Sunday, 8 June 2008

The one with.. the TAGs.

Allow me to quote my friend Niesa,

The things we do to keep our blogs alive.
I mean, seriously? Does anyone read tags?
(I actually do - Esp the ones on Friendster's bulletin board. I have no idea why. Lets just call it a hobby.)

Well Niesa, what do you know.. great minds think alike! :) Except that I don't read those on Friendster's bulletin board -- purely because I can't get access to Friendster via office network. Dang.


Been tagged by Dalie, by Niesa, and recently by Ziez.

So here goes.

TAG #1

1. Unlimited ka-ching in my bank account.. \($_$)/
2. A house.. Fully furnished, that is.
3. A better car.. Anything from Honda will do.
4. A better handphone. The one from HTC maybe?
5. A super hardworking, multi-talented, obedient and loyal personal assistant..

1. Do I need to state the obvious?
2. I mean, seriously?
3. Fine, I'll just mention it anyway ok? My current (national) car is 3 yrs old already.
4. My current handphone is kinda outdated already.
5. So that she can assist me with the 24/7 tasks, as I wish.

Both Dalie & Niesa.


1. Cute.
2. Smart.
3. Funny.
4. Bubbly.
5. Good with writings. Just read her blog and you'll just have to agree with me.

1. Slim. I'm so envy!
2. Soft spoken.. :)
3. Smart. Seriously both Niesa and Dalie are like super smart. They don't have to be a geeky to score in exams.
4. Niesa, I'm so sorry, but I still think you look like Wana, who, by the way to me, still resembles Lock.. :D
5. A hardworking doctor.

Tolong google kan gambar artichoke and put it up in her blog.. ;)

Went through together with me those stuff we had to do back then in school when we were in this bureau named SEBAM (Sebaran Am) under this joker Munir. Heh, those were the days.

Internet. For the obvious reasons.

At this moment, all I can think of is -- I despise the weekend being only 2 days. I wish for it to be 3 days.

No one.

TAG #2

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog -- Can I skip this?
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs -- I'd like to opt to skip this part too, thank you very much.

Hmm so, 7 random facts about me eyh?

Fact 1 - I don't like to drink.
I grew up not liking to take plain water, instead I prefer carbonated drinks especially the point of becoming addictive. That, went on until when I was in Uni. OK this needs a little bit of background info. (God knows why I'm like so rajin now to type). Anyways. When I was in Uni, my bestfriend then was this girl named Nana. Among all other things, we had one thing in common -- we liked food. So for our heights, we were kinda... big... each respectively. I don't have a scanner, but like I said, my mojo is like so ON now, so here's a snap of some pictures of us back then. (Please excuse the imprecise clarity of those pix and hey, no laughie laughie ok?! :P)

So, yeah... We were so chubby and plump and.. err.. and such.. :P Until when we were in our final year in 2003, Nana's dad 'offered' a cash reward should she able to shed off some kilos. Can't remember the exact figures but it was VERY tempting enough -- five digits babeyh! Well, Nana took up the challenge, and naturally I was influenced by Nana's new change of lifestyle. Not that I'll be rewarded too, but that sort of brought in some positive effect on me. I followed her DOs and DON'Ts when it comes to food, and every evening after classes we'd go to the lake garden in Shah Alam for a round or two of walking. And one of the DONTs is, we cannot take sweet drinks. All it needs was more and more plain water. SO. Since I was already dislike plain water (because it makes me feel bloated, hence putting it off to my desire to eat -- which I enjoy so much)... AND I had to cut down my intake on sweet drinks.. The verdict -- I was basically ruling out drinking from my daily life! Yes, as awkward as it may sounds, I don't like to drink. And it got carried on until now. You know when I was hospitalised sometime early this year, if there's one good part about it, it'd be on the drip thingy they've put me on. I was basically supplied with enough water, without me having to drink it! :P Huhu. I know it's bad. But I'm improving with each passing days. Anyhow deep down inside me, I still wish that one day there'll be someone who is so genius enough to be able to invent a pill or capsule that can substitutes plain water. You know, a pill equivalent to 8 glasses of water. That'll be very much brilliant, and useful isn't it? ;)

Oh anyway, here's the results after the diet plan.. Nana managed to get rid off almost more than 30kgs (if i'm not mistaken), and I shed off almost 17kgs.. I myself couldn't believed how I did it. But hey, Nana didn't do any crash diet or something. She went through a proper consultation. That, indirectly means, so did I.. =)

The first two pictures were taken during our Uni days, and the last one was taken at end of 2007 during a friend's wedding. I don't have any 2008 pictures with Nana.. Well, hmm.. I've put on a bit of weight as compared to those days after I lost that 17kgs.. But ok lah tu kan? I mean, I look just nice... right? (Oh please just say yes!!) One thing for sure, I can't get rid off my chubby face, it's in the genes!! siGh. Anyway Nana so far has been able to maintain hers.. =)

Fact 2 - I LOVE donuts.
Yeap, to the point of working at the donuts outlet during my semester break.. ;)

That's why, I hate it so much if people tend to pass a remark saying that I go and buy JCo's or Big Apple's for the hype of it. Coz I don't. I simply am in love with donuts. Though not as obsess as I used to.

