Friday, 27 June 2008

The one with.. of some random updates.

I’ve been quite occupied of late. Amongst others being, you know, mourning over the poor wabbits..

Anyway, all in all, life is good. And for all you know, we’ve gone through half of 2008 already! sheeSh.

I have nothing much to tell anyway, nothing mega happened.. Everything was very much a routine sort. Been reading few blogs updating about the success rate of the Jubli Perak MRSM Terendak event that took place last weekend. I’m not going to deny this, yes, I felt a wee regret though for not attending it.. Especially after seeing the pictures of the teachers. And Concorde told me how proud was he to be informed by his friend that his name was mentioned or something during the opening speech and his pix was up in the Wall-of-Fame gallery or something, for being one of the successful ex-Terendakian students. Well Concorde, you certainly deserve such recognition.. :) [But what about me, what about meeeee? Am I not considered successful? :P]

Anyway, now words have been passed around that there’ll be Jubli Perak MRSM Taiping event pulak. Not sure whether am attending or not. I mean, I cherish my days in MRSM Terendak more than I do towards the days I’ve been through in MRSM Taiping.. And here I am, not attending the Terendak’s one. So I guess, naturally I’ll definitely feel SO guilty then if I were to attend the Taiping’s event when after all, I’ve 'ditched' the Terendak’s event.. Kan?

Talking about MRSM Taiping, I had a meet up with some of my schoolmates last Wednesday. Had dinner together at the food court in Pavillion, and definitely had a good time catching up. Finally, Muni’s pregnant belly is showing very obvious already! Hehehe.

L to R: Aja, myself, and Kerol

Apit (on the right) and his partner, I mean, friend. :P

Karim and Oya.

Muni & Famie.

All of the those mentioned earlier.

In view of the much awaited family trip to Indonesia this coming July =), Mama went to update her passport. She showed me her old passport, and my oh my, look what have I found:

Aren't we just so cute? :P One thing for sure, I was chubby in nature since I was.. born! I mean, just look at my face shape as compared to my 2 other sisters. iSk. Told you I can never get rid off this chubby cheek of mine.. ;( Anyway, the picture below is just to show how beautiful we've grown to be.. ceWah~! :P Matilah kan ayat perasan, tapi lantak lah. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!

OK lah. I better get going. I'm sure no one would want to stay back in office on a Friday night aite!

Till later~*

Selingan: I've had the chance to try this durian pancake yesterday at Mid-Valley. And I must say, it's damn durianlicious!!! =) This, definitely will go in to my food-to-crave-for list. *gRin*

Note: Pictures courtesy of Google. They have cempedak pancakes and mango pancakes too, of which I've not tried yet. Will do that soon! :) *dRooL*


  1. kawan-skola-rendah-kauJune 27, 2008 4:27 pm

    kah kah kah .. lawakk siut muke .. hahaha.

    nnt aku carik gamba darjah 6 n post kat sini. kita tgk sama ke x lg? & the chubby thing .. kah kah kah. (eh apsal gelak melampau nih?)

  2. cik farah yang-bukan-the-only-kawan-skolah-aku-ok!-bikin-aku-konpius-aje-tau!, :)

    lawak ko kate?? cuTe is the word tau.. ngeh3.

    oOOO ko main kasar. aku tunjuk gmbr ko mase skolah rendah kang, nak?? ade bran? :D

  3. cik lapar-nak-makan-marshmellow-nut-choco-ko-buatJune 29, 2008 10:56 pm

    yang pasti aku tetap kiut

  4. 1. enuf with the wabbit already, the weak always get eaten (ayat ganas konon)

    2. pegi la Taiping punyer tu, at least bleh meet up our old friends, kan... and yong tau foo and Doli =)

    3. Kiut!!!!! (matilah nnt Li@ kembang)

    4. Tried the durian pancake too!! sedap kan!!! tp mahal & durian byk kalori... =(

  5. cik adik kepada kakak-yang-bagus-and-rajin-betul-buat-coklat-yang-sedap-di-hari-ahad,

    Nak puji diri sendiri kiut bukak blog sendiri lah weyhhh~~ =)


    1. gosh, i'd never thought u are that ganas!!! (0_o) heh.

    2. oy@ pegi ke???

    3. hahaha, tenkiu tenkiu. i know u mean it.

    4. sedap gile!! my diet gone down the drain of late. i blame it on the dearest 'monthly friend'! huhu.