Thursday, 25 September 2008

The one with.. 25th day of puasa -- i need a break!

.... can't wait for next week! (I'm gonna be at work still on Monday...)

Unbelievable, I am more looking forward towards having the much-needed break from work, rather than enjoying the excitement of celebrating Raya. Sheesh. This is so not right!

As opposed to the yesteryears, this by far has been the worst fasting month ever.. :( I came early to office, worked hard, blog & blog hop less -- only to find I still didn't get to go off early at the end of the day, I didn't get to have a frequent buka puasa gathering with friends, I didn't get to tour the pasar ramadhan with Kerol like we used to, I didn't get to buka puasa on time at home with family that often, I did less tarawikh prayer, and I didn't have the mood to shop for Raya as well.. *sOb*

I hope, really hope, come this weekend my normal jolly Raya mojo will come into the picture........

Counting days, working hard.. Till later~*


  1. kau raya kat ofis jek laa .....
    save duit. gaga

  2. apela takde mood...
    tgk aku ni relek je..
    tapi tertekan pasal oven...aiihh..
    can't wait for buka puasa bersama sebuah family...!

  3. selamat hari raya...
    maaf zahir batin...

  4. yeah thought u were not ur usual self..garang look sommore..hahaha...hope to c u back all refreshed..!

  5. farah,

    ape punya suggestion nih, doink~!


    banyak la ko punye releks... ko dah setel pasal prudential VS EDS tuh buleh le cakap banyakkk.. ceh!


    same goes to you... :)


    yeah la.. i realise that actually.. huhu.. sorry!! well, i'll see you back in office next monday ya.. :)