Thursday, 25 September 2008

The one with.. 25th day of puasa -- i need a break!

.... can't wait for next week! (I'm gonna be at work still on Monday...)

Unbelievable, I am more looking forward towards having the much-needed break from work, rather than enjoying the excitement of celebrating Raya. Sheesh. This is so not right!

As opposed to the yesteryears, this by far has been the worst fasting month ever.. :( I came early to office, worked hard, blog & blog hop less -- only to find I still didn't get to go off early at the end of the day, I didn't get to have a frequent buka puasa gathering with friends, I didn't get to tour the pasar ramadhan with Kerol like we used to, I didn't get to buka puasa on time at home with family that often, I did less tarawikh prayer, and I didn't have the mood to shop for Raya as well.. *sOb*

I hope, really hope, come this weekend my normal jolly Raya mojo will come into the picture........

Counting days, working hard.. Till later~*

Friday, 19 September 2008

The one with.. 19th day of puasa -- 19 September 2008, down and low.

.... just when I thought everything is fine....

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The one with... 17th day of puasa -- breaking the silence.

Saya adalah sangat sibuk lewat kini. Noktah.. *big siGh*

I have nothing much to say. This is just to clear the dusty page.. *uHuk2*

  • Sorry to tempt you guys with the pictures of the yummy foodies every time you view my page, that’s not gonna be the case any more with this new post okie? ;)
  • TARA3 is back! For those of you who knew me, you’d know that I dig this show so very much. Oh yeah I still do, cuma I loathe that one team from Malays1a laaa.. I mean, we all know you are an actress but really, you don’t have to put on such an act. And what’s with labeling a person as ‘an heire$$’(???). What the hell is that suppose to mean? Heck pardon me maybe I don’t know that’s a profession altogether. Perhaps I shall get my kids in the future to fill in their ambition column at school with ‘to be an he1r / heire$$’ as oppose to the conventional ‘teacher / doctor / police / etc’. Period. Nevertheless, I will still support the Malaysian teams laaa.. That’s for sure.
  • Liana’s gone back to Jakarta, the house lost the lively vibes she’s brought back for the past 2 ½ weeks. Huhu..
  • I think they should ban L1v1ng L0han, it's such an eyesore series!
  • Au$tral1a's Next T0p M0del is such a bore too.. *yaWninG*
  • Peej has kindly tagged me - State 15 weird things / habits/ little known facts about yourself. So here goes:

1. I don’t like to drink water for I enjoy food so much. Drinking makes me feel kenyang unnecessarily.. :P

2. I can be a bit calculative when it comes to my belongings. Huhu. Bukan kedekut. But rather… calculative la.. Macam tak senang duduk if someone’s using my stuff, scared that it’s not being taken care off at the level of my own standard.. ;) And yes, I hate it if I lost my stuff, even losing an eraser can drive me crazy..! :P

3. If it wasn’t because of my mom, my name would have been Siti Tanjung Perak. Phew.

4. It doesn't take a genius to figure it out that I love BLUE!

5. Unlike any other normal girly girls, surprisingly I don’t have a dream wedding. I mean, people talk about beach wedding la.. garden wedding la.. nak ade this flowers la.. that flowers la.. that attire la.. this type of cakes la, yadda yadda yadda.. Well, I’m more towards dreaming of my life-after-wedding. That, to me, is more important.

6. If you meet me eye to eye and take a closer look, you’d notice that I have so many moles on my face. Most of them are actually emerged out from the scars of my pimples. Somehow they turned into moles rather than ugly marks. What gives? I have no idea. But I am definitely not complaining.. :)

7. All my life, I’ve never cooked. Huhu. I mean real cooking in action -- maggi, telur goreng and stuff excludes… Trust me; I am not proud of this.

8. I am very sensitive. Very.

9. When I was small, I used to have an imaginary elder brother.. :)

10. I used to be so active in Taekw0nd0, and I love that activity to bits! I started at the tender age of 7 and I obtained my junior black belt at the age of 10 (if I’m not mistaken). I participated in competitions and won some, and I used to imagine being a Taekw0nd0 instructor as my part time job.. :P Hey I even imagined myself representing Malays1a in Taekw0nd0 ok. *watchaaa!!*

11. I had my first cinta monyet when I was 12. Ish3… :P

12. The other day after I had my meal during sahur, while waiting for Subuh, I went and dig my old stuff and found my old journal. Well last time the English teachers at school, in their attempt to encourage the students to improve their English, had made writing a journal as part of the whole assessment. Ade carried-marks la attached to this journal writing task.

