Sunday, 13 July 2008

The one with... Farah's wedding.

So I went to Johor on Friday for the wedding of one of the oldest friend I have in my friends' list -- Farah. She's my childhood friend when I was in Kuantan last time, some time in the year of 1993 - 1994.

Picture taken in 1995 at our school back then - SRK Pengkalan Tentera, Kuantan; to receive UPSR's reward or something. Farah's on the most left, with her boyish pose. And me on the second from right, with my big glasses. Heh.

Picture taken on 11 July 2008 - Farah now with her more girlish and 'ayu' pose, on her wedding solemnization night.. :)

The room deco.

Tok Imam datang lambat, Farah dah tak senang duduk.

Me and the-wife-to-be Farah =)

Signing off THE forms.

Nervous, going through THE moment. Farah was in the room whilst Hafdzuan (the hubby-to-be) was outside, just about to lafaz his akad.

Farah's smiling as the other guests were chuckling when Hafdzuan didn't make it the first round.

Second round and finally married! Alhamdulillah... :) So happy for you!
Thereafter, the Johor's customs (and rather long procedures) or something, begun.. It was the first time for me to witness such an event. Huhu.

Then the next day was the wedding reception... The newlyweds looked so happy and beautiful in their maroon outfits.

Oh, and I met my Terendak's friend Ashra at the wedding as well. And she's getting married this coming August! Hmmm.. memang musim mengawan betul lah these 2 months of July & August.. And of course please don't forget, my birthday is on the 6th of August ya folks! *gRin*

Both Kerol and I made our move back to KL right after the wedding. My, it was such a long journey what with the fiercely hot weather and all. I felt so tired even before reaching KL. Yeap yeap true enough I wasn't the one who's driving, but still, I needed to stay awake as well to give Kerol's a company.. Ah, such a sweet, weren't I..? *wiNk*

So after much of karaoke-ing sessions, next in line was the time for camwhoring..


Yours truly.

Errr, a rather self-explanatory aite all these 3 pictures... :P

At some point throughout the journey back, I suddenly remembered that the other day we bought this and left it in Kerol's car:

It's the matching handphone's chains, bought from the Hallmark shop.. :)

So boring punya pasal, I took some time and effort, and not to mention risk of getting dizzy too, to put them attached to the handphones..

Finally, tadaaaaa!

OK so the picture was a bit blur, thanks to the uneven roads at the highway despite the never-ending constructions. sheEsh.

OK, so all in all, I had a great trip to JB and safely reached back in KL in one piece. And the rest of the weekend was spent on watching the DVDs I bought! ;) niCe~*

I managed to finish off with the Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, and half-way done with Private Practice too. And yes, I've finally watched SATC the movie!! ;) Nope, I didn't go to Singapore.. nor did I buy the DVD, as the DVD boy claimed, "That one aaaa, talak clear munyaaaa".. I watched it from the version downloaded by 'a friend', like I've mentioned in my previous entry. And I LOVE it!

Don't worry, no spoiler here. Well, I will still be watching it at the cinema (hehe!) anyway... (just to see how many scenes are censored! *grin*) So, 'friend', thanks so much k!

Ok lah, am going out for dinner with Mama. Till later~!

To the contrary, this time around am SO ready to face Monday, for I know that I'll be on leave on Friday and the week after, for my holiday to Bali-Jakarta-Bandung.. Can't wait! :D


  1. Farah cantik!..
    Ko pendek! ;p

    weh ko g dinner ngan mama kat mane smalam?

    am not so ready to face Monday...counting days for holiday!

    aku belum upload sebarang gamba pun kat blog...malas lagi...

  2. hepi holiday lili@ l@ling! :)

    aaawwwwwwww....macam dah terbau nasik minyak je kau ni. bila nak announce? teehehe.

  3. adikku,

    kau juge pendek, ngek!

    dinner kat suzi's corner, cam biase aku anta keta gi cuci..

    yeap, counting days bebeh!!

    ko ni pemalas macam lipas lah. ishhhh!

    dalie dearie,

    mane ade mane adeeeee. bau nasik minyak lekat kt baju coz asyik gi wedding orang lain ade lah.. heh. dun worry, if anything, aku akan buat press conference ok! yang pasti, urs first.. :)

  4. baru-jadik-puanJuly 15, 2008 10:02 am

    lia, thanks for coming all the way from kl .. esp masa nikah tu ..

    ahahaha gamba skola rendah tu xbleh blah siut .. ahahaha ..

    erin, mmg begitu sejak azali .. maybe obvious sket sbb aku pakai 2inch heels ok ..

  5. Baru-jadik-puan,

    Oh oh obvious because of 2inch heels?

    I tot Lilia was wearing high heels jugak? still obvious?

    tsk tsk tsk......

  6. Farah,

    not a problem.. anything for a good friend :)

    hahaha itu gambar paling decent yang aku jumpe ok!

    takpe, aku cute.. aku tau! :P



    ko pun pendek ok tonggek! :P