Saturday, 26 July 2008

The one with... trip to Indonesia -- day 3..

Day 3 - 1st half in Bali, 2nd half in Jakarta..

It's so unbelievable that since day 1, I've been waking up very early in the morning. Same goes to my sisters. (For those who knows us well, you know why this is a biggie.. ;P).. So yeah, day 3 was no exception. By 8am (siap dah breakfast tuu..) we were already on our way to Tanah Lot, a beautiful place that The Tanah Lot houses a famous Hindu temple built in the 13th century by a famous Hindu monk known as the Pura Tanah Lot.

Pics above and below: The main entrance..

Kerol & I at the souvenir shops place, before reaching the main area of Tanah Lot.
The power of three, with a nice view.. :)

Cantik kan?
Can you see the rainbow?
Yours truly...
Us.. :)
After visiting Tanah Lot, off we went to the airport to catch our 1.50pm flight to Jakarta..
Lepak at KFC while waiting for boarding. Orang sana memang makan nasi jer.. See, the KFC has no coleslow, no whipped potato, no cheesy wedges, no fries, but only rice.. bleurghhh! That should explained the holiday gain of 2kgs!!! (Thank God they were fast shed off!)
First place we went to upon reaching Jakarta Airport - Tanah Abang. A shopping mall of 10 floors!
Ada banyak jual kain & telekung yang cantik2!
Muka2 kecewa, coz the only bummer -- it closes at 4.30pm!!! Such an early aite.. Itupun masa kitorang sampai around 3 something, semua dah tak menyempat nak tutup kedai.. Sheeshh taknak buat business ke hape? And yang kejinye, our hired supir, he never mentioned to us about the business hour of the mall. I mean, what's the point of us asking him to drive us there (hence pay extra too!!! That, must be the reason huh) just to find out it's about to close already? Keji, keji, keji.

Us infront of the mall, while waiting for the supir. Jalan di Jakarta was super congested macam gampang and not to mention, dusty too. Erghhh.
Again, Nasi Padang for a meal. Ni masa on the way nak ke Puncak dah. And who knows, it took us almost 3 freaking hours to reach Puncak Jakarta, and another 45mins or so for the supir to find our hotel.. Erghhh!!! So much for a free voucher huh?!! Mase ni semua pun macam dah bad mood dah. What with the jammy road all the way, even at the highway, plus the uneven road too! And being me, I started to feel guilty already to the family members. I mean, almost 4 hours of miserable journey for a holiday?? You gotta be kidding me! That's like a journey from KL to Johor already. And how are we supposed to travel to Bandung the next day, not to mention, back again to Puncak Jakarta thereafter kan?? Sigh my mistake for not doing the proper search earlier.
Thank God the family members have been so much understanding, we discussed things over, and came out with Plan B... Jeng jeng jeng.. (Ewah! Hehehe)
... to be continued...

(only when I have the mojo ok.. I mean, 3 entries in a row? I bet I've bored the heck out of you already aite??)
Till later then~* Nite2.