Thursday, 12 June 2008

The one with.. P.Ramlee The Musical - Season 2.

Alongside the Disney cartoons, my sisters and I grew up with P.Ramlee movies too.. We’ve been such a fan, even up until now we still find ourselves enjoying his movies.. It was such a shame that I missed the 1st Season of the P.Ramlee the Musical. However am glad that I didn’t miss the 2nd Season for it was one heck of an amazing performance! Kudos to everyone who is involved in making the show a HUGE success.. =) CONGRATS!!!! I love the show so much, more than words can ever describe it..

I left the fully and remarkably equipped with state-of-art set theatre room of Istana Budaya with mixed feelings -- happy for sure, but more important, I felt that I was able to appreciate and adore the late P.Ramlee in ways like never before.. Feeling a bit regret (and wee guilty to some extent!) too, as it came to my thought, how come I’ve became an ardent fan of his without actually taking the extra effort to really take interest on his career footsteps and personal life during his days.. I remember visiting P.Ramlee Memorial though when I was a kid, but that just was it.. I don’t remember gaining any extra knowledge about him.. siGh. Throughout the show, I found myself occasionally whispering to my mom asking facts about P.Ramlee to confirm what was played on the stage.. Surprisingly, the show really brought us to follow in the footsteps of the late, great P. Ramlee, in a musical that traces his early days in Pulau Pinang, right up to his heydays in Jalan Ampas.. Again and again, two thumbs up!! Musly Ramlee rocks!! True enough as claimed during the show, there'll be no other P.Ramlee, but somehow Musly Ramlee resembles a lot like the late P.Ramlee.. Especially the voice, my, it was surreal...!

And, thanks to Joe, who earlier on has asked me for a favour to buy the OST CD of P.Ramlee the Musical -- it was because of the OST CD in my hand I was let in by the guards to join in the queue to get the autograph of the main casts!! =)

So yeah I had a great time yesterday night.. Went there with Mama, Kerol, Erin and her bf Faiz.. The show started at 8.30pm and ended at 12 midnight with a 20minutes intermission. And I guess yesterday was one of the special nights as we spotted quite a number of public figures – Emran & Erra, Jacquelyn Victor, Syeikh Muzaffar & Halina, Datin Seri Normala Samsuddin & Datuk Seri Azmi Khalid, Datuk Seri Shahrizat, and the most honored guests of the night, Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Nur Zahirah as well as our Pak Lah. Didn’t take pictures with any of these public figures though..

Anyway, here's some pictures we snapped.. They are all un-edited, that's why some are a bit blurry and such.

Here's a reply to the question posted by 'P.Ramlee' at the end of the show -- Yes, you will be dearly and fondly remembered, forever.. as far as myself is concerned. Rest assured, others too. Thanks to Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina (who btw appeared at the end of the show with the other casts) and her production team for such an effort to come out with such a great show.



  1. ala...gamba tak edit...gelappppah!

  2. eleh. best sgt ke..?
    (ayat cemburu sbb xdpt tgk)

  3. si cantik,
    malas nak edit lahhhhh. takdok maso.

    apesal ko gune nick si cantik?

    (cemburu tandanya sayang..hahaha)

  4. i pon nak tgk jugak this saturday!!!tak sabar!!!

    u beli OST tu kat sana ye?berapa ye?

  5. kak zu,
    Enjoy the show!!! Nanti blog about it also k.

    a'h beli kat sane.. RM20.

  6. so envy and so happy!! thank you so much for getting the signatures and the CD..basket shud hav come out with the CD b4 the show..haha

  7. well at least now you have the CD with the signatures of the main casts, so happy for you too! =)

    eh i memang bought the CD before the show started you know...

  8. i knw i of the cd at my blog or u can go to

  9. :) glad you love it. it was phenomenal!

    might sound bias but I give my girl Atilia 10 thumbs up (mana aku dapat lagi 8 thumbs tu, beyond my own thought la kan).

    but Norizan was da bomb. the crew was superb. liza hanim, what a talent. and musly, uncanny resemblance!