Friday, 22 August 2008

The one with... boring punya pasal...

Seriously, I don't know why these days I seem to have the lack of interest and ideas on what to blog about.. I mean true right, blogging shouldn't be about thinking hard about what to write.. The thoughts and ideas should've just flowed like water... I think I'm having a mental block of sort, sheesh.

It's lunch hour now, and I'm fasting today... Huhu... One more week to go before Ramadhan and here I am doing what I do best -- buat kerja last minute.. :P

Anyway, here's how to kill the time -- doing the tag thingy. Can't really remember who have tagged me on this before.

But here goes.

1. Nama timangan:

Li@ -- by family and close friends.. (I find it awkward when not-so-close friends, especially guys, call me 'Li@'.. Huhu.).

Lil / Lils -- by officemates.

Lili@ -- by normal friends.

**** -- by Kerol :)

2. Anda seorang yang...:


3. Insan teristimewa. Describe ape yang membuatkan dia terlalu istimewa di mata anda?:

Yadda yaddayey.
(Seriously, it's an endless list ;p So you wouldn't want me to continue that.)

4. Makanan favourite:

I LOVE food. But this type of food top the list..

Japanese food, especially raw salmon.
Kuewteow goreng / Maggi goreng.
And any dishes with chicken + mushroom + cheese combo.

5. Favourite colour:


6. Favourite song:

Really, it depends on the mood and situation. But currently these are in my favourite list:

When I grow up -- Pussycatdolls.
I'm yours -- Jason Mraz.
Lucky -- Jason Mraz feat Colbie Caillat.
Ruang Rindu -- Letto. (Thanks to that Indonesian drama 'Intan' on Astro Channel 105, Monday - Thursday 11pm.. :P Gosh Mama made me watched it and now I'm totally hooked up with the series..)

7. Sikap yang membuatkan ada stress:

When the person is all about himself / herself. Like I'm the type of person who is always care about the other person. So when the others confide in me, I'll always make sure that I'll be a good listener, and be empathy enough to the extend I can. So I hate it if things don't reciprocate the way it should when it comes to my turn. Hey, ever heard of 'give and take'?

8. 3 bende yang mesti ada dalam handbag anda:

Johnson&Johnson facial blotter.

9. Kali terakhir anda menangis beriya-iya:

When I had that fight with dad.

10. Tag 6 rakan anda:

I'd like to skip this one. Whoever feels like having nothing else to blog about, please feel free k!


Gosh, 4 more hours to go! Dang!


  1. Babe..we share the same passion in having Japanese food on top of our list.

    Kalau ada kesempatan, nak g ngan u and Oya. Sure happening, kan?

  2. hehehe.. yeah. maybe one day we could do that aite.. :)

    as for now, a new mama has to stay in for her confinement period to end k!

    take care and kiss lil aisya for me ya...