Saturday, 30 August 2008

The one with.. Malaysia's 51st Merdeka Day..

Boleh tak baru perasan that soon it's the midnight of 31st August and here I am at home having no plans whatsoever??!

Gosh I feel so old... Huhu.

Friday, 29 August 2008

The one with... a snapshot of (my) life...

  • Dah abis ganti puasa semalam... yeay!! :) (note to self - don't ever do this last minute habbit again..)
  • Me sister Liana is back at home until 13 Sept or so.. The family has been missing her so much!
  • Kerol is so busy these days, with the outstation assignments and all... :(
  • Weekend this time around is gonna be short with that post-budget briefing I need to attend on Saturday morning.. *siGh* I know Monday is the off-day but somehow I thought it doesn't count because it's gonna be the first day of fasting (?)..
  • The rainy days has created this gloomy feelings inside me, resulting in lack of motivation to do work, translating into inefficiency, which in the end leading to more and more last minute work to do! *shaits*
  • I've been developing this sleeping habbit whereby I will sleep at 1am every freaking day just because I'm so hooked up to these TV series ~ 11pm -> 12am = Intan (Indonesian drama) @ Channel 105 & 12am -> 1am = America's Next Top Model (I can watch this over and over again!) @ Channel 714. Sheesh this doesn't help much when it comes to me dark circles & me eyebags!
  • Eversince I came back from my holiday @ Indonesia, my face has been having this breakouts.. a lot of small2 red-ish spots all over on my face :( Why oh why?
  • I hate iklan kurma yusoof taiyyoob..
  • I have work requiring urgent deadlines to do and yet this is what I'm doing now.. Gosh I so need my mojo back!!!
  • Out of curiosity -- is it that awkward for a 26-years old to be still enjoying MTV, Channel V and all the other hypes of the teenage artists like Avril Lavigne??
  • Ok Ok I so need to stop doing this now and get back to work.

Enjoy your long weekend and Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan... To Malaysia, Happy 51st Merdeka!

Till later~!

Friday, 22 August 2008

The one with... boring punya pasal...

Seriously, I don't know why these days I seem to have the lack of interest and ideas on what to blog about.. I mean true right, blogging shouldn't be about thinking hard about what to write.. The thoughts and ideas should've just flowed like water... I think I'm having a mental block of sort, sheesh.

It's lunch hour now, and I'm fasting today... Huhu... One more week to go before Ramadhan and here I am doing what I do best -- buat kerja last minute.. :P

Anyway, here's how to kill the time -- doing the tag thingy. Can't really remember who have tagged me on this before.

But here goes.

1. Nama timangan:

Li@ -- by family and close friends.. (I find it awkward when not-so-close friends, especially guys, call me 'Li@'.. Huhu.).

Lil / Lils -- by officemates.

Lili@ -- by normal friends.

**** -- by Kerol :)

2. Anda seorang yang...:


3. Insan teristimewa. Describe ape yang membuatkan dia terlalu istimewa di mata anda?:

Yadda yaddayey.
(Seriously, it's an endless list ;p So you wouldn't want me to continue that.)

4. Makanan favourite:

I LOVE food. But this type of food top the list..

Japanese food, especially raw salmon.
Kuewteow goreng / Maggi goreng.
And any dishes with chicken + mushroom + cheese combo.

5. Favourite colour:


6. Favourite song:

Really, it depends on the mood and situation. But currently these are in my favourite list:

When I grow up -- Pussycatdolls.
I'm yours -- Jason Mraz.
Lucky -- Jason Mraz feat Colbie Caillat.
Ruang Rindu -- Letto. (Thanks to that Indonesian drama 'Intan' on Astro Channel 105, Monday - Thursday 11pm.. :P Gosh Mama made me watched it and now I'm totally hooked up with the series..)

7. Sikap yang membuatkan ada stress:

When the person is all about himself / herself. Like I'm the type of person who is always care about the other person. So when the others confide in me, I'll always make sure that I'll be a good listener, and be empathy enough to the extend I can. So I hate it if things don't reciprocate the way it should when it comes to my turn. Hey, ever heard of 'give and take'?

