Tuesday, 2 September 2008

The one with.. 2nd day of puasa -- what a day.. *siGh*

The day started off just like how I planned it to be.. I woke up at 5.15am for sahur.. I performed my Subuh prayer.. I went to get ready to go office, and successfully reached at 7.55am.. Wee hoo, what an achievement!!! :) Great, I can leave office early to break fast at home with me family. The two sisters are cooking again today, they planned to make pastas and sandwiches.. yUmmy!!! Then I can go for tarawikh and later maybe update my blog on what they’ve cooked for us yesterday on the first day of berbuka.. ;)

.. Or so I thought.

Yeah right missy!!!

Here I am, still in office, working my ass off, against my will........

Sad. Tired. And hungry…. *sOb*


  1. alololo cian nyer dia...
    tapi by this time ko sudah pun melantak makanan yang ade...baguih, enuf untuk esok nak wat keje lagiiii...

  2. frh tak cukup tidoSeptember 03, 2008 8:14 am

    sahur pkl 5.15am? demmit. best giller.
    next puasa selamat BANGUN sahur pkl 4.30am & MASAK utk sahur yaa ..

    i have no enough sleep :(

  3. Hurm ...... I left the office pretty late last night too .... berbuka at the office, my boss bought pizzahut. I think today I'm gonna leave early. I hope so la .... But dunno how ........ For me 6pm is already early compared to the easy living working people who can leave their offices at 4.30pm. But don't know whether sempat for berbuka or not.

    Owh, btw, my vow this Ramadhan is to wear baju kurung every fasting day! Yeay! Tak fasting tak pakai kot, tak selesa. Plus boleh makan makan kat ofis cos I'm the only one fasting in the office while others enjoy their coffees and lunches! Dang!!!

  4. Owh, and selamat berpuasa to lilia and her friends!

  5. ~lindiazreen~

    olololo cian aku kan? ;) nasib baik balik still ade lagi spagetti & sandwich yang korang prepared...sedapppppah!

    frh nasiblah sape soh kawen :P

    aku bangun kol 5.15am tuh just untuk minum air.. takde maknanye nak makan pepagi buta.. tapi tu lah kan, lelaki mesti nak makan sahur kan... hmmm, next puasa time sahur i'll try to come out with a technique that won't make me having to wake up so early like that... ngeh3x.. *thinking.. thinking..* ade ke? :P


    hi! :) thank you thank you..


    i just had kurma yesterday in office during berbuka time, for i didn't foresee that i would have to stay back late. plus, i was in the rush to finish the work that i didn't bother to eat.. *iSk*

    hopefully, i dont have to stay back today *fingers crossed*

  6. aku mmg kene sahur dpd dulu lg maaa .. nnt aku pengsan .. huhu ..

    ada lia .. kau guna mesin masuk air mcm kat hosp tu .. pkl 5.30am bgn utk off kan jek .. thehehehe

  7. frh, aku pun dah stat lapo.. huhu!,

    oh yeah? so bukan sebab husband lah ni? cehhh.. oh tapi kali ni ko kene prepare la pulak kan.. dah tak dudok bawah ketiak mak.. now i get it.. hehehehehe.

    keji dowh nak gune bende mcm kat hospital tuh..

    oh well, who knows, next puasa by then ciri2 wanita melayu terakhir aku akan terserlah, maka jangan kata pukul 4.30.. ntah2 pukul 3 aku dah bangun pung pang pung pang kat dapur.. ;)

    owhhh abby, selamat berpuasa to you too! =)

  8. lilia. the bazaar ramadhan at sooka sentral starts at 4pm and ends, well, I don't know. But if you had to stayback late, just make sure you get food, or food delivered to you. There's dominos, pizzahut, mcd... hehehe.