Wednesday, 3 September 2008

The one with.. 3rd day of puasa -- last year vs this year..

I didn't come to office straight after sahur today. First maybe because I was so frustrated for a fact that I was the first to come in yesterday yet I was the last to go. Second, because I was so freaking sleepy la.. So I reached office at 9am today.. Ahhh, that’s more I like it.. ;)

Hmm all of sudden to come to think of it, I made myself sounded as if I was being insincere pulak staying back doing my work yesterday kan. Macam tak baik la kan, nanti duit gaji macam tak berkat.. *wahh mood alim alert*

Well, it’s more like it has got something to do with expectation. Maybe I was expecting unrealistically. I was already had the idea of going back early the night before, just before I went to sleep. That’s why waking up in the morning for sahur (I’m not a sahur person fyi) was so easy and the temptation to sleep after Subuh was close to non-existence. So you know lah, when expectation not met, it led to a great deal of frustration. That, was merely what happened to me.

So today, I came to office, with no expectation whatsoever. (of course with a tiny little hope that I get to off early ;P)


Some of noticeable occurrences during last year’s Ramadhan were that:

I know it’s only 3rd Ramadhan, but I can roughly spot some differences this time around.

  • Parveen is not here.. :(
  • And Oya too… :( So, I don't have anyone else to go with to the firm’s buka puasa function anymore…
  • Kerol is out stationed for 2 weeks, starting from yesterday.. :( Normally we’d go to Pasar Ramadhan everyday together after work (whenever time permits). Sempat la aritu went one time together on the first day of puasa… Next trip will be in 2 weeks time. Itupun see whether I can make it or not since I’ll be at client’s place in Shah Alam. Not sure what time will I reach KL.. siGh.
  • Liana is at home!! ;)
  • and Atuk is not around anymore…….

I just hope I won't be loaded with last minute assignments this Ramadhan......

Alritey, it's time to continue work. So far, as at 1.41pm now, I think there's 80:20 chances that I can go back early today! Ouuuhhh we'll see how it goes..... But the prospect makes me feel happy already :P

Till later~*


  1. Waa,cant believe time flies! Ur trip to India is already 'one year old'.

    Eee...u know wat? im having the same craving i had last year. I want chicken rendang!!! Its becoming an annual craving now. Sigh.

  2. last puasa. I quit my job.

    this puasa. I love my job.

  3. frh rindu time bujang trang tang tangSeptember 04, 2008 8:15 am

    last puasa:
    1. blk keje sampai umah pkl 7, makanan dah terhidang, tinggal nk makan jek
    2. bangun sahur pkl 5am
    3. berdua dgn mama
    4. berbuka kat jb

    this puasa:
    1. blk keje sampai umah pkl 5.10, kene masak sendiri, kene hidang sendiri, kene kemas sendiri
    2. bagun sahur pkl 4.30am
    3. masih berdua lg, tp bukan dgn mama
    4. berbuka di selangor

  4. parveeeeennnn,

    yeah time flies so fast..! can you imagine it's september now, soon it's gonna be another new year already..

    do they have chicken rendang over there? at the nasi lemak place you told me about?? hmm kesian you.. i remember you enjoyed going to the pasar ramadhan too to hunt for chicken rendang.. and some other sambal stuff you were craving for.

    oh well, just hang in there k.. when you come back to malaysia, make sure you eat puas2..

    p.s. so sorry i still couldn't find the right time to reply your email. and oh, btw.. congrats for passing the test drive with flying colours!! hehehe :)

  5. abby,

    thanks for the info, i didn't know they have a bazaar ramadhan at sooka sentral there.

    but, i'll try my best not to having to berbuka here in office. long gone those days!!!!

    wow, congrats for being able to shout out loud that you LOVE your job. that's hard to find. i myself can't bring myself to say that... hehehe.. I'd go, "my job? ok lah.. not bad. there are ups and downs.. yadda yadda yadda..". :P

  6. farah,

    alalala.. kesiannnn kau. nanti weekend gi le balik jb, berbuka kat sane k....

    hang in there! remember, you are a superwoman now... just like our mothers.... :)

  7. well. didn't shout it outloud as per I LOVE MY JOB but I do love it. I think I love most is the sense of belonging with the office and officemates. Work is just work. But your environment mattered most.

  8. abby,

    yeah i agreed with you! :) it is the environment that matters -- i've been emphasizing a lot on this in my old entries......