Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The one with... terharu!!

I think by now some of you if not all would have known that I don't like to drink plain water.. A-huh...

But for the past 2-3 years, I've been starting to 'force' myself to be friendly with it.. Well I personally think I've improved a lot. I received a lot of encouragement from people around, who care enough to kindly make me aware about the importance of water..

Oh yes to me it is a biggie ok! :P

And, in view of that, just look at how the world out there has got to put in the effort to support me:

A mineral water of my own!!!! And it's of a very nice blue colour some more... I like!! :)

Tell me, how not to feel terharu? Hahaha... :D

Hmmmm, should I claim for the royalty in relation to the use of my brand name then? Thee hee hee.

Alritey, till later~*

P/S..1. Picture courtesy of my dearest friend Alin, who spotted the mineral water at a Supermarket in Rome. Thanks Alin!!! xoxox0.

P/S..2. Less than 24 hours to go!! To count down, not to count down......? *wiNk*


  1. hahaha!..
    alin belikan satu tak?

  2. =) itu lah, sangat cooL kan...

    takde maknenye dia nak belikan bawak masuk kapal terbang...

    she took the picture and emailed to me yesterday.. ;)

  3. ahahaha. sweet giler. kaler biru lg.

  4. hehehe tu lah kan!

  5. Im sOOO GLaD u Love iT!!!! expecteD.Hehe. :)

    LepaS ni mesti minum air byk2 ok?

    mUsT drink lotsa plain water like FisH.... :D.