Sunday, 3 August 2008

The one with... early birthday present(s)..

... for my car! :)

I bought my car way back in 2005, as a birthday present for myself (I was single mingle then, so I was so into this i'm-an-independent-woman mode.. ;p Well thank God it did me good!) The car was delivered to me slightly later (9 August) than the date it was supposed to be (6 August).

Nevertheless, I still reckon my car shared the same birth day with me... :)

Like I've mentioned previously, come August this year my car is in need for tyres change. Alang2 nak tukar tayar, Kerol suggested me to change the rims too.

I'm currently using the one with size 16". Sangat cool, but sangat tidak fuel saving and troublesome when it comes to uneven roads with lubangs here and there. Dia punya terhentak tuh, mak aiiii "gedeGanG!!!" bunyinye.

So yesterday, setelah buat budget out of my received *ahem* annually adjusted pay and bonus, I withdraw few RMs and off I went to Klang with Kerol & his dad for the mission -- change tyres and rims to the ones with size 15". Apparently Kerol's dad has a long term relation with one kedai tayar there.

It didn't take me long to choose a rim of my choice (within my budget of course). There are a lot others yang cantik2, but, more costly obviously.

And so the process of changing begins....


Cantik tak? Well like my mom said, it didn't look any much different as compared to the previous ones. I agreed (though I still think it looks more cantik now!!) But at least now I have no worries when it comes to long distance journey and hmmm, speeding too! ;) And I do hope it does helps in terms of fuel savings as well.

Here's basically the before and the after:

- The before -

- The after -

Total costs? All in all, RM1.5k for tyres, rims, alignment balancing, and some other incidental services. I thought it was quite a good deal, few RMs lesser than what I have allocated for. So that's basically my birthday presents to you my beloved car. I love you so much!!! :)

Oh, and another present, I managed to redeem this at the Maybank Treat Points Fair in MidValley:

Smart Tag reader, finally.

Alritey then... Till later~!


  1. 1. Tak de beza sgt pon dr rim yg lama... and still nampak sporty...

    2. FINALLY!!! Sm@rt T@g... after this,x de ld kejadian @ tol otw to PD, ek... ;p

  2. ni tukar sport rim sbb nk save minyak laa ni eh .. ?

    so wat will be for next year birthday gift? sebijik kete terus laa dpd si sang suami ..? gaga

  3. hahah..betul lah oya...kejadian PD itu...ish ish ish...

    sungguh kurang suka tgk muke ko muncul bawah kereta itiew..

    dah tuka sport rim ni bermaksud, lambat lagilah ek ko nak tuka keta?

  4. Oy@,

    1. Kalau tengok betul2 ade beza... :) nampak sporty? yeah thats what i wanted it to maintain to be ;)

    2. Hahaha pls, dun have to remind me! But anyway, yeah, finally! :)


    tukar rim sebab better in terms of tyres care and maintenance, and yes, fuel savings too.

    errr, sebijik keta? sang suami aku kaya la..ek?

    anyway rims & tyres tuh bukan birthday present untuk aku k.. its birthday present from me to me car..

  5. bile-nak-ade-car?-lady,

    ceh, again, dun remind me abt that incident.. :P

    menjengkelkan? adekah karena aku kelihatan begitu kiut miut? ;D

    hoh? ape kaitan tukar rim dengan tukar kereta??? dah tukar rim pun buleh tukar keta what, leh up kan pricing.. doink~!

  6. nice nice..yeah 15 inch shud b able to save u some petrol money..n im sure the 16inch tyres wouldnt come cheap as well!

  7. frh-sang-isteri-xcukup kasih sygAugust 04, 2008 4:04 pm

    ohh lia. kau buat aku terluka.
    oh aku sedih. kau bukak cite plak sang suamiku g kursus plak.
    oh aku rhingdoo sang suami.
    oh kau kijam.

    blah la lu. demmit.

  8. Joe,

    Nice aite?! :) thank you thank you. anyway yeah i just pump in petrol full tank, will monitor to see how far it can go now. whatever it is, i can feel the difference when driving also.. more 'lighter'.


    sudah la kau.. drama queen. LOL.