Sunday, 27 July 2008

The one with... trip to Indonesia -- day 4 and finale.. phew~*

OK, for once and for all, I think I better end the series on my trip to Indonesia yeah?

Day 4 - Bandung..

1. Gambar2 di sekitar Puncak Jakarta.

The resort in Puncak.. Nasib baik besar & cantik, and the view is very breath taking..
The siblings..

My family..
His family..

Jalan2 di Taman Bunga Nusantara..

Again, the siblings.. with the fresh flowers. Sangat cantik!

Posers on the loose..

Sebelum ke Bandung, singgah sebentar makan Bakso & Soto.. Sangat sedap!!
2. Gambar2 di sekitar Bandung.

1st stop - Pasar Baru.. or Bahru.. or Baharu.. Heck. The important point to note here is, I LOVE THIS PLACE very2 much!! :) Kain lace dia cantik2 and sangat murah. All the kain(s) I bought were below RM50. And no need lining some more.. I LIKe~!! :) Hmm, Kerol is going to Bandung this coming August with his guy friends, I wonder if they are going to this place...? *wiNk* Macam nak mintak tolong beli some more lah... :P (P.S. To Hana, Deera & Pae.. Marilah kite pesan beramai2.. Ngeh3x)
2nd stop - Rumah Mode. Again, another interesting shopping place.. :)
Muka2 penat bershopping..
Before ke factory outlets, we dropped by at the famous Sapu Lidi restaurant for dinner. Actually we planned to go to the branch located by the paddy field.. But it was getting late already, so hajat tak kesampaian.. :(
As I was mentioning, it was getting late already. So kitorang cuma sempat singgah kat factory outlets Heritage & Stamp saje.. Sempat la shopping kejap, tapi tak best sebab rushing.. siGh.
All in all, hasil shopping di Bandung.. :) Eh not mine only laa ok, its the combination of Mama's, Erin's, Liana's and of course mine..
3. Jalan2 di Jakarta sebelum flying back to KL..

Shopping at Mangga Dua.
View inside Magga Dua. A lot of handbags, bags, shoes, etc. etc. Personally, I don't really like this place. Don't ask me why. But apparently the mothers shopped a lot here. Heh.
So folks.. That's the end of my trip already. All in all, I had a nice holiday though a bit tiring having to rush to catch time.. Nevertheless, it was definitely a trip to remember.. :) Given a choice, I would want to visit Bandung again, for shopping.. and perhaps Bali, for a more relaxing trip... :)
OK, moving on to normal life now. Till later~*
Greetings, Monday blues..


  1. cantiknya the resort :D ish, i teringin nak gi bandung la beli kain..

  2. Liza,

    cantik!! ala2 kat cameron highlands.. tapi kalau nak pegi puncak tuh, memang tak best kalau nak ke tempat lain coz sangat la jauh..

    and please please please go to bandung untuk shopping kain! i myself tak puas.. :)

  3. Bestnyer.

    I pung nak g la Bandung. Nak shopping. Cool. I admire the amount ynag u guys shop. Wow!!!

  4. eee camner ko leh upload byk2 gamba????
    upload untuk aku aaaar!

    benci! benci!

  5. dear lili@,
    shopping tak hengat.. bestnya ur trip. sgt menjeleskan.

    nanti honeymoon dtg la blk bali. tp tu nanti ko tak kua bilik pon wakakaka

  6. Ziez,

    :) best~~! sile la pegi ke bandung yer.. go and check out air asia promotion.. hmm kain yang kitorg beli kan ziez, sume below RM50 for 4 metre.. paling mahal pun tak sampai RM100.. huhu..


    kan aku dah bgtau cemane.... hey, aku baik kat living things also ok! termasuk manusia. weKK.

    Dalie daling,

    jangan jeles, am sure same best dgn trip panjat gunung :)

    and ahem.. agak2 sape yg berhorneymoon dulu yer??! itu lagi menjeleskan OK!!