Friday, 1 August 2008

The one with.. It's Friday! It's just after pay day! It's 1st of August day!

..... and I'm more than happy! For whatever reasons, that is..

Well, actually one of it could be because my birthday is sOOn (6 August!! :P). And after that my sister Erin's (7 August). And Liana’s was on 26th of July few days back. So come every 1st of August, I'll always feel this little cheery feelings inside me..

Yeap, 3 female LEOs at home… =) Girl power! (Ye lah tu pastu sekor2 ade pe’el emo masing2… I blame it on the months we were born in! Heh..) Whatever it is me love me sisters so much… xoxo.

Last time when we were young, our birthdays were normally celebrated together in one occasion.. Oh how I missed those good old days……

Hmm here’s a thought that suddenly came across my mind -- I’m not sure how about you, but somehow from my few observations throughout my 25 years (soon to be 26!) of life, in every family, mesti ada birthdays yang one day before / after another… Or is it only in my circle?

Whatever it is, why ssssso serioussssss???!!! It’s Friday, all hells break loose yeahhhh.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Pemberi Hadiah Bday Misteri.August 01, 2008 7:04 pm


    i feels the same too!

    so, done with ur wishlist?

    oh oh oh... i know!..
    1) Esprit hbag from Erin.
    2) Esrpit hbag from Erin.
    3) Any of the above.

    I bot it oleydi...!

    In fact, you can take it anytime u want...berdekatan penimbang, tepi bakul, near the luggage...
    can u recall?



    am at home..!sitting front of pc.half naked.and happy.

    It's August!

    yippie-yaA yO!

  2. pemberi hadiah bday misteri yang ngok ngek,

    My wishlist:
    3)annnnddddddd nope!

    bengongla ko tinggal kan beg esprit tuh merata2...

    eeeeEEeee ntah2 lipas dh lalu.. siap berak and bertelur kat dlm tuh..


    and now am home. alone too. me likey!! and happy.

    it's august.

    yippie-yaA yeaAY!

  3. 1. In my family, my elder brother is on 19 Feb and mine on 19 April... and my late brother An was 4 Nov and Faisal 13 November...

    2. dah jumpa ke beg E5prit tu? ke lipas dah buat sarang?


  4. 2) Esrpit hbag from Erin.

    esrpit apa? mcm mat rempit meh?

  5. Oy@,

    1. Hahaha confirms memang in our circle je kot... :)

    2. Hmmm, beg E5sprit, ade cerita di sebalik tu.. That's why dia nak ditch it to me. Huh. Biaq pi lipas buat sarang huahuahua :D


    typo kot?

    ko ni punnn kemain nak check2 spelling pulakkk.. hehehe.