Saturday, 26 July 2008

The one with... trip to Indonesia -- the preface and day 1..

Actually, the trip to Jakarta was planned just so happened because both Kerol and I sort of ‘won’ ourselves a voucher each for a free 3D2N stay at Puncak Jakarta. So after much deliberating (susah ok nak plan for trip sebenarnye, especially when it comes to family(ies)!! Huhu..), we agreed to include Bali, Bandung and Jakarta in the itinerary as well. You know, dah alang2 pergi Indonesia kan -- and so said the mothers.

Since my sister Liana is studying in Jakarta, we got her to join us as well. Itu pun initially she can’t really confirm as her class schedules for the month of July was not released yet (at the time we did the planning). So memang gamble je la booking flight tix & place to stay in Bali without considering her. My mom was already a bit disappointed thinking that she won’t be able to see Liana. God’s willing, Liana was finally able to join us :) Tapi tu lah kan, her tix costed wayyyy more expensive as compared to ours sebab beli last minute. Takpe lah, nak buat cemane kan. I don’t blame her. I blame @ir @sia… huahuahua.. :D

And so the journey begins… (Promise I will try to make it as short-and-simple as possible!)... :

Day 1 – Flying off to Bali from KL.

Departed from LCCT at 11.20am and reached Ngurah Rai Airport at Denpasar, Bali at 2.20pm. There’s no time difference between Bali & KL. Anyway the 3 hours journey was so depressing because there were this one bunch of people making noises chit-chatting and playing cards! I mean I would have accepted the situation better if they were seated side by side together… The thing was, they were scattered all over the place (you know, latecomers.. cannot get to sit together.. sheeSh~!) and god knows why they decided to gather at a place nearer to ours. Geram sangat!! Rase macam nak je shout to them, “Shut the f*ck up will you!!!”. Tapi of course la I didn’t do that. HOW I WISH!!

Upon reaching there, we waited for my sis Liana. Things got a bit confusing in the beginning because she was actually at the domestic terminal whereas we were at the international terminal. Anyway, she managed to find us eventually. So we arranged for a transportation to bring us to our hotel – Adi Dharma Hotel. (I’ve stayed there previously when I went to Bali with my officemates back in 2004, hence the decision to stay there again this time around). The place wasn’t too bad, just nice la for the price we paid -- RM390 for 3D2N that can fit for 4 pax (superior room). So it’s like RM49 per pax for 1 night. The place was located at Kuta, which is very near to the airport.

So we checked in and settled down, and out we went to have a walk around the Kuta area to hunt for food. If you must know, the famous local dishes in Bali is Babi Guling. So other than the fast-food chain (which is Halal), to find the right place to eat for us Muslims can be quite challenging. But there's this area (not sure the name of the road) where a lot of Nasi Padang stalls / restaurants were located. Anyway still, the next concern would be -- how reliable the stall / restaurant is? I think if it’s a normal trip with friends, that shouldn’t be any problem kot..(astaghfirullahal'azimmm..) Tapi sebab ade mak-mak kan, so nak kene be extra particular sikit.. :P

Found this one decent restaurant that serves Nasi Padang, of which I’ve forgotten the name. Had our meal, and the 1st day was ended with a tour around Kuta… There’s a lot of souvenir shops along the road, however we didn’t do any shopping that night… Tak terbuka lagi hati kot.. heh. Reached back at our hotel almost close to midnight… and ZZzzZZZzZZz Penat!!!

….to be continued.

Enjoy the pictures!
At LCCT, before boarding.
Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali.
Upon reaching, queuing up at the immigration counter.
That's me grabbing as many brochures & pamphlets they have about Bali.. :)

That's my sister Erin posing while waiting for another sis, Liana..

Announcing the arrival of our much-missed Liana...

That's the eldest of the 2 families doing the check-in arrangement..

The 2 rooms are located side by side.. Malam2 ketuk botol dating kat balcony sudahhhh ;)

Our meal for the first day - Nasi Padang.. One lesson learnt, please don't go by makan hidang. They will definitely insist you. And they're gonna charge you like no body's business. Sila go by individual, just like the way we eat our nasi campur here in Malaysia.

Jalan2 di sekitar Kuta..
Mama found something she can buy for her friends.. Without any second thought, she bought them straight away. Malas nak pening2 fikir nak beli apa dah katenye.. Thanks to Liana, being able to speak the local language helped a lot when it comes to bargaining! :)

After penat jalan2, we decided to go for massage. But they cannot accept 7 people at a time, means some of us had to wait for our turn. It happened that they only had 3 slots, so me and the 2 mothers went for it while the rest of them went jalan2 tepi pantai Kuta at those 'happening' area.. and sempat join their live performance by the beach or something. Dang!

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