Wednesday, 2 July 2008

The one with.. sunyi sepi.

Somehow I managed to drag Kerol to watch this movie. Err, ok.. It's actually the movie ratings published in the internet that sort of has triggered Kerol's curiosity to move his ass to the cinema for the movie. But heck I believe my annoyingly consistent and persistent requests did actually play some roles :)

Anyway, what do I have to say about the movie yeah?

One thing for sure, no doubt this movie was directed by the same director of that movie Cinta and Love. I know I went head over heels googoo gaagaa for the movie Cinta for so many reasons, particularly on how the movie deals with deeper human emotions as it challenges the depth of love from every angle, such as the unspoken truth of affection, obssession, infatuation and rejection -- every single aspect in the turbulence and the torment of love. The movie Love on the other hand was SO-SO, merely because it was only a twisted version of Cinta. It turned out to become rather lame and lousy, both with a capital L.

However, the subject matter still stands -- Kabir Bhatia’s products managed to find its way to my to-watch list as far as Malay movie is concerned, like its already almost at par with Yasmin Ahmad’s and Afdlin Shauki’s.

So yeah I kinda adore the movie Sepi too, for the various aspects of sepi that has been successfully projected throughout the 2 hours show. Especially the part where Sufi (Tony Eusoff) lost his wife. And the part where Adam (Afdlin Shauki) still couldn’t find ‘the one’. And also the part where Imaan (Baizura Kahar) still being in her own world thinking her boyfriend is still around.

BUT. Yes, there’s a big BUT.

It’s the way some parts of a relationship that were brought up in the movie that I digress it the most. The part where Illyana (Vanida Imran) still can have the guts to ‘flirt’ with Adam when she knew she’s in the midst of getting married. And also the part where Marya (Eja) have the nerve to let herself fall for Sufi (Tony Eusoff) ignoring the fact that she’s married! And this Sufi also, his persistent flirtatious attempt towards Marya when he knew it that Marya is somebody's wife. And the part whereby Adam (Afdlin) called it quit on his engagement with Suzy (Nasha Aziz) just because he knew Illyana (Vanida Imran) has decided to cancel her wedding. And I hate it the most when the characters in the movie kept on playing with the words ‘takdir’ very loosely. Like, you just meet someone and being shot straight by the love at the first sight, for all you know you go and claim that you two are destined to be together. To be happy together. Duh, bloody hell.

This kind of image somehow potrays the truth in the real life these days. Where relationship is so overrated. Let alone a marriage. And yes I know truth hurts. But it’s like this movie is encouraging the audience to go with the hunches, and take a relationship for granted. And put everything as a takdir / fate. Whatever happens to commitment and hard works expected to be put in to make a relationship works? And why on earth people would realise that the partner he / she is together with IS NOT THE ONE (never mind the things they have been through together all the while huh? *roll eyes*) only and ONLY WHEN at the point where he / she meets someone else, i.e. ONLY WHEN THERE’S AN OPTION??? Why can’t people let go off the partner without involving the other party? It’s like breaking up is already so much painful, what’s more with breaking up for someone else aite? SheeSh. If you are not happy with the relationship, then call if off la. Why must you wait for option(s)? I can only think of one word: SELFISH! Period.

Okie dokie, there goes my emotional personal opinion. All in all, nice movie with great shots and all.

Till the next movie review~* Here's the movie official website.

Lunch is over and now back to work yaw!


  1. capital E with a huge M and tonnes of OOOOOOOOOOOOO !!

    =) yeahh!!!

  2. frh-miss-emo-jugakJuly 03, 2008 8:32 am

    owh, suda tengok eh..
    yup. aku pn disagree part illyana bole lg nk flirt even dia tau she's getting married, marya let herself falls to sufi, sufi selamba badak jek ngurat bini org. mmg xbleh blah. or, is this a reality in our life..? maybe not us, but it do happens around us. tak suke tak suke tak sukeeeeeeeee

  3. Waaa....u emo ye??

    hmmm...points that u raise have some truth in it. But think about it babe, if semua isu itu hendak dikupas them it should be a drama series dy...heheheheh

    but then its not all in vain. there is a bit of sense of commitment there actually. Like watak eja yang jatuh cinta dengan sufi, though she let herself fall in love (even whe's not available), she didn't pursue her second love when she is faced with the responsibility of bearing her husband's baby. It is only years later (bila dah sangat2 tua) yang dia pergi cari sufi balik, maybe by then hubby dia dah mati.

    takpe la...mana tau lepas ni ada cerita bertajuk ----- (fill in the blank) pula....

    *wink wink*

  4. incik s0ulz,


    bagus cik frh-ko-sangat-memahami,

    yeap sadly but true, those kind of things happen around us. and i guess at some point in time, we all experience it too actually. you know, being unhappy in a relationship but somehow too scared to move out from it until we find someone else to land on to.

    after all, life is all about karma. huhu.

  5. Kak Zu,

    Oh yeahsss saya sangat emo when it comes to things like that.. I guess it was largely because of the experience i went through myself -- family and individually.

    Anyways. What i meant to raise out was, the way they projected the 'case' (i.e. flirting while you are in a relationship / marriage / engagement) it was like as if there's nothing wrong with that. And though i agreed Eja didn't pursue with her second love, still i want to beg to differ. yang pergi layan Sufi in the first place tu apehal kan? and, i don't think she'll stick to her husband if not because she's suddenly pregnant.

    itu yang i emo. heh.

    oh well, whatever it is.. it's always complicated when it comes to the matter of heart.

  6. i agree with Mr S0ulz... haha...

    but that is a movie which i am gonna hate... so, won't bother to watch it... but those stuff did/do happen in real life... which made me hate it more...

  7. frh-kata-CINTA-lg-bestJuly 03, 2008 11:58 am

    so CINTA is definitely better .. cite happy ending sudah .. nangis gembire, bukan nangis sedey2 ok?

  8. cik-frh-soon-to-be-puan,

    a'ah.. cite Cinta lagi best!

    siGh. maybe because we all hate to face the truth. people do flirt even when they are committed.

    weyhhh mane map weyhhhhh.

  9. Oya,

    CIS. mane buleh gang-up ngan mr. sOulz.

    anyway, with that comment of yours, i take it you are in agreement with me too?? *wiNk* yeap, i hate the movie because they emphasize the reality of the situation.. rather than caution it with a much better remedial messages.

  10. I memang tak agree nak go for someone else kalo kiter in a relationship. Cukup-cukup tak agree!!

    Lia, I am with you.

    Tapi dengar benda cenggini, tak nak la tengok SEPI..

  11. Zie,

    Thanks zie :)

    anyway, tengok la dulu.. the above is only my humble personal opinion. diff ppl, diff opinion kan? after all, rata2 sume pun ckp cite ni best.