Thursday, 14 August 2008

The one with... tired.

Gosh I never thought being a 26 can really be this hectic.. *drama queen alert*

Seriously. I am like so effing tired these few days (notably after 6th of August), not that I have to stay back in office like I used to. And it's not like I sleep in late at the wee hours either.


Every morning I woke up feeling so tired and it's like as if I didn't have enough sleep the night before.

SheesH. I'm no longer the midnight owl I used to be, let alone the early birdy (which is never happens anyway).

God knows what has taken its toll on my energy level.

The aging hormones perhaps?


(A mantra to repeat to ownself: It's mind over matter. Age is just a number. It's mind over matter. Age is just a number.It's mind over matter. Age is just a number. It's mind over matter. Age is just a number.......................)

Please, let this be temporary.. tsk.


  1. it is mind over matter... never touhe the age thing (coz you will see the numbers)... it is min over matter...

    i feel you...

  2. lia, dulu sblm kawen aku rasa aku mcm tu jugak.. asyik penat jek. adakah sbb umur? padahal blk umah smua dah siap, smua mak aku dah buat. aku cuma buat keje2 umah weekend jek. kalau blk keje awal pon aku lebih suke g jogging. sblm kawen aku pikir "abis laa aku dah kawen nnt, kompem asyik penat jek .. dah laa smua keje kene buat sendiri.."

    tp serious lepas kawen aku xtau laa where all the energy comes in. padahal bgn pkl 6am sbb kene siapkan bfast utk hb, kene kemas umah, kene basuh baju, kene sidai baju, blk keje kene masak, kene lipat baju, kene gosok baju utk hb (sbb aku keje pakai jeans jek). tp aku xrasa ngantok, xmcm sblm kawen. pelikkan? aku rasa sgt pelik ..

    mungkin jugak kawen buleh solve problem penat kau. cuba try buat study, teori aku ni betul x?

  3. Joe,

    Gosh you too?? I mean come on, you are only what, 23? sheesh. well, i think it's the lifestyle..yes? no?


    tu lah kan, it's mind over matter...

  4. Farah,

    You seriously have no idea where all the energies came from??? *gRin*

    Jokes aside, itu lah... aku pun terpikir bende yang sama. aku cume perlu bangun, pegi keje, balik tido... takde nak kene buat keje2 umah sume.. siGh aku takleh imagine nanti boleh ke aku jadi superwoman like the others have became to be once they are married.. (and that includes you too!) huuuu~~!

    takpe takpe, tunggu aku kahwin dulu, then see whether i can validate your theory tuh ke tak :)

  5. Its not the age. Its the phase in your life. Some people go thru this phase a lot later in their lives, some went thru it a lot earlier.

    The alert is, you need a little bit of change. Maybe marriage, maybe something else, I don't know. Just a little change. Becos you're just tired of what you're doing right now. Itu jer.

    Try to indulge in something different every once awhile. Meet new people, get involve in new groups or whatever. Make life interesting like that.

    And when you do that, you'll get tired as well. But at least, you'll look back and say, "well, at least I did something to tire myself".

    I'm tired too. Maybe too many changes is not good either.

    Dang, I just contradicted my advise to you! Hahahaha.

  6. Abby,

    Hahahaha yeah, tau takpe...!

    Thanks anyway.. :)