Wednesday, 23 July 2008

The one with.. holiday comes and go, am back yawww~* :)

So we reached back all in one piece.. It was tiring, no doubt.. but it was definitely a holiday spelt F.U.N !! :)

A 5 days 4 nights trip, 4 places within Indonesia, everyday was packed with activities, 2 families, 3 cameras, 1,000,001 pictures, so much fun, lots of laughs, hiccups here and there of course but one thing for sure -- heaps of great memories brought back home!

So really, I do not know how to blog about it without being exaggerating and all drag-gy.. :P

Hmmm, perhaps I shall leave it in the good hands of my sis Erin....? (To Erin -- Ahem, so what say you? Ko kan rajin.. kuci kuci kucikuuuu ;P)

Anyway, here's a sneak preview for those of you who cares :)

Notice the additional luggage by the end of day 5? *wiNk*

OK lah.. I'd better get some rest now. Thank God I foresee the need to take one extra leave on top of the ones applied for the trip =) I'll be back at work only on Friday.. Few meetings have been arranged, so rest assured before I know it.. it's gonna be weekend already, yeAY ! ;)

Nitey nite~*

p.s. So much so for a sneak preview, but I guess the pictures above are pretty much the geist of the holiday trip eyh? Hmm no need continuation perhaps then. Oh well..we shall see how... *yaWn*


  1. Hey! have been 'visiting' ur blog ever since u left to see when you'll be back!!! Yahoo.. u're back! Neways, so cool! Me likey ur new look!!! Is that your new specs? You must be super tired... update me on the 'outcome' of the trip k! Mucks!

  2. alaaaa...penat laaa....keje!
    gile jeles bangun pagi tgk ko & mama tidoq!
    aku sampai opis 10:30..
    dahla sortrot..batuk aje!
    nanti la aku edit2 gamba & tulis blog....

  3. wow..that was fast! you are back already!!

  4. Lia,

    Hapdate, hapdate...wah bersakan shopping korang. Best nyer. kalo g sana, memang giler shopping kan.

    Wah..2 families, Ur family and Kerol's family ek?

    Baguz la.

  5. Parv!!

    Hehehe keep on visiting ok! :)anyway yeah am back! staying at adi dharma really made me reminiscing the days we had last time.. huhu.. miss you!

    what new look? with the cap u mean?? hehe obviously thanks to Erin, she made holidaying more fun with less getting ready time :) and yeah thats my new specs. nice or not??

    will update you about the 'outcome' in emails ok... ;)


    Sickie Lizzy,

    sile la jeles ok!! :) best betul lepak kat umah ni while ko and kerol gi keje.. faiq and liana kene pegi kelas.. ngeh3. tapi best lagi jadi mama and auntie kot... huhu.

  6. Joe,

    Fast you said? Well, yeah actually I had the same feeling too! Can't imagine that i'm actually back to work tomorrow.. Oh yeah, no souvenirs from me.. so don't ask :P


    Nanti kalau rajin i update ok..? :) lagipun tak dapat sume gambar lagi. tak syiok nak cerita..

    And yeah, both of our families *wiNk*