8. 3 bende yang mesti ada dalam handbag anda:

Johnson&Johnson facial blotter.

9. Kali terakhir anda menangis beriya-iya:

When I had that fight with dad.

10. Tag 6 rakan anda:

I'd like to skip this one. Whoever feels like having nothing else to blog about, please feel free k!


Gosh, 4 more hours to go! Dang!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The one with... just for fun...

I have been quite occupied with works of late.. plus, I have been losing my mojo as well when it comes to blogging.. hence the little gap between the last post and this one.

Nevertheless. Having said that and having pressed the 'create new post' button, my mojo is still not in its full swing mode though.

It just that I was browsing through my old emails to find this one piece of information I needed for the current work I'm doing.... and I came across this 'hantaran calculator' thingy. Which is rather interesting (well at least to me). So for the fun of it, I thought of sharing it with you guys the readers. After all, shared joy is a double joy, shared sorrow is half a sorrow. Oh yes I'm quite tied up, little2 things like this also can entertain me good. Heh.. :P (Ahem, perhaps it might as well could serve as a guidance tool for Kerol too? *LOL*)

No, wedding bells are not ringing anytime soon.

Alritey, back to work peeps. And till my mojo's back to business~*

Thursday, 14 August 2008

The one with... tired.

Gosh I never thought being a 26 can really be this hectic.. *drama queen alert*

Seriously. I am like so effing tired these few days (notably after 6th of August), not that I have to stay back in office like I used to. And it's not like I sleep in late at the wee hours either.


Every morning I woke up feeling so tired and it's like as if I didn't have enough sleep the night before.

SheesH. I'm no longer the midnight owl I used to be, let alone the early birdy (which is never happens anyway).

God knows what has taken its toll on my energy level.

The aging hormones perhaps?


(A mantra to repeat to ownself: It's mind over matter. Age is just a number. It's mind over matter. Age is just a number.It's mind over matter. Age is just a number. It's mind over matter. Age is just a number.......................)

Please, let this be temporary.. tsk.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

The one with.. Tina's wedding..

Things were quite hectic since yesterday, it was one of my dearest mrsm terendak friends -- Tina's wedding.. It was fun, I get to meet my girlfriends and did what we do best -- posing and laughing.. :D Only thing was, our dearest Alin was not there :(

Hmm a little bit of a background here for a start, Tina and I didn't actually get along quite well when we first knew each other back in 1995. That's when we were in Form 1, just got into a boarding school, just about to experience teenage life, just about to learn the excitement of having a crush over creatures called.. boys. Hahaha. Funny. Yeap, it was all because of a boy we were labelled by others as rivals. Silly. It's not like we had catfights whatnot, it was more like.. uhhh.. I don't know.. It's a high school thing la, you know, between two sets of gang.. something like that.

Nevertheless, we grew up, and naturally being able to put things behind our back and somehow managed to click in ways we've never thought we could.. Wahhh, ayat poyo di situ, harus kena bahan dengan girlfriend2 yang membace blog nih.. :P But oh well, that's the truth anyway. Tina, myself, Alin, Dayana, Tazz, Abby, and Roxie became so close now we often sought for each other's comfort when it comes to time of need, despite the distant. Despite the fact we were of a different cliques during the high school days.. Despite the fact that everyone's living a different life now.. And I reckon that's what a truly girlfriends are for.....

I love them to bits~*

So here goes what happened around Tina's wedding on the famous 08.08.08, and also on 09.08.08.

09.08.08 - Wedding reception

Tazz who's working in Perak came down to KL on Thursday and stayed at my house. After both of us were all dressed up in the morning, we went to pick Roxie at Pandan Indah and made our move to Tina's house.

Pic above from L to R : Roxie_Yours truly_Tazz @ Tina's house.

That's Roxie and myself, helping out Tina to put on her accessories.