First thing first, gosh my English sucks big time ok last time. I wonder if it is still sucky now. Huhu.

Second thing, I went to 2 secondary schools – MR$M Terend@k for Form 1 to 3 and MR$M Ta1p1ng for Form 4 & 5 -- therefore I had 2 journals altogether. I wrote a lot about friendships and having a fun teenage life in boarding school in my MR$M Terend@k journal.. And in MR$M Ta1p1ng , my writings seemed to center around the feeling of sad and such. Huhu. And in my MR$M Ta1p1ng journal, I notice that I mentioned few names time and again especially Alin, Dayana, Farah, Concorde, & Muni.. And it occurred to me, yes, these are the people who are still stick by my side until now.. I couldn’t feel more blessed having such true friends… :) Oh and also, in my MR$M Ta1p1ng journal, I’ve mentioned about this one incident where apparently, the boys from my class disliked me to the point of whereby they all pakat wanting me to change to another class.. Just because I was the loudest among the other girls in our class (my class then only had 9 girls as opposed to 30 odd lousy boys). YES. Boys were that shallow! Kampung gile! Huh. *Mari kita roll eyes beramai2*. Can you imagine, one of the reasons they told me was -- I was considered as a pemalas for a girl because TO THEM, normally boys yang tak siap homework then pinjam girls punya untuk tiru.. Tapi THEY SAID, I pulak yang pinjam tiru boys punya homework. WTF?! Sangat macam orang asli (kan??!!!).

For the record, I still hate them (despite being in touch still with some of them, urghh!). And I will still REMEMBER! There’s no way I can forgive and forget. That, probably one of the main reasons why I hate schooling in MR$M Ta1p1ng (please, don’t get me start with the seniors pulak), and why I love MR$M Terend@k so so much! [Alamak, terpanjang pulak.. Hehehe..]

13. Kerol and I were classmates when we were in Standard 1 - 4, then I moved to Kuantan and ever since we were out of sight and out of touch. Until Fr1endster brought us back together in 2004 -- that’s 12 years of separation yawww… :) InsyaAllah, when the time comes, hopefully I can say this out aloud – "kalau ada jodoh tak ke mana!" :D Sekarang tak boleh brag so much lagi.. hehehe.

14. I am quite protective when it comes to the people I care.

15. Saya paling takut lipan because pernah gigit dua kali -- first time when I was in standard 3, lipan kasik love bites kat leher pastu bila saya tepis dia melarikan diri melalui dalam baju saya kat badan bahagian belakang… Ewwwww I can still remember what it feels like having such a creature with 10,000 legs moving on my body -- gross!! And second time kena gigit kat bahagian ibu jari kaki kanan by a lipan bara kat hutan belakang MR$M Terend@k. Sampai skarang kalau hujan lebat kadang2 ibu jari kaki kanan tempat kena gigit tuh rasa macam kebas2. Orang tua2 kata, kalau kena gigit ngan lipan, kena cepat2 bunuh lipan tuh ek? Otherwise kalau lipan tuh masih hidup, kalau dia kena hujan, saki baki bisa dia kite still bleh rase… Betul atau tidak, wallahu’alammmm.

Hmmm.. so much so for ‘I have nothing much to say’ introduction ay?

OK lah.. I shall get back to work now. Till next time when I am free to write.. Banyaknya kerjaaaaa!!! Stress.. Stress.......

Till later~*

Saturday, 6 September 2008

The one with.. 6th day of puasa -- boleh kurang ke?

I think among other things, the one target I always have during every fasting month is to be able to shed off a few kilos… But so far, the weighing scale has been showing no movement at all, not even half a kg.. SheeShhh..

Well during day time, yes, somehow there'll be a slight reduction.. But everything goes back to normal again during the night time.. *sniff* Whilst I understand this could be due to the equality between your physical activities and your eating pattern, i.e. the more you eat the more you tend to move around to do things, so during fasting month the lesser you eat, the lesser you tend to move too because you do not have much energy. So it’s a zero effect situation.

But still, I don’t understand the logic as far as my biological clock is concerned.. Especially the fasting month this year when I’m so determined to lose some weight! I wake up for sahur to just drink 2 – 3 glasses of plain water (big deal, really!), then day time I will still walk between car park and office to and fro, walk around to printer & photocopy machine to collect my own papers (as oppose to getting the juniors / interns to do that for me :P), to directors’ rooms for discussion, and to the secretaries’ place to gossip when I need a break.

