Sunday, 29 June 2008

The one with... is it a good thing or a bad thing to us, i wonder?

Do you know that effective this July, the good old 20 days interest-free period provided by the bank to the credit card holders will only applicable to those who makes full payment before the due date? Those with carry-forward balance, i.e. do not pay on time will be charged with the interest the day the new purchase is made.

In short, the interest-free period is provided only to those who pays in full, and most importantly, by the end of the month. AND. The new late payment interest charge now will be imposed on the total outstanding amount, not on the minimum monthly payment anymore.. (!!!)

Hmm... I do not know how to discuss this further [more like malas sebenarnye. heh. lu pikir lah sendiri! (in the words of Nabil.. :P)]. But you can google for "credit card no more 20 days interest free" or something to that effect, to find out more.

Here's the statement made in the Maybank2u website for that matter.

OK lah. I want to go get settled down. Had a good R&R over the weekend, will update more on that sometime later.

Till then~*

Monday blues, here I come.


  1. sedey la macam nie..nak hidup pung susah,,,,,

  2. i lagi laaaa... cemane nk planning untuk beli barang hantarannnnn... iSk.

  3. wah..nak beli barang hantaran dah...bestnyer..can't wait dear!!

    I am so happy for you.

    Lia, do not fret, bonus end of this month. Guna la that money and wait for sales in Dec (especially for perfumes). Kalo make up and perfumes, I raser the best place is KLIA's satelite - banyak choice.

  4. frh-cik-xde-kedit-kadJuly 04, 2008 4:09 pm

    owh nasib baik aku xde kedit kad. paw kedit kad teman lelaki sudaaaaaa

  5. Zie,

    hehehe belum beli lagi lah. setakat membeli dlm angan2 jer :P

    thanks for the suggestion. tapi tu lah kan.. bonus tuh.. hmm nk gune untuk bende2 lain jugak. siGh.


    hahahaha ko memang. hampagas betul. i pity hafdzuan.. ewahhh~~!