That's me, the bridesmaid :) Truth is, I was not only playing my role as a bridesmaid up there on the stage.. I was being a good girlfriend to Tina too -- all thanks to the stupid and thick-face someone who came to the wedding, uninvited.. or more like, unwanted. Huh! Nevertheless, I'd thought Tina handled the situation very well. Way to go girl! You are happily married now ok? :)

This picture is rather self explanatory ay? Thanks dear Kerol, who's being so patient waiting for me and taking my pictures too.. :)

I was done with my duty as a bridesmaid, finally I get to join my girls!

Picture above from L to R : Myself_Ati (Roxie's sis)_Roxie_Tazz_Abby_Abby's friend.

The girlfriends -- Abby_Tazz_myself_Roxie

Dayana and me!

Us with the newlyweds...

Those from our batch who came to Tina's wedding.. (The only extras were Abby's friend and Roxie's sister)

The tired couple.. Huhu. Kerol just got back from Penang yesterday night, and tomorrow he's off for a holiday (with his guy friends, again!) for 3 days.. *iSk*

Dayana, myself, and Tazz with the newlyweds..

We stayed at the wedding until 4.30pm or so I think.. It was so tiring, yet we left feeling so happy.

To Tina and Ajib, congratulations~* Wishing you guys a fun-filled wedded life, and a blissful marriage years ahead.. xoxoxo.

One day before, 08.08.08 - Wedding solemnization

We arrived at Tina's place around 9.45 am in the morning.. Huhu! First time I attended such an early solemnization ceremony. Oh well, tok kadi was such a hot stuff on that day -- very high on demand!

The happy, and chirpy (she's a morning person you see), not to mention, beautiful wife-to-be!

The faithful in-law to be.. ;) Seriously, rajin betul, memang tak duduk diam.. Ade je bende dia nak tolong kemas / cari.. I guess you really owe her big time, Tina! :)

Myself and the beautiful bride..

Drama queen in action...

... and more! LOL. And Pija remained maintain jer with her 'whatever' reaction when Tina did that. Heh.

Kak Zu, Tina, Pija.

Myself, Tazz, Kak Zu. We played posers on the loose while waiting for Ajib and his rombongan to come. Heh.

Unlike us, Tina was obviously allowed to be a poser that day.. ;)

So. Do I need to state the obvious now?

Tina and her siblings..

THE moment.

Things happened in such a blink, the next we knew, "sah.. sah.. sah.. sahhhh" followed by the doa.

Even Tina was surprised, she's a wifey already!

Ajib and Tina.

This is her every now and then cheeky expression after the solemnization was over, saying this to us over and over, "aku dah kahwin... korang dah??" Heck, FINE! :P

The newlyweds were like celebrities that day, 'papparazzi' were around them all the time. :P

Ajib gave up finally. He quit and just let his wife pose for the papparazzis... ;)

Alritey, that's all I have... You can also refer here and here for the other versions of Tina's wedding ya..

Till the next entry~*

P/S.. Phew, thank God tomorrow is only Sunday!

Friday, 8 August 2008

The one with... my birthday celebration :)

So I had yet another great birthday celebration this year :) Thanks to each and everyone of you for the well wishes.. Your sms-es / phone calls / messages at my blog, friendster, and facebook really made my day.

I reached office that morning as usual, but only to find that there's a present in a bright red colour wrapper sitting on my work desk.

It's from Anushia & her hubby, I opened it and tadaaaa~~*

A new working shirt for me!! And it fits me very well too.. Love it! =)

I was supposed to have a birthday lunch with my officemates, but due to the hectic working schedules of everyone (including me!), we agreed to have it at a later day. That's my picture with Jean & Anushia. (Parv, really.. I miss having you around!! *tSk*). I had the picture taken while waiting for Kerol to come and pick me at the end of office hour. BUT. He came quite later than it was supposed to be.. So I thought, nevermind, I did not want to create any scene that day. Hence the photo sessions with colleagues. (See, I was a good birthday girlfriend wasn't I? ;p)

Nevertheless, he reached my office eventually. And that matters the most =)

We went to The Gardens and had dinner at Tony Roma's.. =)

We had their famous Bountiful Beef Ribs + Roasted Garlic & Rosemary Chicken.. I would say the food there was very nice, both the beef and chicken are very tender and juicy... But I reckoned the food prepared was 'too fine' for my liking.. Heh whatever that means lah kan.. :P

Upon picking up our empty plates, came the Tony Roma's staff with a dessert.. and it had a lit candle too..! There you go, I was then being embarassed when the staff get the (surprisingly very sporting) customers there to sing along a birthday song for me.. huhu!

