Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The one with... just for fun...

I have been quite occupied with works of late.. plus, I have been losing my mojo as well when it comes to blogging.. hence the little gap between the last post and this one.

Nevertheless. Having said that and having pressed the 'create new post' button, my mojo is still not in its full swing mode though.

It just that I was browsing through my old emails to find this one piece of information I needed for the current work I'm doing.... and I came across this 'hantaran calculator' thingy. Which is rather interesting (well at least to me). So for the fun of it, I thought of sharing it with you guys the readers. After all, shared joy is a double joy, shared sorrow is half a sorrow. Oh yes I'm quite tied up, little2 things like this also can entertain me good. Heh.. :P (Ahem, perhaps it might as well could serve as a guidance tool for Kerol too? *LOL*)

No, wedding bells are not ringing anytime soon.

Alritey, back to work peeps. And till my mojo's back to business~*


  1. aiyoooo malay girls only...
    but if i was a malay girl..i m only worth 7,000 only ar??? how cannn

  2. hahaha is it. at least i am better, 9k.. :P

    but then, i detest the idea that the hantaran reflects a girl's worth.

    i mean, it does us no justice aite. i am definitely worth more than that, enough said :)

    the mentality in the community really needs to change. hantaran is meant to be given to the girl by the guy, for the wedding expenses. not to resemble the 'price' of the girl...

  3. Oh we got the same amount! can it be....???
    last time i remmber u got 8K???
    how come???????

  4. haishhhh, these ahcountants aaa .....

    go to my blog and try check your personality trait according to your tree. hahahahaha.

  5. btw, mine is RM7,500.

    I think I should just buy my own Digital SLR or a cool HP Tablet PC with that money rather than spending about RM40k for the whole wedding.