Sunday, 29 June 2008

The one with... is it a good thing or a bad thing to us, i wonder?

Do you know that effective this July, the good old 20 days interest-free period provided by the bank to the credit card holders will only applicable to those who makes full payment before the due date? Those with carry-forward balance, i.e. do not pay on time will be charged with the interest the day the new purchase is made.

In short, the interest-free period is provided only to those who pays in full, and most importantly, by the end of the month. AND. The new late payment interest charge now will be imposed on the total outstanding amount, not on the minimum monthly payment anymore.. (!!!)

Hmm... I do not know how to discuss this further [more like malas sebenarnye. heh. lu pikir lah sendiri! (in the words of Nabil.. :P)]. But you can google for "credit card no more 20 days interest free" or something to that effect, to find out more.

Here's the statement made in the Maybank2u website for that matter.

OK lah. I want to go get settled down. Had a good R&R over the weekend, will update more on that sometime later.

Till then~*

Monday blues, here I come.

Friday, 27 June 2008

The one with.. of some random updates.

I’ve been quite occupied of late. Amongst others being, you know, mourning over the poor wabbits..

Anyway, all in all, life is good. And for all you know, we’ve gone through half of 2008 already! sheeSh.

I have nothing much to tell anyway, nothing mega happened.. Everything was very much a routine sort. Been reading few blogs updating about the success rate of the Jubli Perak MRSM Terendak event that took place last weekend. I’m not going to deny this, yes, I felt a wee regret though for not attending it.. Especially after seeing the pictures of the teachers. And Concorde told me how proud was he to be informed by his friend that his name was mentioned or something during the opening speech and his pix was up in the Wall-of-Fame gallery or something, for being one of the successful ex-Terendakian students. Well Concorde, you certainly deserve such recognition.. :) [But what about me, what about meeeee? Am I not considered successful? :P]

Anyway, now words have been passed around that there’ll be Jubli Perak MRSM Taiping event pulak. Not sure whether am attending or not. I mean, I cherish my days in MRSM Terendak more than I do towards the days I’ve been through in MRSM Taiping.. And here I am, not attending the Terendak’s one. So I guess, naturally I’ll definitely feel SO guilty then if I were to attend the Taiping’s event when after all, I’ve 'ditched' the Terendak’s event.. Kan?

Talking about MRSM Taiping, I had a meet up with some of my schoolmates last Wednesday. Had dinner together at the food court in Pavillion, and definitely had a good time catching up. Finally, Muni’s pregnant belly is showing very obvious already! Hehehe.

L to R: Aja, myself, and Kerol

Apit (on the right) and his partner, I mean, friend. :P

Karim and Oya.

Muni & Famie.

All of the those mentioned earlier.

In view of the much awaited family trip to Indonesia this coming July =), Mama went to update her passport. She showed me her old passport, and my oh my, look what have I found:

Aren't we just so cute? :P One thing for sure, I was chubby in nature since I was.. born! I mean, just look at my face shape as compared to my 2 other sisters. iSk. Told you I can never get rid off this chubby cheek of mine.. ;( Anyway, the picture below is just to show how beautiful we've grown to be.. ceWah~! :P Matilah kan ayat perasan, tapi lantak lah. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!

OK lah. I better get going. I'm sure no one would want to stay back in office on a Friday night aite!

Till later~*

Selingan: I've had the chance to try this durian pancake yesterday at Mid-Valley. And I must say, it's damn durianlicious!!! =) This, definitely will go in to my food-to-crave-for list. *gRin*

Note: Pictures courtesy of Google. They have cempedak pancakes and mango pancakes too, of which I've not tried yet. Will do that soon! :) *dRooL*

Thursday, 19 June 2008

The one with... wabbits.

I'm not really a ‘pet person’, i.e. I’m all neutral when it comes to cats, puppies, fishes, birds and the list of pets go on…

Not until yesterday.

