Thursday, 19 June 2008

The one with... wabbits.

I'm not really a ‘pet person’, i.e. I’m all neutral when it comes to cats, puppies, fishes, birds and the list of pets go on…

Not until yesterday.

Well like I’ve mentioned previously, the Astro decoder at home went kaput during the weekend.. Sent it for repairs on Sunday, and who knows its taking a bloody 2-3 days.. Anyway, to cut the long grandfather grandmother story short, Mama is going to pick it up today -- YeaY~! =)

OK back to the main track -- me and pets.

Yesterday after finished with taking my bath and did the ironing, I went to join Mama lazing around in front of the idiot box. With nothing much to watch on TVs, the best available program then (it was about 11pm already) was this documentary on TV1. A program called Agrotek. Heh. God knows when was the last time I ever tuned in to TV1.. :P

So.. The documentary was about rabbits.. My, I’ve never thought rabbits can be SOOOO CUTE!!! Geram sangat tengok the different families of rabbits. Especially yang gebu2.. So adorable!! And their movements also, SUPER CUTE..

The documentary explained la about the different types of rabbits, how to breed them, how to feed them, yadda yadda yadda.. You know, all those informative facts about rabbits..

Then they told us the viewers, there’s this one place called Rabbit Fun Land in Semenyih. Hmm.. The first and last time I’ve been to a rabbit farm was the one in Bukit Tinggi when I went there with Kerol, itupun I scared didn’t know how to deal with those furry rabbits, albeit them being so cute and adorable.

After showing how’s the place like, the commentator then said in that very monotonous tone of hers (ye la kan, dah kate documentary, takkan nak excited2 hooha hooha pulak kan…),

“Setelah letih berjalan melihat arnab2 di sini, anda juga boleh berhenti singgah di sebuah restoran untuk menjamu selera. Restoran ini terletak dalam kawasan Rabbit Fun Land juga. Antara makanan2 yang enak di sini ialah….” -- with the camera focusing on few plates of dishes..

“….Spagetti arnab, ….sosej arnab, ….satey arnab, …..” etc. etc. etc.

UWAAAAAAA how can they do thattttt??? I mean, after telling us how cute they are and all, now you tell me I can eat them too?????! Can't they like having a separate documentary on that?? DUH!!!

Such a turn-off! *iSk*

Don’t tell me those people who went to the farm, after taking a tour around playing with the rabbits, can have the appetite to eat them still? That'd be very mean aite??? :(

Anyway, the documentary didn't stop just there. After displaying the dishes, the program then took us to the factory to show how the rabbits' meat are halal by explaining the process of slaughtering them....

NGAAAAAA I wanna puke already just by typing this. I shall stop now..

Such a poor wabbits... =(

OK lah. Need to go back to work. Been quite busy these days.

Till later k~*


  1. Miss Bf-Free-for-Another-4-DaysJune 19, 2008 6:33 pm

    eh bukan kah kite pernah makan sate arnab? sedap la...manis je daging dia....

  2. mane ade, aku tak pernah punnnnn. sate rusa / kijang ade lah.. ko makan ngan family sapo neh?

  3. apa siut. lps documentay pastu cite psl mkn. haha.

    arnab cute kan? sbb tu daging dia sedap. same goes to lembu n kambing. haha.

  4. farah,

    jahat tau ko nih.. arnab cute, mane bleh makan...! lembu and kambing tak cute..