first day of puasa??? *gRin*

Compared to the yesteryears, to the contrary my aim this time around is to wake up for sahur, perform my Subuh prayer and go straight to office… so that I hope I can grab the opportunity to work efficiently in the morning, and get to go off early in the evening, hence being able to catch for tarawikh.. It’s gonna be tough on the days where I’m at client’s place, but let’s see how determined I can and will be okie dok?! ;) *mood alim alert* ;P It’s kinda a bit too ambitious I know, but hey what is life without dreams and hopes aite…

Whatever it is I reckon today’s off day is very much needed, I had quite a tiring weekend past 2 days.

On Saturday, I woke up early (for a fact, even earlier than the normal working days!) to attend the post Bûdget 2oo9 briefing. It’s a yearly thing we have where we will sort of discuss on the newly proposed changes / introduction of new provisions under the Inc0me T@x Act. I read back my last year entry on this, my I feel that I’ve developed so much in terms of maturity and knowledge as far as work is concerned. Huhu.. Last year I complained about how I appeared all blurry when people were discussing about the post Bûdget 2oo8 items and that in actual fact I discreetly left the discussion half way through. But look at me now, for the first time ever I actually stayed until the whole thing finished! And managed to get hold of the things discussed too! *claP2* Well, it’s kinda a slow development considering that I’ve been in the firm for 5 freaking years , but heck at least that’s a progress altogether aite. (Another contributing factor could be because I was actually placed in a discussion group led by my big boss. So that’s kinda forced me to sit still and remained focus *hehehe*)

Hmm talking about Bûdget 2oo9, I must say there’s nothing much for me to be happy about. Yeah there’s a 1 month bonus for the govt servants, but that’s not applicable to me nor the people I care around me. Oh oh, except for one thing, P@k L@H actually mentioned about tr@nsfer pr1c1ng in his speech, that’s exactly my field of work yaaaww.. ;) I hope it then can sort of opened up the eyes of the (some) acting diva clients of mine when it comes to tr@nsfer pr1c1ng assignments. Huh.

OK lah enough of the dry boring topic.

In the evening of the same day, Mama, my sis Liana and myself went to ‘kidnap’ Alip and brought him to…. Z00 Neg@ra! Hehehe. It was tiring, but fun. Alip is still the cute chubby cheeky kid he is known to be... :) But anyway, Z00 Neg@ra tu takde lah best mane ok... The animals are limited, and they are very thin and don't look healthy. Hmm.. Ke sebab I am adult enough to enjoy a trip to the z00 eh??

We went there quite late at 5pm because it was raining before that. So by the time we got back in the car it was already 7.30pm. The animal show was at 8.30pm, but we gave it a pass since Alip said he was tired already... (and me too actually!)

Then the next day, i.e. yesterday, the girls at home (Mama, Erin, Liana and myself) went to have our lunch together before Ramadhan and we decided to eat at Cozy Corner in GE Mall... Yummy!!!!

I went out with Kerol thereafter and we had our leisure time window shopping at KLCC. At about 6.30pm or so, we made move to Ampang Point in the hope to grab the Baskin Robin's ice-cream for their 31% promotion.. But so sad, they didn't have the flavours of our likings :( So had to give it a miss this time around....

And somehow after tarawikh (err, which I didn't go for I didn't make it on time to reach home.. *iSk*) Liana and I had cravings for McD's ice cream sundae so we went to the drivethrough outlet near our house and not only bought the ice creams, but the apple pie and quarter pounder too! Huhu.. Had those late at night before sleep, ish3x that's bad!!!

Nevertheless, all in all before Ramadhan...
  • Satey Hj Samuri - checked.
  • Nasi with dishes - checked.
  • KFC + Pizza - checked.
  • McD ice cream & burger - checked.
  • Ikan keli goreng - checked.
  • JCo / Big Apple donuts - na'ah.
  • Baskin Robin - na'ah.
  • Sushi - na'ah.. Somehow weird to say, I didn't have the cravings for sushi.. Hmmm.

Hahahaha.. Poyo, I know! :P

Tiba2 teringat this cartoon Upin and Ipin they had it last year.. They are super cute!!!! (Liana actually just showed to me recently at YouTube..) Can't wait to watch the Setahun Kemudian version this time around! It's a must watch ok, every Friday till Sunday on Channel 9, at 7pm.. That's just in a nick of time before break fast... So it's a surefire way to kill the time! :) (Betul betul betul...) hehehe.

OK lah.. I better make my move now. Want to enjoy fasting during a holiday :) Today's menu is gonna be decided by my both sisters Erin & Liana. They are not fasting, so they volunteered to cook... Awwww so sweeeeeet aren't they? Love them to bits!

Till later~*

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