And I don’t do supper after tarawikh or late at night anymore, instead I use up the night time to gulp down few glasses of plain water as I don’t normally drink during berbuka except for a few sips of sweet drinks. (Weird, I know.. But sekarang kan musim hujan petang2.. So I don't find myself getting so thirsty..) Even yesterday night -- I went out to hang out catching up and getting doses of laughters with my much-missed friend Dayana at Coffee Bean Ampang Point, though I was SO tempted to have the muffin and coffee, I settled down with just a cuppa hot tea! Can you imagine, I ditched coffee for tea?? (Ms. Dayana had the caffe latte and this morning I woke up seeing her sms at 5am telling me that she couldn’t sleep!!! Hehehe.. Sorry Seben I laugh, but really, I pity you.. I hope today you manage to sleep early, am sure you need it very much ya…)

Anyway back to the main topic. So yeah, why oh why???

Hmm.. perhaps the amount of food I eat during berbuka? Damn these people who knows, and loves, cooking (none other me beloved Mama & Erin.. ;P), can’t they just cook one meal only??? Every time we sat down together for berbuka I will ask them why the few types of meals? Time and again they will say either, “takut tak cukup” or “tadi lapar… rasa nak makan meal 1, meal 2 and meal 3”.. Sheesshh.. The thing about having people cooking at home is, you won’t have the heart to say no to the other dishes and stick to one! (though actually, really, who can resist aite??? :P So the blame is back to you! Huhu)..

Today Liana berbuka with her friends and Mama berbuka at surau.. Erin was still outside when it was already 4pm.. So what I had in mind was to just go to Pasar Ramadhan and buy a simple meal for berbuka.. But suddenly Erin sms-ed telling me that she will come back home and cook for the 2 of us… Awwww, I am blessed with a nice and sweet sister lah! =) Some more she asked me, “Ko teringin nak makan ape?” To which I replied, “Anything as long as not nasi, please!”

Maka nya.. Sila lah lihat ape dia masak ye kawan kawan…

Carbonara spaghetti..

Grilled chicken..

Fried fish fillet...

And.. healthy vege (to help feel better laa kengkononnye.. :P)




Tell me, if you were me, which one would you choose to have?

If you think that's not a tough decision to make, well, I so had a bloody hard time to choose!!

Anyway yeap, I had them all.. Delicious!!!

So ok it's not even a week of fasting to even to start whining ay...? Maybe I shall come back to this topic some time towards the end of the fasting month?

Nevertheless, question to self remains the same, boleh kurang ke??? Huhu..

Nite2 peeps~*

Friday, 5 September 2008

The one with... 5th day of puasa -- to rebel, not to rebel?

Hey, it's Friday. Period.

I want to go home..!

I want to go home..!

I want to go home..!

I want to go home..!

I want to go home..!

I want to go home..!

I want to go home..!!!!


(still awaiting for my work to be reviewed by the dearest boss)


Thursday, 4 September 2008

The one with... 4th day of puasa -- matter of the heart.

Wahhhh bulan puasa hari2 update, bagus tak? :) Well, a lunch break is still needed aite no matter how you utilise it?

So this is gonna be my way of using up my lunch break -- updating my blog ;)

This morning, I somehow decided not to sleep after sahur.. By 7.57am I reached office already. And ever since I’ve been working very diligently (except for few minutes break here and there taking a peek at other people’s blogs :P).. SiGh, workloads came pouring like nobody’s business and I really think we are short of resources. Am I alone here? Cause I can’t seem to observe anyone saying anything about that. Hmmm.. Typical Malaysian lot I think, we are scared to voice out our dissatisfaction.. All we know is to talk behind the scene, where the words ‘whining’ come into light. And I am no exception.. Huhu.

Oh well, enough about that.. That’s not the purpose I started this piece in the first place.

I realised that I must have been coming late to office too frequent to the point I found myself being caught in awe this morning to see how bad the traffic is at 7am.. :P So while being trapped in the terrible traffic with both the annoying DJs and the tunes of a bad choice of songs, I decided to turn off the radio (I don’t know why but somehow I got annoyed by the radio this morning -- yeap, all them channels).

With the much noiseless air, my mind wandered around a lot of things while driving.. One of them being a subject about first / true love.

This is not the first time I’m having a different view about first true love.

Out of curiosity, how do you consider a person as your first love? Of course, this becomes a subject matter only when you have been in a few, if not a lot, of relationships.

Because to me, it seems like my first love will eventually be the one I will be married to.

