Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The one with.. confession of a broken heart.

[Note: This is the vulnerable me writing]

I reckon this gonna be a bit teenage-ish..

But heck this song by Lindsay Lohan kinda helps me to feel at least a bit better whenever I come across a situation of this sort. Well, just because it’s kinda says it some, if not all…

I wait for the postman to bring me a letter
And I wait for the good Lord to make me feel better
And I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders
Family in crisis that only grows older
Why'd you have to go?
Why'd you have to go?
Why'd you have to go?

Daughter to father, daughter to father
I am broken, but I am hoping
Daughter to father, daughter to father
I am crying, a part of me's dying
And these are, these are the confessions of a broken heart

I wear all your old clothes the old polo sweater
I dream of another you, one who would never
Never leave me alone to pick up the pieces
Daddy to hold me, that's what I needed
So why'd you have to go?
Why'd you have to go?
Why'd you have to go?

Daughter to father, daughter to father
I don't know you, but I still want to
Daughter to father, daughter to father
Tell me the truth, did you ever love me?
'Cause these are, these are the confessions of a broken heart
Of a broken heart

I love you
I love you
I love you
I, I love you

Daughter to father, daughter to father
I don't know you, but I still want to
Daughter to father, daughter to father
Tell me the truth, did you ever love me?
Did you ever love me?
These are the confessions of a broken heart

Things got bottled up, so yeah I had a fight with me daddy yesterday.. :(

And now I am filled with all the guilt in the world.. SiGh. I know there are reasons why I am fated to be the eldest in the family but every now and then I can’t seem to find the right strength I should have. Especially given the situation.

Oh well, as always this phase shall pass and I hope it will, THE SOONEST POSSIBLE.

[It’s funny when you are actually surrounded by the love of friends and family around you, and yet things do not always reciprocated the way you thought it should.. leaving you to feel.. ironically.. alone.]

This shall pass soon. This shall pass soon. This shall pass soon....

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The one with... Tina's bridal shower..

Cute kan the cake?

So yeap, for the first time ever I had such an event --bridal shower. Normally tengok dalam TV jer.. :) It was such a fun event, thanks so much cik mastermind -- Kak Zu, for doing the planning. Anyway, am sure it'll be fun-er if our other girlfriends - Dayana, Alin & Tazz were there too!! :(

It was held at Redbox The Curve, in view of my dearest friend Tina getting married this coming 08.08.08, with wedding reception on 09.08.08. Such a HOT date, I have another 2 friends getting married that day. To Abot and Niesa, am so sorry yea I won't be able to attend your big day.. Congratulations in advance, wishing you guys a long life lots of marital bliss :)

So yeah, Tina's getting married and that's like, SOON!! :) Oh no now I remember that I haven't pick up by bridesmaid attire yet.. dang! (yeap, yours truly is gonna be Tina's bridesmaid on that day! To Tina, I've never asked this before but now am asking -- why me eh? :P)

All in all, we had heaps of fun last saturday.. I didn't bring my camera for I knew it beforehand that most of them girls will be bringing theirs.. Hehehe! So click here (that's Peej), and here (that's Ceera), and here (that's Liza), and here (that's Farah).. and last but not least, here as well (that's Tina!) to find out more about it.. *wiNk*

OK lah. Till later~!

P/S. Tina, the clock is! Ngeh3x.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

The one with... trip to Indonesia -- day 4 and finale.. phew~*

OK, for once and for all, I think I better end the series on my trip to Indonesia yeah?

Day 4 - Bandung..

1. Gambar2 di sekitar Puncak Jakarta.

The resort in Puncak.. Nasib baik besar & cantik, and the view is very breath taking..
The siblings..

My family..
His family..

Jalan2 di Taman Bunga Nusantara..

Again, the siblings.. with the fresh flowers. Sangat cantik!

Posers on the loose..

Sebelum ke Bandung, singgah sebentar makan Bakso & Soto.. Sangat sedap!!
2. Gambar2 di sekitar Bandung.

