Monday, 14 July 2008

The one with... money = roots of all problems..

*biG siGh*

It’s a known thing to every staff here that end of July is the time we all should have been looking up to. Why of course, it’s bonu$ time !$!$!$!

However, looks like it’s not gonna be a good year for me though this time around.. [(+_~) The bonus slip is no where near to be issued, yet lists of items to be spent on are already built up in my budget. Bad bad timing.

My ultimate, ideal aim is of course to put the hard ca$h ALL into my $aving$.

BUT. I hereby present you my damages list!!

1. I have to zerorise my credit card balance, and start a new chapter all over again. Turning over a new leaf when it comes to swiping the card. Huhu. (When I said zerorise, I'm talking about few Ks...) *iSk*.

2. August is the road-tax and car insurance policy renewal month. So go figure! OK, the comforting factor -- I’ll get to redeem my rebate thereafter.

3. Come August, my car is turning 3 years old. It’s about time to change the entire four tyres! What’s more with the bald and exhausted front 2 tyres, coupled with the slightly bended rims, hence bad alignments too. *siGh*. It’s so dangerous what with the terrible road conditions here and there in KL and all. So yes, it’s about time to change, not only the tyres, but the rims too! Kerol said I can actually get the rims repaired la instead of incurring more costs to buy the new ones. Especially now that the price of tyres has been increased up almost by 80%! :( But wanting an easy way out with a much reassuring factor (It’s a girl thing aite demanding for a quick fix, yes? no?), I guess I’ll just get them all changed la hah. Am gathering the info from all over the sources I have, (I mean with Kerol’s help of course), for my budget estimation before THE execution plan. *siGh*. And Kerol suggested for the ones with the size of 15, instead of 16 which is the size I’m using now. Less cool factor = more benefits, so he said. Saya agree saja.

4. My house is having a termites-attack now!!! Arghhh benci gila. The pest control thingy has expired already, and me daddy asked us to wait until at least at the end of the month before we can get the Ghostbusters Guys to come. A quick call revealed that the total costs now is about RM2,500 ~ RM2,800. *siGh*. Being the eldest, I feel the need being called upon to help a bit in terms of the financials. (Tough position eyh! Family VS ownself needs... But hey, I'm being all sincere here. Cuma, being normal, I can't help it from not having this kind of selfish thinking come across my mind.. So cut me some slack.) Hmmm, my days ever since we discovered that the house is under the termites-attack, are now full of stress.. :'( Simply because the Ghostbusters Guys asked us not to move the items that are under the termites-attack so that to make sure they don’t attack other places. So it’s like a bait of sort to the termites. And guess where the hit place is? Of course the clothes in my wooden closet!!! It’s such a nerve-racking thing to just leave all the baju there knowing for a fact the termites are in action! Such a bugger :( I freaking hate it to the max, not to mention stress, to see the residual dusty, sandish thingy these little bugs have left at my wooden closet.. *siGh*

5. This holiday plan to come, of course, a cash outflow is guaranteed. But the comforting factor, of course, it’s for leisure. So, not much of a complain lah aite. Hey, it’s my FIRST holiday of the year ok.

6. Weddings, wedding, weddings. Enough said.

I can go nuts just by coming out with the above list, let alone putting the action in place, sooN..! *sOb*

I’m just hoping for the miracle to save me at the end of the day. Please, let my bonus be a big fat one. Huhu. I SO need to double up my savings laaa!!

BY THE WAY., if you ever read this, I’m so sick of your promises ok! Already you’ve promised me that I should be getting my cheque in 3 months time, and hey guess what, the time’s up! I understand if there’s an internal problem whatnot, (which really, it’s none of my problem anyway) but your customer service sucks! I hate being put in a position where it looks like as if I have to BEG for my own money. Stupid! Stop giving this answer to me, “Leave us your name and your phone number, and we will contact you soon”. Soon my @$$! It’s been 2 weeks now. Because of your stupid promises, my cash planning has gone all hay-wired! I already have in plan to use the money for my trip to Indonesia, but looks like I have to fork out from my savings. BUGGER! I’m all reasonable if you manage me well. BUT should I emphasize again, your customer service sucks! should thank the DJs, especially FB1 & Farah Fauzan@, else I will not hesitate to change my preference ok! I will give myself until this Friday, before I go all berserk and publish all the names I've been dealing with from regarding this matter. And I'll untick the option whereby I'll then let the search engine to find my blog everytime people google for And I will spell a proper with the letter 'O' rather than a zero '0', the way I have spelt it in this entry. Yeah, try me. I know I won't gain anything from letting out my tantrum, but at least, I get to make it known to the world. Self-satisfaction it is.


See, money = roots of all problems. Period.

P/s. This probably has to be the one entry with a lot of siGhs.


  1. Agreed! money=roots all problems!
    tak tau nak ckp ape tapi ko still owe aku bunuh sekor lipas.

  2. babe,

    i so feel u okkk.. i pun ni dh nyawa-nyawa ikan.. seksa nye nak kawinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn....

  3. hi girl.. want to share with u my blog feel free to read :)

  4. cik lindzia pemalas lipas,

    ahhhh mampuih pi sama lipas itu. sudah terbang melayang ke bilik ko dok senyap2 di bawah timbunan baju membuat anak kasik banyak. bila sudah besar semua terbang ramai2 dalam bilik ko. EEEWWWWWWW!


    siGh, yeah i know~! :( but yours so soon already, so nice!


    i've linked your blog to mine too! :)

  5. wah so long list..looks like i have to come up with mine too..

    by the looks of it..i think mine is pretty much used up by the 31st..sighh

  6. yes, the holiday .... it dawned in my mind, I so need it but yeah, money money money. I got a couple of Ks left to settle my credit card. have been settling it for several months now. that should explain why I put our vacation brainstorming to a halt.

    my mom is buzzing about my car being old. she kept on bringing home car pamphlets.

    the guy I'm dating *coughs* drive an old beaten-up daihatsu that is the same age as him, maybe more and I've been using alternative transportation like buses. so, cars is the least of my concern.

    its about time I take out my anger on those runny runny animals that comes out at night and terrorise our hygiene. this weekend I have a lot of time to kill to be a killer. once I'm done with mine, maybe I shall be good enough to do your house. haha.

  7. joe,

    wahhh u sure or not, by 31st?! well am sure yours would be of a shorter list, but of higher costs for each item in that list aite? why am i not surprise then... :D


    of the credit card
    yeah tell me about it, i've been doing that too for the past few months.. siGh.

    of the car
    good for you!!! i envy you.

    of the animals-related
    what runny runny animals?

    siGh. how i wish i can hit those animals the way tina did at the game arcade the other day! just hit them all, hit hit die die!!! :)

  8. toksah dgr dgrlah

  9. Nikman, Ko biar betul?! (O_o)?