Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The one with... Tina's bridal shower..

Cute kan the cake?

So yeap, for the first time ever I had such an event --bridal shower. Normally tengok dalam TV jer.. :) It was such a fun event, thanks so much cik mastermind -- Kak Zu, for doing the planning. Anyway, am sure it'll be fun-er if our other girlfriends - Dayana, Alin & Tazz were there too!! :(

It was held at Redbox The Curve, in view of my dearest friend Tina getting married this coming 08.08.08, with wedding reception on 09.08.08. Such a HOT date, I have another 2 friends getting married that day. To Abot and Niesa, am so sorry yea I won't be able to attend your big day.. Congratulations in advance, wishing you guys a long life lots of marital bliss :)

So yeah, Tina's getting married and that's like, SOON!! :) Oh no now I remember that I haven't pick up by bridesmaid attire yet.. dang! (yeap, yours truly is gonna be Tina's bridesmaid on that day! To Tina, I've never asked this before but now am asking -- why me eh? :P)

All in all, we had heaps of fun last saturday.. I didn't bring my camera for I knew it beforehand that most of them girls will be bringing theirs.. Hehehe! So click here (that's Peej), and here (that's Ceera), and here (that's Liza), and here (that's Farah).. and last but not least, here as well (that's Tina!) to find out more about it.. *wiNk*

OK lah. Till later~!

P/S. Tina, the clock is! Ngeh3x.


  1. nice cake!..its been awhile since i dropped many pics to wheeze thru..!

  2. hehe..
    tu la pasal..
    time flies like hell...

    and babe, i chose u becos i think you would be perfect for that post! enough said!!! :)

  3. Joe,

    well, the cake tasted yummy too! :) yeah have u been busy or what?

    Tina dearie,

    hehehe is it?? :P

    hmm you gonna be on leave soon already aite??

  4. laling,
    i luv yur new blog title. zesty and on fire! i feel you babe.

    *genggam tangan tepuk dada buat peace*

    this too shall pass
    X 100.

    :) heh take care!

  5. lilia laling,

    thanks a million for the warm wishes..


  6. dalie dearie,

    hehehe thank u thank u! i nvr thought ppl would have noticed it :P

    yeah, it shall pass. infact it has already been!! :)

    cik soon-to-be-wife abot,

    well wishes is the least i can offer u! :) xoxo.

  7. I haven't been updating my blog and haven't had the time to edit all those pictures. Last week was totally taking my time. Nanti I'll let you know.