Sunday, 6 July 2008

The one with... weddings-filled weekend..


I'm having a sore throat now, I REALLY hope it won't lead to flu and whatnot... iSk.. :(

Anyway, I guess the title kinda says it all eyh? Since the Streamyx is SO in a good mood now, I think I better quickly upload the pictures yeah. So here goes:

.: Warning: A bomb of pictures ahead :.

Wedding 1 - 05 July 2007 @ Church of The Assumption & PJ Hilton.

It's the second time I attended a non-muslim's wedding. Anushia is my close friend at work (besides Parveen).. Only thing is she's a senior manager, i.e. someone I report to. So things are kinda restricted when it comes to her.. You know, there's a thin line in between not to cross. Anyway, am so happy for her & her now-hubby Gerard that I almost shed some tears witnessing the two of them exchanging their vows.

Wedding 2 - 06 July 2007 @ Galeri Shah Alam.

It's my Taiping friend -- Narqes's wedding. She had her wedding reception held together with her sister.

It was already late by the time Kerol and I arrived at her wedding, at about 2pm I think. So after taking few pictures together and had our meal, we had to rush off to LCCT already. Kerol had a 4.20pm flight to Kuching to catch. I made him drove and thank God he managed to check-in just in time, despite being the last person.. *pHew*. And it was my first time then driving back from LCCT to KL, alone.. Huhu..

Alritey, am a bit tired now from the hype of the 2 weddings and driving.. I'd better get some rest now, this sore throat has to be cured SOON!!

Greetings, Monday blues.

P/S.. Not bad, I managed to upload these pictures, together with the writings within half an hour only. Streamyx, please keep this up ok! The connection sucks for the past few weeks. And next in line is, Maxis. Your coverage sucks la at home. Especially when it's raining. You are one of the many petty & stupid reasons Kerol & I always ended up quarrelling, unnecessarily tau! SheeSh. Oh yeah, Astro, you too. Don't ever think you can get your way out of this. Your coverage sucks too when it's raining. Period.


  1. perghh!!! pantas giler update blog

    hebat... hebat....

  2. miss-nak-kawen-weekend-ni-plakJuly 07, 2008 8:09 am

    ok pasni update story aku plak .. thehehehhe

  3. s0ulz,

    dah alang2 takde orang gune komputer, and streamyx pun tengah masyukkkkk... :)

    miss-soon-to-be-puan farah,

    of coz. nnti aku tangkap gambar ko byk2 pastu buat liputan ok! :)

  4. hi li@ l@ling,
    u look great. mcm makin kurus je. tell me the secret! :)

    narqes dh kawin? asal kakak dia lain? anak angkat kah?hahaaahahahaa

    oops. keji giler. alalalaaa..tian kena tinggal ye..hehe

    betul2 streamyx vavi last week.hahahah

  5. Dalie daling,
    hehehe am flattered! anyway really, i did not lose even half a kg, so guess it was the baju that compliments me well. kaler biru youuuuu.. :) no secret here ok...

    a'ah narqes dh kawen, itu adik dia lah... hahaha mulut takde insurans betul tau ko nih... :D laki dia tinggi betul kan...

    tu kunut jadi pengapit dia tu.. baju yang kunut pakai tuh baju yg narqes bagi soh buat untuk jadi pengapit. kunut dengan bijaknye dah jadikan baru tunang dia dulu 1 june haritu, before narqes punye event. heh. bijak bijak... (kunut, adakah kau bace ni? aku rase tidak. kalau ye, ya ampuuuuunnnn. hehehe )

    streamyx memang, la viva vavi.. :D