Saturday, 6 September 2008

The one with.. 6th day of puasa -- boleh kurang ke?

I think among other things, the one target I always have during every fasting month is to be able to shed off a few kilos… But so far, the weighing scale has been showing no movement at all, not even half a kg.. SheeShhh..

Well during day time, yes, somehow there'll be a slight reduction.. But everything goes back to normal again during the night time.. *sniff* Whilst I understand this could be due to the equality between your physical activities and your eating pattern, i.e. the more you eat the more you tend to move around to do things, so during fasting month the lesser you eat, the lesser you tend to move too because you do not have much energy. So it’s a zero effect situation.

But still, I don’t understand the logic as far as my biological clock is concerned.. Especially the fasting month this year when I’m so determined to lose some weight! I wake up for sahur to just drink 2 – 3 glasses of plain water (big deal, really!), then day time I will still walk between car park and office to and fro, walk around to printer & photocopy machine to collect my own papers (as oppose to getting the juniors / interns to do that for me :P), to directors’ rooms for discussion, and to the secretaries’ place to gossip when I need a break.

And I don’t do supper after tarawikh or late at night anymore, instead I use up the night time to gulp down few glasses of plain water as I don’t normally drink during berbuka except for a few sips of sweet drinks. (Weird, I know.. But sekarang kan musim hujan petang2.. So I don't find myself getting so thirsty..) Even yesterday night -- I went out to hang out catching up and getting doses of laughters with my much-missed friend Dayana at Coffee Bean Ampang Point, though I was SO tempted to have the muffin and coffee, I settled down with just a cuppa hot tea! Can you imagine, I ditched coffee for tea?? (Ms. Dayana had the caffe latte and this morning I woke up seeing her sms at 5am telling me that she couldn’t sleep!!! Hehehe.. Sorry Seben I laugh, but really, I pity you.. I hope today you manage to sleep early, am sure you need it very much ya…)

Anyway back to the main topic. So yeah, why oh why???

Hmm.. perhaps the amount of food I eat during berbuka? Damn these people who knows, and loves, cooking (none other me beloved Mama & Erin.. ;P), can’t they just cook one meal only??? Every time we sat down together for berbuka I will ask them why the few types of meals? Time and again they will say either, “takut tak cukup” or “tadi lapar… rasa nak makan meal 1, meal 2 and meal 3”.. Sheesshh.. The thing about having people cooking at home is, you won’t have the heart to say no to the other dishes and stick to one! (though actually, really, who can resist aite??? :P So the blame is back to you! Huhu)..

Today Liana berbuka with her friends and Mama berbuka at surau.. Erin was still outside when it was already 4pm.. So what I had in mind was to just go to Pasar Ramadhan and buy a simple meal for berbuka.. But suddenly Erin sms-ed telling me that she will come back home and cook for the 2 of us… Awwww, I am blessed with a nice and sweet sister lah! =) Some more she asked me, “Ko teringin nak makan ape?” To which I replied, “Anything as long as not nasi, please!”

Maka nya.. Sila lah lihat ape dia masak ye kawan kawan…

Carbonara spaghetti..

Grilled chicken..

Fried fish fillet...

And.. healthy vege (to help feel better laa kengkononnye.. :P)




Tell me, if you were me, which one would you choose to have?

If you think that's not a tough decision to make, well, I so had a bloody hard time to choose!!

Anyway yeap, I had them all.. Delicious!!!

So ok it's not even a week of fasting to even to start whining ay...? Maybe I shall come back to this topic some time towards the end of the fasting month?

Nevertheless, question to self remains the same, boleh kurang ke??? Huhu..

Nite2 peeps~*


  1. the carbonara looks delicious!!

  2. lia...
    if i were you, i will definitely have a difficult time to shed some kilos as well looking at the meal ur sis cooked!! it looked YUMMYLICIOUS!!!
    u are soooo lucky!!


  3. ~Liza,~

    It sure tasted yummy too! :)

    Seben dear,

    Kan????!! Susah nak pilih! Yeah I'm so lucky, but she's not cause I can never cook for her....YET! :P


  4. alaaaaaaaaaaa..

    apsal lepak coffee bean tak ajak i?


  5. Puan Tina,

    It was a last minute thing, I called you, remember?? Pukul 10mlm hari Jumaat tuh.. But you didn't pick up.. I guess you went for tarawikh... :)

    Well, there's always next time aite....

  6. omg..meleleh2 air liur tgk..
    terel ur sis..memula i ingatu berbuka luar..
    uwaaaaaa..nih yg mengidam semua2 tu pulak.. *berangan sambil air liur meleleh*

  7. frh lapor memanjangSeptember 08, 2008 12:13 pm

    pehh .. chicken siap kene bugil xde kulit ..
    jauhi lemak ..

  8. alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

    next time call me at least 5 kali.. kalau i x angkat baru u can assume i takde ok? hehehehehe

    i miss u girls so mucho!! :(

    this friday nite jom!!! :)

  9. peej,

    sorry if the pics tempted u unnecessarily! :P anyway a'ah my sis suka je nak masak2 nih... unlike her eldest sister!! ;)
    so arini berbuke ape? dah kate mengidam nehhh... heh.

    puan farah dah ada 'isi' kah?,

    mane ade bugilllll.. still ade kulit lagi lah... sodap, lemak berkrim! :P


    aye aye sir! i risau coz dlm blog u ckp u rajin pergi tarawikh... :P anyway we can plan something for this friday k!!

  10. eat, eat, eat and eat. hehehe. thats what I do. But I'm working out like mad crazy now, sit-ups and dumbbells. I didn't shed any weighs off (as much as I wanted to). but I am hoping those fats are transformed into muscles.

    I'm not fasting this week. Beria turun cafe beli makanan. Muahahahahaha. We even had lunch at Centro. Suka hati aku je la kan.

    Next week mesti I pancit balik.