Fact 3 - I love bracelets.
Funny, I love bracelets but so far none of my collection I bought myself. They are all gifts from those thoughtful people who knows how much I love bracelets.. :) See, tak susah pun nak make me happy.. *hint*hint* :P I just cannot leave the house without having my watch on my left wrist, and a matching bracelet to the outfit on my right wrist.

The above top pic is my collection so far, and the below is the latest I got. Kerol bought 3 beautiful bracelets for me from Krabi.. NiCe!! =)

Fact 4 - I'm the eldest out of 4.
.. and not to brag, but I love all of my siblings' names.
- Lili@ Edlin@,
- Lindzi@ @zreen,
- Lian@ @zlyn, and
- Kh@ir0ul @zzim.

Thanks to my Mama. Else, my name will be Siti T@njung Perak. Seriously, no kidding -- dad wanted to give me that name. Just because his name is short (i.e. @zmi) and thus he wanted a longer name for his children.. *roll eyes* Heh.

Fact 5 - I love blue colours. Isn't that obvious already? =) Oh, of course, except Monday blues. SheeSh.

Fact 6 - I just don't understand the idea of eating nasi lemak at night.
.. and nasi lemak in the morning can last me till the night. Like today, I went for breakfast with Kerol and we had nasi lemak.. And I'm still full until now.

Fact 7 - I LOVE to watch movies and TV series.
I watched Kungfu Panda with my family yesterday night and it was awesome!!

And just now I managed to catch Chestnut on Astro Channel 711 and that Abigail kid was SO cute and talented! Point is, watching TVs at home and movies at cinema is such of my great escape. I can stay glued infront of TV for hours! There's an exception though -- no horror movies for me please..

OK lah.. I'm done here. I SO need to go to sleep now. Am feeling a bit tired now from my outing with Mama, been accompanying her to Carrefourre Wangsa Maju & Tesco Ampang.. School holiday is over so I wonder how the traffic's like for tomorrow.

Heck. It's pretty much predictable isn't it? siGh.

Nite2, till later~*


  1. oh, there was No. 2. tak perasan font terkecik. anyway dah betulkan dah.. :) anyway, it's a no surprise fact about me aite? hehehe

  2. babe,

    u lost 17 kilos???
    tabik springgg la weyyyyy...
    i yg baru turun 5 kilo pun dah happy gila, hahahahahaha.....

  3. tina,

    believe it or not, yes!!! :P mase tuh semangat berkobar2.. well 5kgs is a lot ok, of course you should be happy gila! hmm, it's so hard for me to lose weight these days.. :(

  4. fact 1 - lia has went thru her "zaman kegelapan" since primary skull. but manage to overcome it successfully. 17kgs?? damn. byk gilos..!

    fact 2 - suke jek berebut kaler biru dgn aku dpd dulu eh .. hehe

  5. hm... zaman gelap ker? xde lah gelap sgt.... you know with the studies, boys, and such... hehehe.. ;)

    yeah blue is the colours! =)

    ps. weh aku cam dah segan dowh nk komen kt blog kau... huhu

  6. hah? apsal plak? xpaham

  7. owhh .. psl tu ..
    aku dah delete. demi kau.
    jgn biarkan dia merosakkan hubungan kita. thehehe

  8. hehehe.. very much appreciated! ;)

  9. apsl i myself pon tk pernah tgk all these pic???


    patut lah ashik ckp dulu buleh skrang nih susah.....

    *need to feed u more & more... hihi*

  10. tak pernah tunjuk ek? rase macam pernah.. hmmm.. :P

    anyway, haip haipppp both of us needs to control our food intake ok.. cannot terlebih sudahhhh. =O
    dah terlebih banyak dah ni kannnn.


  11. lili@ l@ling,
    wahhh..i'm so flattered. tq, tq. this should boost my ego for this whole month! anyway, i don't think i'm supersmart, look at what i wrote in my blog for God sake! hahahah.

    my oh my, masa berubah, kau sudah makin jelita. aku tabik sbb tak malu nak letak gbr lama2. 17kilo?? phwoarrr!

    nana pun sama.

    u guys are awesome.

    i love kungfu panda!! super best cerita tu.


    ok cik lili@, do take care and minum air byk sket k.

  12. wah..i m ashame by my own progress this far in losing weight haha..

  13. Dalie daling,
    Glad u felt that way, I was just being honest! =)

    Hmm malu gak sebenarnye nak letak gambar2 lame, tapi lantak lah kan.. sume orang pernah buruk, ikut peredaran zaman lah kate kan... mase dulu tuh aku rase aku dah cantik dah (mati lah ayat perasan abis.. hehe), tapi bile tengok balik, mak aiii.. LOL.

    Yeah kungfu panda rocks! Po ade buat aksi Nacho Libre kan? I like!

    thanks Dalie, will (try) drink more water! ;)

    You should be proud la... 1kg also means a lot tau! =)

  14. i look like lock.
    love ur bracelet collection!super cool.