1st stop - Pasar Baru.. or Bahru.. or Baharu.. Heck. The important point to note here is, I LOVE THIS PLACE very2 much!! :) Kain lace dia cantik2 and sangat murah. All the kain(s) I bought were below RM50. And no need lining some more.. I LIKe~!! :) Hmm, Kerol is going to Bandung this coming August with his guy friends, I wonder if they are going to this place...? *wiNk* Macam nak mintak tolong beli some more lah... :P (P.S. To Hana, Deera & Pae.. Marilah kite pesan beramai2.. Ngeh3x)
2nd stop - Rumah Mode. Again, another interesting shopping place.. :)
Muka2 penat bershopping..
Before ke factory outlets, we dropped by at the famous Sapu Lidi restaurant for dinner. Actually we planned to go to the branch located by the paddy field.. But it was getting late already, so hajat tak kesampaian.. :(
As I was mentioning, it was getting late already. So kitorang cuma sempat singgah kat factory outlets Heritage & Stamp saje.. Sempat la shopping kejap, tapi tak best sebab rushing.. siGh.
All in all, hasil shopping di Bandung.. :) Eh not mine only laa ok, its the combination of Mama's, Erin's, Liana's and of course mine..
3. Jalan2 di Jakarta sebelum flying back to KL..

Shopping at Mangga Dua.
View inside Magga Dua. A lot of handbags, bags, shoes, etc. etc. Personally, I don't really like this place. Don't ask me why. But apparently the mothers shopped a lot here. Heh.
So folks.. That's the end of my trip already. All in all, I had a nice holiday though a bit tiring having to rush to catch time.. Nevertheless, it was definitely a trip to remember.. :) Given a choice, I would want to visit Bandung again, for shopping.. and perhaps Bali, for a more relaxing trip... :)
OK, moving on to normal life now. Till later~*
Greetings, Monday blues..

Saturday, 26 July 2008

The one with... trip to Indonesia -- day 3..

Day 3 - 1st half in Bali, 2nd half in Jakarta..

It's so unbelievable that since day 1, I've been waking up very early in the morning. Same goes to my sisters. (For those who knows us well, you know why this is a biggie.. ;P).. So yeah, day 3 was no exception. By 8am (siap dah breakfast tuu..) we were already on our way to Tanah Lot, a beautiful place that The Tanah Lot houses a famous Hindu temple built in the 13th century by a famous Hindu monk known as the Pura Tanah Lot.

Pics above and below: The main entrance..

Kerol & I at the souvenir shops place, before reaching the main area of Tanah Lot.
The power of three, with a nice view.. :)

Cantik kan?
Can you see the rainbow?
Yours truly...
Us.. :)
After visiting Tanah Lot, off we went to the airport to catch our 1.50pm flight to Jakarta..
Lepak at KFC while waiting for boarding. Orang sana memang makan nasi jer.. See, the KFC has no coleslow, no whipped potato, no cheesy wedges, no fries, but only rice.. bleurghhh! That should explained the holiday gain of 2kgs!!! (Thank God they were fast shed off!)
First place we went to upon reaching Jakarta Airport - Tanah Abang. A shopping mall of 10 floors!
Ada banyak jual kain & telekung yang cantik2!
Muka2 kecewa, coz the only bummer -- it closes at 4.30pm!!! Such an early aite.. Itupun masa kitorang sampai around 3 something, semua dah tak menyempat nak tutup kedai.. Sheeshh taknak buat business ke hape? And yang kejinye, our hired supir, he never mentioned to us about the business hour of the mall. I mean, what's the point of us asking him to drive us there (hence pay extra too!!! That, must be the reason huh) just to find out it's about to close already? Keji, keji, keji.

Us infront of the mall, while waiting for the supir. Jalan di Jakarta was super congested macam gampang and not to mention, dusty too. Erghhh.
Again, Nasi Padang for a meal. Ni masa on the way nak ke Puncak dah. And who knows, it took us almost 3 freaking hours to reach Puncak Jakarta, and another 45mins or so for the supir to find our hotel.. Erghhh!!! So much for a free voucher huh?!! Mase ni semua pun macam dah bad mood dah. What with the jammy road all the way, even at the highway, plus the uneven road too! And being me, I started to feel guilty already to the family members. I mean, almost 4 hours of miserable journey for a holiday?? You gotta be kidding me! That's like a journey from KL to Johor already. And how are we supposed to travel to Bandung the next day, not to mention, back again to Puncak Jakarta thereafter kan?? Sigh my mistake for not doing the proper search earlier.
Thank God the family members have been so much understanding, we discussed things over, and came out with Plan B... Jeng jeng jeng.. (Ewah! Hehehe)
... to be continued...

