Saturday, 26 July 2008

The one with... trip to Indonesia -- day 2..

Day 2 - Jalan2 di Bali...

Most of the tour package they provided for the tourist only covers limited places of interest for a day. Thank God Erin's friend beforehand has let her know the handphone number of this one 'supir' (that's driver in Indonesian) who's able to bring tourist around to as many places as it can be just within one day, reasonably charged.

One of the hotel views in the morning.
Flash back - Parveen & I at the same hotel.. *tsk* (Yeah my sling back is 4 years old already..)
First place - Went to watch Barong dance. It tells about this battle between good and evil, a myth known to be existed in the Bali's history. The performance was a-ok, but cukup untuk skali tengok je lah.. Buat cukup syarat.. :)
With the dancers..

Goofing around :) Everyone was being a good sport, yeah that's the way it is!!

Next destination - Nusa Dua.

They have a lot of activities here, especially all those interesting water activities, including diving. Apparently, one doesn't need a license to dive here in Nusa Dua. Nevertheless, since we all opt not to do any activities involving water, we chose the non-water one -- to the Turtle Island.

If it wasn't the company, I'd thought there's nothing great about the place. All we get to do was visiting animals like turtles, snakes, bats, yadda yadda yadda. Boring kan? Sheesh. What a con job.
Next - lunch time! The supir was a Muslim as well, so finding a place to eat was not a problem. We were brough to eat Nasi Pecel. And this time around, we made sure we took the rice and dishes individually. I took vege, telur, bergedel, & paru -- RM5.80. Hmm, agak mahal jugak...kan?
The mothers wanted to buy the attractive mirrors they always heard people talked about, just so happened the supir owns one shop selling such. So we went there, I myself ended up buying one. The downside -- we had difficulty ever since having to bring the mirrors around. dang.
Thereafter, we went to Sukawati -- a market place of sort, with a lot of souvenirs sold.
Bincang2 compare harga. Damn these 4 people, they are very good at bargaining. Especially Erin. Very firm. Something I can't master, just yet.
Yours truly, feeling very tired.
They have this routine every now and then. Not sure what's that for, but it's something to do with Hinduism.

Since it was close to dusk, we couldn't afford to go to Ubud :( Instead we were brought to Jimbaran -- the famous place for a seafood dinner by the seaside where one can watch the sunset. Very nice place, with a nice view.
My 2 lovely sisters.. Hmm even without looking at the menu, we were able to tell that the food over there must be quite pricey. So we decided to just have some drinks and snack over there while waiting for the sunset.
Few attempts to have the ever famous 'jumping pose' went to a total failure :) But we had fun, of course.
Goofing around, again.. :D Oh ye, jagung bakar di situ sangat sedap yer..
The happy faces... :) But one thing we learnt, they didn't allow us to just lepak there while having drinks and snacks, instead they insisted us for their main meals, i.e. seafood. Very duh kan?? Dah taknak means taknak laaa kan. So having no choice, we had to go. SheeSh~!
Us... :)
Next destination should be Sanur, for a spa session. But after much deliberation, we decided not to. Instead we went back to Kuta. The mothers wanted to call it the day, whilst the children went for a jalan2 at the Kuta town..

Before went back to the hotel from the Kuta town, we stopped by at McD to buy dinner. They have a different sundae flavours over there, and this blueberry triple joy is a yummy!

Balik hotel, we quickly got changed and gedebushhhh... Went for a swimming at the pool. The mothers were already there, ceh. And we had McD, and celebrated Liana's birthday in advance..
Oh yeah, her birthday is today (26th July 2008).
Happy 23th Birthday my dearest sister, Liana!! xoxoxo. be continued.


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