Friday, 29 August 2008

The one with... a snapshot of (my) life...

  • Dah abis ganti puasa semalam... yeay!! :) (note to self - don't ever do this last minute habbit again..)
  • Me sister Liana is back at home until 13 Sept or so.. The family has been missing her so much!
  • Kerol is so busy these days, with the outstation assignments and all... :(
  • Weekend this time around is gonna be short with that post-budget briefing I need to attend on Saturday morning.. *siGh* I know Monday is the off-day but somehow I thought it doesn't count because it's gonna be the first day of fasting (?)..
  • The rainy days has created this gloomy feelings inside me, resulting in lack of motivation to do work, translating into inefficiency, which in the end leading to more and more last minute work to do! *shaits*
  • I've been developing this sleeping habbit whereby I will sleep at 1am every freaking day just because I'm so hooked up to these TV series ~ 11pm -> 12am = Intan (Indonesian drama) @ Channel 105 & 12am -> 1am = America's Next Top Model (I can watch this over and over again!) @ Channel 714. Sheesh this doesn't help much when it comes to me dark circles & me eyebags!
  • Eversince I came back from my holiday @ Indonesia, my face has been having this breakouts.. a lot of small2 red-ish spots all over on my face :( Why oh why?
  • I hate iklan kurma yusoof taiyyoob..
  • I have work requiring urgent deadlines to do and yet this is what I'm doing now.. Gosh I so need my mojo back!!!
  • Out of curiosity -- is it that awkward for a 26-years old to be still enjoying MTV, Channel V and all the other hypes of the teenage artists like Avril Lavigne??
  • Ok Ok I so need to stop doing this now and get back to work.

Enjoy your long weekend and Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan... To Malaysia, Happy 51st Merdeka!

Till later~!


  1. frh_thn_ni_puasa_sbg_puanAugust 29, 2008 3:47 pm

    1. apa siut layan cite indon .. aku bencis cite indon.

    2. kau dah kene mandrem dgn mamat indon, tu psl muke jadik cenggitu.

    3. hahahahha aku pon sannngaaatttt bencisss dgn iklan yusof taiyob tu. kenapa mesti buat suara ala-ala suara bersenggama? haha.

    4. layan jek avril, we are always young at heart :) bukan young at height mcm kau ok..?

    5. selamat berpuasa. tetiba teringat plak kau kencing aku gile-gile sbb xpegi tarawikh masa darjah 6 dulu. padahal sbb period. hahahaha.

  2. 1. habbit=hobbit? hehe...

    2. "small² red-ish spots" - ingat tak kes trial pack yg Nizam kasik dulu?

    3. iklan kurma tuh ala² macam citer ayat² cinta dgn pompuan pakai purdah (i have no strong feeling whatsoever towards the advert, anyway)...

    4. It is NOT awkward that we still enjoy that... i do... or maybe because i don't have @stro?

    Happy Fasting 2u2!!

  3. puan farah,

    1. cite Intan best woooo. tak same mcm cerita2 indonesia yang lain.. :P

    2. hahaha siyut jer kau.

    3. kan? bencis giles.

    4. ahhhh aku forever young at heart.. and height too.. *bLuek*

    5. selamat berpuasa kat kau juga.. ishh usah dikenang masa nan lalu. kau pun ape kurangnye, ajak aku pergi tarawikh tapi banyak main dari solat.. hehehe.. those were the days huh??

  4. oya,

    1. habbit=hobbit=habbishhhh.. salah eja sudahhhh.. hish sebok! :P

    2. ohhhh kisah ngeri itu akan tetap tersemat di ingatan!!! huhu.

    3. hoh, oya tengok cite ayat2 cinta?? wow weee that's a news. heh. dengan karim kah?

    4. i know if you have astro you will get hooked up just like me! :)

    so, any berbuka puasa plan??? ;)

  5. Yussofiah TaiyobahAugust 29, 2008 8:44 pm

    Aku belum abes how how

    Me roomie Liana is back at room!

    Faiz is so busy these days,and forever!

    Weekend this time around is gonna be occupied with you ehem ehem thingy!...

    I love the rainy days !

    I can sleep at anytime anywhere...even when you were busy with makcik tailor.

    Eversince I came back from my holiday @ Indonesia & Bangkok my face has screwed up up up and awaaayyyeah!

    I hate your own iklan kurma yusoof taiyyoob more!

    I think your Mojo is inside the bakul baju yang dah penuh tu...

    Out of curiosity -- MTV, Channel V??Avril Lavigne?? Lagi awkward kalau setiap malam pakai baju bali siap ngan suar batik bali tuh. bosan!

  6. Hi Lili@,

    Semalam i nampak u kat gardens. Tapi, amat lah segan nak menegur u. Hihihihi. I'm the one yang infront of u and kerol masa turun escalator untuk ke parking di P2. Hahahaha.

  7. yussofiah taiyobah a.k.a erin ngok ngek,

    hmmm macam malas nk reply komen ko bleh tak?? :D


    really?? hmm rase macam perasan kot... coz i ade terdetik,"eh macam familiar la muka dia ni.. tapi siape ek..." :P

    lenkali tegur je k? i 1st impression memang orang kate sombong, tapi tak sebenarnye... :)