I am actually feeling a bit skeptical when a person points out that it is the ex is being his / her first love. I mean, how can?? (No, not that I’m against it.. trust me.. cause apparently to Kerol, I am not his first love too.. Huhu. Hey, no hard feelings, really. I’m not really surprised, because he is not the first person who’s having such thinking. But just to set the record straight, Kerol did highlight the fact that I’m the person he’s ever felt really deep in love with =) What, elllehhhh you said? Oh well, say what you want to say.. *gRin*)

So yeah back to the point.

How can an ex be your first, true love? Say I was to list down the 2 most possible circumstances involving an ex:

First – You are the one who’s calling it off. Obviously you broke up with that person because you were no longer in love. So, to me, how can you consider that person as your first love?

Second – You are the one who’s being left. Well, again, that person left you for someone else, or for whatever other reasons la.. Very mean aite? So, how can you consider that person as your true love?

Oh, and how on earth a person considers someone:

- whom you've never let your feelings made known to, or
- who does not reciprocate

as first true love?

While mind-boggling on this issue, I tried to picture the faces of my ex-es and tried to reminisce all the blast from the past. (note: I have 3 before Kerol and of course, flings do not count.). Yes, I was in love when I was with each one of them.. But I can’t seem to bring myself to feel that it's A (who, naturally, should actually be the right candidate to fit for the first love post), or B, or C -- is my first love.

So, even until I reached office I couldn’t figure out why. Why an ex can be considered as a first / true love????

In the end, I think I’d just settle with this -- It is the power of love. No one can solve the puzzles when it comes to the matter of the heart… Right?

Okie dokie, I shall now rest my case... :)


If there's anyone out there who care enough to challenge my points or share with me the logic behind the doubt I just raised(?) *raising eyebrows* ;)

Till later~*

p.s. the above is just merely my personal view okie?

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

The one with.. 3rd day of puasa -- last year vs this year..

I didn't come to office straight after sahur today. First maybe because I was so frustrated for a fact that I was the first to come in yesterday yet I was the last to go. Second, because I was so freaking sleepy la.. So I reached office at 9am today.. Ahhh, that’s more I like it.. ;)

Hmm all of sudden to come to think of it, I made myself sounded as if I was being insincere pulak staying back doing my work yesterday kan. Macam tak baik la kan, nanti duit gaji macam tak berkat.. *wahh mood alim alert*

Well, it’s more like it has got something to do with expectation. Maybe I was expecting unrealistically. I was already had the idea of going back early the night before, just before I went to sleep. That’s why waking up in the morning for sahur (I’m not a sahur person fyi) was so easy and the temptation to sleep after Subuh was close to non-existence. So you know lah, when expectation not met, it led to a great deal of frustration. That, was merely what happened to me.

So today, I came to office, with no expectation whatsoever. (of course with a tiny little hope that I get to off early ;P)


Some of noticeable occurrences during last year’s Ramadhan were that:

I know it’s only 3rd Ramadhan, but I can roughly spot some differences this time around.

  • Parveen is not here.. :(
  • And Oya too… :( So, I don't have anyone else to go with to the firm’s buka puasa function anymore…
  • Kerol is out stationed for 2 weeks, starting from yesterday.. :( Normally we’d go to Pasar Ramadhan everyday together after work (whenever time permits). Sempat la aritu went one time together on the first day of puasa… Next trip will be in 2 weeks time. Itupun see whether I can make it or not since I’ll be at client’s place in Shah Alam. Not sure what time will I reach KL.. siGh.
  • Liana is at home!! ;)
  • and Atuk is not around anymore…….

I just hope I won't be loaded with last minute assignments this Ramadhan......

Alritey, it's time to continue work. So far, as at 1.41pm now, I think there's 80:20 chances that I can go back early today! Ouuuhhh we'll see how it goes..... But the prospect makes me feel happy already :P

Till later~*

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

The one with.. 2nd day of puasa -- what a day.. *siGh*

The day started off just like how I planned it to be.. I woke up at 5.15am for sahur.. I performed my Subuh prayer.. I went to get ready to go office, and successfully reached at 7.55am.. Wee hoo, what an achievement!!! :) Great, I can leave office early to break fast at home with me family. The two sisters are cooking again today, they planned to make pastas and sandwiches.. yUmmy!!! Then I can go for tarawikh and later maybe update my blog on what they’ve cooked for us yesterday on the first day of berbuka.. ;)

.. Or so I thought.

Yeah right missy!!!

Here I am, still in office, working my ass off, against my will........

