Friday, 8 August 2008

The one with... my birthday celebration :)

So I had yet another great birthday celebration this year :) Thanks to each and everyone of you for the well wishes.. Your sms-es / phone calls / messages at my blog, friendster, and facebook really made my day.

I reached office that morning as usual, but only to find that there's a present in a bright red colour wrapper sitting on my work desk.

It's from Anushia & her hubby, I opened it and tadaaaa~~*

A new working shirt for me!! And it fits me very well too.. Love it! =)

I was supposed to have a birthday lunch with my officemates, but due to the hectic working schedules of everyone (including me!), we agreed to have it at a later day. That's my picture with Jean & Anushia. (Parv, really.. I miss having you around!! *tSk*). I had the picture taken while waiting for Kerol to come and pick me at the end of office hour. BUT. He came quite later than it was supposed to be.. So I thought, nevermind, I did not want to create any scene that day. Hence the photo sessions with colleagues. (See, I was a good birthday girlfriend wasn't I? ;p)

Nevertheless, he reached my office eventually. And that matters the most =)

We went to The Gardens and had dinner at Tony Roma's.. =)

We had their famous Bountiful Beef Ribs + Roasted Garlic & Rosemary Chicken.. I would say the food there was very nice, both the beef and chicken are very tender and juicy... But I reckoned the food prepared was 'too fine' for my liking.. Heh whatever that means lah kan.. :P

Upon picking up our empty plates, came the Tony Roma's staff with a dessert.. and it had a lit candle too..! There you go, I was then being embarassed when the staff get the (surprisingly very sporting) customers there to sing along a birthday song for me.. huhu!

And they made me blow the lit candle from quite a distant away... SheeSh it took me a while ok.. (=^_^=)

Blushingly happy! =)

Me and the dearest..

After the bill was paid, the staff gave me a birthday card.. So nice! And oh yeah, the dessert was FOC ok.. coOL!

Then Kerol told me that he had actually bought movie tix for us, and I was so touched when he picked to watch I'm Not Single...! (He's not a fan of Malay movie you see..)

It's a movie directed by a new and young director, so flaws here and there were expected. Despite that, I'd thought the movie was quite OK.. Can be improved to the better.. Nevertheless, both Kerol and I agreed that we enjoyed the movie... :)

It was already 11pm when the movie ended. We walked back to the car, and Kerol started to drive me back to my office for me then to pick my car. Along the way I kept on wondering where the heck is my birthday present?? (hehe!) And this Kerol also, I think he really wanted to give me the benefit of the doubt, acted as if he was done with his part already in celebrating my birthday.. Dia bukak the dashboard la, tapi just to keep his sunglasses. Then he reached out to the backseat la, only to take his pen or something. EeeEee geram jugak masa tuh.. Huhu..

After a while, I finally blurted out.

Me: Takde hadiah ke? At least kasi la kad.. Even Tony Roma's staff pun gave me a birthday card tau.. Kalau masa mula2 kawan tu... pot pet pot pet :P

Kerol sit still, not even a word came out from his mouth. He just stared at me, and gave me this one cheeky look. Then he reached out his hand to the back of his seat and took what look like a card.

Him: Siapa kata takde kad? (smiling)

I took the card and opened it.

And began to read...

...I was puzzled. I asked him. He made me guessing and guessing and guessing. And finally I cried a tear, after knowing that one of the wishes I ever had, had finally came true! I was so touched.... Huhu... (Hmm this part, I'll have to let you guys know only later k! :P)

And then he added on, "Here you go, to make you cry even more" and put a present on the car seat. True enough, my tears rolled down non-stop.. Because I thought the 'wish came true' was my birthday present for this year already.. Who knows there was an extra.. :P

It's a perfume! Incanto Heaven from Salvatore Ferragamo... I LOVE IT! Now I can add that on to the collection I've already had...

Hehehe.. Yeap, I like the perfumes from Salvatore Ferragamo so much! ;)

Thanks dear, for what seems to be like a perfect day to me!! xoxo.

And yesterday, both Oya and I celebrated our birthdays by having a buffet dinner at Melting Pot, Concorde Hotel...

I enjoyed the food so much, especially the fresh oysters and prawns... =) BUT. For the price we paid for, I think a buffet of only one main type of food spread (think Japanese buffet) would be much worth it. Else our tummy will be fast bloated being filled in with the mixture of food varieties..resulting in us not being able to eat some other type of food offered. Like yesterday, I didn't touch at all the rice with dishes section.... *iSk*

I had a great time dining with Oya, and talking to each other about things in our life. It was like a therapy session of sort. We called it the day at about 10pm and off I went to send Oya back home, and pick Tazz thereafter. She's staying at my house in view of Tina's wedding solemnization today on the famous 08.08.08 day and tomorrow for the wedding reception.

I actually had just got back from Tina's house.. (Yup, I'm on leave..). Will update about it later k.. I'm so sleepy... Gotta go catch my sleep now. Bridesmaid in action for tomorrow! ;)

Till later~*


  1. waaah another collection!..
    will let Liana knows sebab dia yang suke curik perfume ko..

    alaaaa g makan tak ajak akuuu!
    at least Kerol patut arrange aku untuk join the Tony Romas staff pun takpe..!mesti lagi happening!.

    Oya pun same.tak ajak aku.

    takpela, biarkan aku sendiri membace novel sambil peluk bantal monyet.

  2. finally, updated.

    dr pagi dah dpt hadiah. cool.

    alaaa aku ingatkan dapat cincin. owh adakah aku terlalu berimaginasi..? haha.

    kau mmg drama queen .. aku nikah pn kau yg nangis ..

    malay movie for a movie birthday. erm. kinda cool.

    kerol actions = the coolest. haha.

    ok slamat jadik bridesmaid t'row (sedih sbb xjadik bridesmaid aku .. :( )

    owh agak pening kalau dpt adik mcm erin nigh. gaga.

  3. ~lindziazreen~

    elehhh.. Liana bukan ade kat sini punnnnn ;)

    ngek cemane nk ajak ko, aku nak celebrate ngan kerol ler... doink~!

    hari yang aku makan ngan oya, it's your birthday kannnn.. mesti ko nak celebrate ngan paiz.. double doink~!!

    iyolah.. membaco la ekauuuuu. sambil polok nyet2.

  4. Farah,

    hahaha aku pun ingatkan dapat cincin!! ;)

    bukan drama queen lah, hati selembut sutera! awwwww~*

    cool kan? tambah2 lagi cite tuh turned out to be quite nice.

    boyfriend ku memang coOL. and loving.. and caring.. and so much more =)

    alalala jangan la sedihhhhhh... pelisssss... sudah diexplainkan kannnn.. jangan disimpan di dalam hati k!

    hahaha memang pening, tau takpe! ;P

  5. wahahaha!!..good stuff..

    aiyoh apa "too fine"?? haha im sure u seen some of my pics la..where got like 1 small piece of meat..then decored macam damn big piece but not even enough to fill up the small side of the tummy? now that fine dining haha..