Thursday, 4 September 2008

The one with... 4th day of puasa -- matter of the heart.

Wahhhh bulan puasa hari2 update, bagus tak? :) Well, a lunch break is still needed aite no matter how you utilise it?

So this is gonna be my way of using up my lunch break -- updating my blog ;)

This morning, I somehow decided not to sleep after sahur.. By 7.57am I reached office already. And ever since I’ve been working very diligently (except for few minutes break here and there taking a peek at other people’s blogs :P).. SiGh, workloads came pouring like nobody’s business and I really think we are short of resources. Am I alone here? Cause I can’t seem to observe anyone saying anything about that. Hmmm.. Typical Malaysian lot I think, we are scared to voice out our dissatisfaction.. All we know is to talk behind the scene, where the words ‘whining’ come into light. And I am no exception.. Huhu.

Oh well, enough about that.. That’s not the purpose I started this piece in the first place.

I realised that I must have been coming late to office too frequent to the point I found myself being caught in awe this morning to see how bad the traffic is at 7am.. :P So while being trapped in the terrible traffic with both the annoying DJs and the tunes of a bad choice of songs, I decided to turn off the radio (I don’t know why but somehow I got annoyed by the radio this morning -- yeap, all them channels).

With the much noiseless air, my mind wandered around a lot of things while driving.. One of them being a subject about first / true love.

This is not the first time I’m having a different view about first true love.

Out of curiosity, how do you consider a person as your first love? Of course, this becomes a subject matter only when you have been in a few, if not a lot, of relationships.

Because to me, it seems like my first love will eventually be the one I will be married to.

I am actually feeling a bit skeptical when a person points out that it is the ex is being his / her first love. I mean, how can?? (No, not that I’m against it.. trust me.. cause apparently to Kerol, I am not his first love too.. Huhu. Hey, no hard feelings, really. I’m not really surprised, because he is not the first person who’s having such thinking. But just to set the record straight, Kerol did highlight the fact that I’m the person he’s ever felt really deep in love with =) What, elllehhhh you said? Oh well, say what you want to say.. *gRin*)

So yeah back to the point.

How can an ex be your first, true love? Say I was to list down the 2 most possible circumstances involving an ex:

First – You are the one who’s calling it off. Obviously you broke up with that person because you were no longer in love. So, to me, how can you consider that person as your first love?

Second – You are the one who’s being left. Well, again, that person left you for someone else, or for whatever other reasons la.. Very mean aite? So, how can you consider that person as your true love?

Oh, and how on earth a person considers someone:

- whom you've never let your feelings made known to, or
- who does not reciprocate

as first true love?

While mind-boggling on this issue, I tried to picture the faces of my ex-es and tried to reminisce all the blast from the past. (note: I have 3 before Kerol and of course, flings do not count.). Yes, I was in love when I was with each one of them.. But I can’t seem to bring myself to feel that it's A (who, naturally, should actually be the right candidate to fit for the first love post), or B, or C -- is my first love.

So, even until I reached office I couldn’t figure out why. Why an ex can be considered as a first / true love????

In the end, I think I’d just settle with this -- It is the power of love. No one can solve the puzzles when it comes to the matter of the heart… Right?

Okie dokie, I shall now rest my case... :)


If there's anyone out there who care enough to challenge my points or share with me the logic behind the doubt I just raised(?) *raising eyebrows* ;)

Till later~*

p.s. the above is just merely my personal view okie?


  1. ms-terasa-nak-makan-oysterSeptember 04, 2008 4:10 pm

    my two cents:

    first love = the first person you have/had ever fallen in love (depends on your definition of love)

    true love = might/ might not be the first love and can be the love(s) afterwards, might/might not be the one who you are married to

    first true love = the first of the true love... there can be second true love and those afterwards... FOOL happens(ed)

    while i believe in the "falling-out-of-love" (FOOL)concept, i think there should be only one true love at one time.

  2. hmm tiba2 confuse... ni farah ke? erin ke? oya??? huhu.. tapi rase2nye oya.....kan?

    anyway, so what i can gather here is.... it's all how you define LOVE. hmm, good point!

    hmm tak teringin nak makan oyster..yet. tapi teringin nak makan ayam percik. huhu.

  3. frh is married to her first-true-loveSeptember 05, 2008 2:11 pm

    saje nak sibuk gak..

    puppy love / monyet love = ni masa skolah rendah dulu laa .. mesti ada crush kan?kan?kan? .. ejejeje (teringat cite lama laa tuuuuuu)

    first love = the 1st person u ever fall in love deeply

    true love = the person that u ended up with.

    first true love = ..?

    above all, the person that im married to is always be my first true love .. because its a combination of first love (deeply in love with) & true love (ended up with marriage)

    bole gitu?
    suke ati aku laa ..

  4. dearest s0ulz,

    speechless kah??? ;)

    you are so lucky, farah!

    one point i would like to pick up there is, yes to me first love means someone you are deeply in love with.

    you cannot be deeply in love with each and every partner you were with, can you? i mean, there must be someone you really3x deeply in love with... and that someone ideally should be the one you ended up marrying with.

    so again, it's not the 'first' per se, its the definition of 'first love' altogether.

    well, whatever it is.. different people, different opinion aite....

  5. my definition of first love would be the person that introduce you to LOVE...
    those tingling sensation that u got when u see him/her...
    the whatever is not important except only the two of you...
    and usually most of us wont end up marrying our first love and if u do, u r lucky!
    because, u r still goen to remember your first love long after u have met you TRUE LOVE..
    as for true love, this is the person which u end up with... the love is much deeper and we are more wiser in terms of love..
    true love is not only a person who offers you just his/her love, but commitment, your ups n downs and will stick to u no matter what...

    isk, mcm panjang laa pulak ;P


  6. Seben!!

    Wahhhh I like your point of view, very well put! And most important, very true too!!!

    Takpe, lenkali komen laaa panjang2 lagi k! I liiiike.. ;)