Sad. Tired. And hungry…. *sOb*

Monday, 1 September 2008

The one with.. first day of puasa Ramadhan 1429H

Best kan having a day off on the first day of puasa??? *gRin*

Compared to the yesteryears, to the contrary my aim this time around is to wake up for sahur, perform my Subuh prayer and go straight to office… so that I hope I can grab the opportunity to work efficiently in the morning, and get to go off early in the evening, hence being able to catch for tarawikh.. It’s gonna be tough on the days where I’m at client’s place, but let’s see how determined I can and will be okie dok?! ;) *mood alim alert* ;P It’s kinda a bit too ambitious I know, but hey what is life without dreams and hopes aite…

Whatever it is I reckon today’s off day is very much needed, I had quite a tiring weekend past 2 days.

On Saturday, I woke up early (for a fact, even earlier than the normal working days!) to attend the post Bûdget 2oo9 briefing. It’s a yearly thing we have where we will sort of discuss on the newly proposed changes / introduction of new provisions under the Inc0me T@x Act. I read back my last year entry on this, my I feel that I’ve developed so much in terms of maturity and knowledge as far as work is concerned. Huhu.. Last year I complained about how I appeared all blurry when people were discussing about the post Bûdget 2oo8 items and that in actual fact I discreetly left the discussion half way through. But look at me now, for the first time ever I actually stayed until the whole thing finished! And managed to get hold of the things discussed too! *claP2* Well, it’s kinda a slow development considering that I’ve been in the firm for 5 freaking years , but heck at least that’s a progress altogether aite. (Another contributing factor could be because I was actually placed in a discussion group led by my big boss. So that’s kinda forced me to sit still and remained focus *hehehe*)

Hmm talking about Bûdget 2oo9, I must say there’s nothing much for me to be happy about. Yeah there’s a 1 month bonus for the govt servants, but that’s not applicable to me nor the people I care around me. Oh oh, except for one thing, P@k L@H actually mentioned about tr@nsfer pr1c1ng in his speech, that’s exactly my field of work yaaaww.. ;) I hope it then can sort of opened up the eyes of the (some) acting diva clients of mine when it comes to tr@nsfer pr1c1ng assignments. Huh.

OK lah enough of the dry boring topic.

In the evening of the same day, Mama, my sis Liana and myself went to ‘kidnap’ Alip and brought him to…. Z00 Neg@ra! Hehehe. It was tiring, but fun. Alip is still the cute chubby cheeky kid he is known to be... :) But anyway, Z00 Neg@ra tu takde lah best mane ok... The animals are limited, and they are very thin and don't look healthy. Hmm.. Ke sebab I am adult enough to enjoy a trip to the z00 eh??

We went there quite late at 5pm because it was raining before that. So by the time we got back in the car it was already 7.30pm. The animal show was at 8.30pm, but we gave it a pass since Alip said he was tired already... (and me too actually!)

Then the next day, i.e. yesterday, the girls at home (Mama, Erin, Liana and myself) went to have our lunch together before Ramadhan and we decided to eat at Cozy Corner in GE Mall... Yummy!!!!

I went out with Kerol thereafter and we had our leisure time window shopping at KLCC. At about 6.30pm or so, we made move to Ampang Point in the hope to grab the Baskin Robin's ice-cream for their 31% promotion.. But so sad, they didn't have the flavours of our likings :( So had to give it a miss this time around....

And somehow after tarawikh (err, which I didn't go for I didn't make it on time to reach home.. *iSk*) Liana and I had cravings for McD's ice cream sundae so we went to the drivethrough outlet near our house and not only bought the ice creams, but the apple pie and quarter pounder too! Huhu.. Had those late at night before sleep, ish3x that's bad!!!

Nevertheless, all in all before Ramadhan...
  • Satey Hj Samuri - checked.
  • Nasi with dishes - checked.
  • KFC + Pizza - checked.
  • McD ice cream & burger - checked.
  • Ikan keli goreng - checked.
  • JCo / Big Apple donuts - na'ah.
  • Baskin Robin - na'ah.
  • Sushi - na'ah.. Somehow weird to say, I didn't have the cravings for sushi.. Hmmm.

Hahahaha.. Poyo, I know! :P

Tiba2 teringat this cartoon Upin and Ipin they had it last year.. They are super cute!!!! (Liana actually just showed to me recently at YouTube..) Can't wait to watch the Setahun Kemudian version this time around! It's a must watch ok, every Friday till Sunday on Channel 9, at 7pm.. That's just in a nick of time before break fast... So it's a surefire way to kill the time! :) (Betul betul betul...) hehehe.

OK lah.. I better make my move now. Want to enjoy fasting during a holiday :) Today's menu is gonna be decided by my both sisters Erin & Liana. They are not fasting, so they volunteered to cook... Awwww so sweeeeeet aren't they? Love them to bits!

Till later~*