And they made me blow the lit candle from quite a distant away... SheeSh it took me a while ok.. (=^_^=)

Blushingly happy! =)

Me and the dearest..

After the bill was paid, the staff gave me a birthday card.. So nice! And oh yeah, the dessert was FOC ok.. coOL!

Then Kerol told me that he had actually bought movie tix for us, and I was so touched when he picked to watch I'm Not Single...! (He's not a fan of Malay movie you see..)

It's a movie directed by a new and young director, so flaws here and there were expected. Despite that, I'd thought the movie was quite OK.. Can be improved to the better.. Nevertheless, both Kerol and I agreed that we enjoyed the movie... :)

It was already 11pm when the movie ended. We walked back to the car, and Kerol started to drive me back to my office for me then to pick my car. Along the way I kept on wondering where the heck is my birthday present?? (hehe!) And this Kerol also, I think he really wanted to give me the benefit of the doubt, acted as if he was done with his part already in celebrating my birthday.. Dia bukak the dashboard la, tapi just to keep his sunglasses. Then he reached out to the backseat la, only to take his pen or something. EeeEee geram jugak masa tuh.. Huhu..

After a while, I finally blurted out.

Me: Takde hadiah ke? At least kasi la kad.. Even Tony Roma's staff pun gave me a birthday card tau.. Kalau masa mula2 kawan tu... pot pet pot pet :P

Kerol sit still, not even a word came out from his mouth. He just stared at me, and gave me this one cheeky look. Then he reached out his hand to the back of his seat and took what look like a card.

Him: Siapa kata takde kad? (smiling)

I took the card and opened it.

And began to read...

...I was puzzled. I asked him. He made me guessing and guessing and guessing. And finally I cried a tear, after knowing that one of the wishes I ever had, had finally came true! I was so touched.... Huhu... (Hmm this part, I'll have to let you guys know only later k! :P)

And then he added on, "Here you go, to make you cry even more" and put a present on the car seat. True enough, my tears rolled down non-stop.. Because I thought the 'wish came true' was my birthday present for this year already.. Who knows there was an extra.. :P

It's a perfume! Incanto Heaven from Salvatore Ferragamo... I LOVE IT! Now I can add that on to the collection I've already had...

Hehehe.. Yeap, I like the perfumes from Salvatore Ferragamo so much! ;)

Thanks dear, for what seems to be like a perfect day to me!! xoxo.

And yesterday, both Oya and I celebrated our birthdays by having a buffet dinner at Melting Pot, Concorde Hotel...

I enjoyed the food so much, especially the fresh oysters and prawns... =) BUT. For the price we paid for, I think a buffet of only one main type of food spread (think Japanese buffet) would be much worth it. Else our tummy will be fast bloated being filled in with the mixture of food varieties..resulting in us not being able to eat some other type of food offered. Like yesterday, I didn't touch at all the rice with dishes section.... *iSk*

I had a great time dining with Oya, and talking to each other about things in our life. It was like a therapy session of sort. We called it the day at about 10pm and off I went to send Oya back home, and pick Tazz thereafter. She's staying at my house in view of Tina's wedding solemnization today on the famous 08.08.08 day and tomorrow for the wedding reception.

I actually had just got back from Tina's house.. (Yup, I'm on leave..). Will update about it later k.. I'm so sleepy... Gotta go catch my sleep now. Bridesmaid in action for tomorrow! ;)

Till later~*