Thursday, 10 July 2008

The one with.. unwell.

I SO can’t do my work now. I think I’ve been wasting my time here in office pretending that I’m busy, and that is not so easy ok. Especially being in the position I’m in. Especially when there ARE things to do.


The thing is it’s not that I don’t want to take MC. I did just that already yesterday. And I feel very much better today. But the very moment I stepped into the office this morning, gosh the freaking aircond was such a kill!

I’ve been coughing, and sneezing, much to the discomfort of other people. Oopsie doopsie sorry!!!

I SO wanna go home. As a matter of fact, tomorrow I’m on leave, yeay~! So it feels like Friday already to me. Lagi la takde mood nak buat kerja kan? Heh. Anyway, am going to JB to attend Farah’s wedding… AND to buy DVDs too!! :) So this fever better buzz off from my life, like, soOn!

Ok lah.. It’s lunch time, but am waiting for Abby still. With the time to kill, and a fever to bear, i think I cannot tahan already the temptation to take a sneak peak at the SATC the movie (that's Sex and The City fyi).. *wiNk* A friend helped to download it but I’ve promised myself to watch it at the cinema first -- though it’s very much confirmed now that there’ll be a lot of censored parts when it enters into Malaysia. Since I'll be in JB tomorrow & Saturday, I did contemplate to make a ‘quick appearance’ at Singapore for the movie.. What say you eyh? (Ahem. Kerol, this question is for you.. hehehe).. Hmmmmm…? *gRin*

OK lah, come what may, a sneak peak now it is ;) Till later~*

p/s.. hey peeps, please give a warmth welcome to this new blogger yah :)


  1. aku-yang-lapar-sbb-puasaJuly 10, 2008 2:36 pm

    1) alaaa tak ajak aku pegi JB!
    2) nape ko tak mc je...da la sedap kan tido...few days mmg aku bangun lambat & tak sempat nak kejut ko.slalu in rush!!
    3) awat cepat sgt promote?aku tak touchup ape2..gune default layout je...saje je kan...aiihhh...

  2. kau-yang-puasa-sebab-nak-ganti-puasa-or-sebab-nak-kurus?


    1.mane aku terpikir nak ajak kau, aku nak pegi akad nikah farah laaa.

    2.malas aku nak MC. keje banyak! tuh lah asyik bangun lambar jer tau kau ni. asyik blogging punye pasal lah tuh. wakakaka.

    3.harusla promote. ape lagi touch up la cepat!! duh aku punye pun default layout la dongggg.

  3. eh dont waste that fren effort in dwnloading haha i.e goin to a website and leaving the computer overnight..

    hahah thank god u nvr link me..if not i (oops) that fren of urs will get caught..

    *joe* (just in case i do get caught)

  4. mr. not-so-anonymous

    ceh such an attention seeker la you!! :)

    anyway to not waste your, i mean that friend's effort... i've watched it ALREADY!!!! will talk abt it in my next entry...