(only when I have the mojo ok.. I mean, 3 entries in a row? I bet I've bored the heck out of you already aite??)
Till later then~* Nite2.

The one with... trip to Indonesia -- day 2..

Day 2 - Jalan2 di Bali...

Most of the tour package they provided for the tourist only covers limited places of interest for a day. Thank God Erin's friend beforehand has let her know the handphone number of this one 'supir' (that's driver in Indonesian) who's able to bring tourist around to as many places as it can be just within one day, reasonably charged.

One of the hotel views in the morning.
Flash back - Parveen & I at the same hotel.. *tsk* (Yeah my sling back is 4 years old already..)
First place - Went to watch Barong dance. It tells about this battle between good and evil, a myth known to be existed in the Bali's history. The performance was a-ok, but cukup untuk skali tengok je lah.. Buat cukup syarat.. :)
With the dancers..

Goofing around :) Everyone was being a good sport, yeah that's the way it is!!

Next destination - Nusa Dua.

They have a lot of activities here, especially all those interesting water activities, including diving. Apparently, one doesn't need a license to dive here in Nusa Dua. Nevertheless, since we all opt not to do any activities involving water, we chose the non-water one -- to the Turtle Island.

If it wasn't the company, I'd thought there's nothing great about the place. All we get to do was visiting animals like turtles, snakes, bats, yadda yadda yadda. Boring kan? Sheesh. What a con job.
Next - lunch time! The supir was a Muslim as well, so finding a place to eat was not a problem. We were brough to eat Nasi Pecel. And this time around, we made sure we took the rice and dishes individually. I took vege, telur, bergedel, & paru -- RM5.80. Hmm, agak mahal jugak...kan?
The mothers wanted to buy the attractive mirrors they always heard people talked about, just so happened the supir owns one shop selling such. So we went there, I myself ended up buying one. The downside -- we had difficulty ever since having to bring the mirrors around. dang.
Thereafter, we went to Sukawati -- a market place of sort, with a lot of souvenirs sold.
Bincang2 compare harga. Damn these 4 people, they are very good at bargaining. Especially Erin. Very firm. Something I can't master, just yet.
Yours truly, feeling very tired.
They have this routine every now and then. Not sure what's that for, but it's something to do with Hinduism.

Since it was close to dusk, we couldn't afford to go to Ubud :( Instead we were brought to Jimbaran -- the famous place for a seafood dinner by the seaside where one can watch the sunset. Very nice place, with a nice view.
My 2 lovely sisters.. Hmm even without looking at the menu, we were able to tell that the food over there must be quite pricey. So we decided to just have some drinks and snack over there while waiting for the sunset.
Few attempts to have the ever famous 'jumping pose' went to a total failure :) But we had fun, of course.
Goofing around, again.. :D Oh ye, jagung bakar di situ sangat sedap yer..
The happy faces... :) But one thing we learnt, they didn't allow us to just lepak there while having drinks and snacks, instead they insisted us for their main meals, i.e. seafood. Very duh kan?? Dah taknak means taknak laaa kan. So having no choice, we had to go. SheeSh~!
Us... :)
Next destination should be Sanur, for a spa session. But after much deliberation, we decided not to. Instead we went back to Kuta. The mothers wanted to call it the day, whilst the children went for a jalan2 at the Kuta town..

Before went back to the hotel from the Kuta town, we stopped by at McD to buy dinner. They have a different sundae flavours over there, and this blueberry triple joy is a yummy!

Balik hotel, we quickly got changed and gedebushhhh... Went for a swimming at the pool. The mothers were already there, ceh. And we had McD, and celebrated Liana's birthday in advance..
Oh yeah, her birthday is today (26th July 2008).
Happy 23th Birthday my dearest sister, Liana!! xoxoxo. be continued.