Well like I’ve mentioned previously, the Astro decoder at home went kaput during the weekend.. Sent it for repairs on Sunday, and who knows its taking a bloody 2-3 days.. Anyway, to cut the long grandfather grandmother story short, Mama is going to pick it up today -- YeaY~! =)

OK back to the main track -- me and pets.

Yesterday after finished with taking my bath and did the ironing, I went to join Mama lazing around in front of the idiot box. With nothing much to watch on TVs, the best available program then (it was about 11pm already) was this documentary on TV1. A program called Agrotek. Heh. God knows when was the last time I ever tuned in to TV1.. :P

So.. The documentary was about rabbits.. My, I’ve never thought rabbits can be SOOOO CUTE!!! Geram sangat tengok the different families of rabbits. Especially yang gebu2.. So adorable!! And their movements also, SUPER CUTE..

The documentary explained la about the different types of rabbits, how to breed them, how to feed them, yadda yadda yadda.. You know, all those informative facts about rabbits..

Then they told us the viewers, there’s this one place called Rabbit Fun Land in Semenyih. Hmm.. The first and last time I’ve been to a rabbit farm was the one in Bukit Tinggi when I went there with Kerol, itupun I scared didn’t know how to deal with those furry rabbits, albeit them being so cute and adorable.

After showing how’s the place like, the commentator then said in that very monotonous tone of hers (ye la kan, dah kate documentary, takkan nak excited2 hooha hooha pulak kan…),

“Setelah letih berjalan melihat arnab2 di sini, anda juga boleh berhenti singgah di sebuah restoran untuk menjamu selera. Restoran ini terletak dalam kawasan Rabbit Fun Land juga. Antara makanan2 yang enak di sini ialah….” -- with the camera focusing on few plates of dishes..

“….Spagetti arnab, ….sosej arnab, ….satey arnab, …..” etc. etc. etc.

UWAAAAAAA how can they do thattttt??? I mean, after telling us how cute they are and all, now you tell me I can eat them too?????! Can't they like having a separate documentary on that?? DUH!!!

Such a turn-off! *iSk*

Don’t tell me those people who went to the farm, after taking a tour around playing with the rabbits, can have the appetite to eat them still? That'd be very mean aite??? :(

Anyway, the documentary didn't stop just there. After displaying the dishes, the program then took us to the factory to show how the rabbits' meat are halal by explaining the process of slaughtering them....

NGAAAAAA I wanna puke already just by typing this. I shall stop now..

Such a poor wabbits... =(

OK lah. Need to go back to work. Been quite busy these days.

Till later k~*

Sunday, 15 June 2008

The one with... what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.. (?)

It's weekend, BUT...

Astro rosak.

Streamyx rosak.

There's nothing nice to watch on the normal TV.

And connection via TM Net dial-up sucks big time.

*big siGh with a capital S*


Thursday, 12 June 2008

The one with.. P.Ramlee The Musical - Season 2.

Alongside the Disney cartoons, my sisters and I grew up with P.Ramlee movies too.. We’ve been such a fan, even up until now we still find ourselves enjoying his movies.. It was such a shame that I missed the 1st Season of the P.Ramlee the Musical. However am glad that I didn’t miss the 2nd Season for it was one heck of an amazing performance! Kudos to everyone who is involved in making the show a HUGE success.. =) CONGRATS!!!! I love the show so much, more than words can ever describe it..

I left the fully and remarkably equipped with state-of-art set theatre room of Istana Budaya with mixed feelings -- happy for sure, but more important, I felt that I was able to appreciate and adore the late P.Ramlee in ways like never before.. Feeling a bit regret (and wee guilty to some extent!) too, as it came to my thought, how come I’ve became an ardent fan of his without actually taking the extra effort to really take interest on his career footsteps and personal life during his days.. I remember visiting P.Ramlee Memorial though when I was a kid, but that just was it.. I don’t remember gaining any extra knowledge about him.. siGh. Throughout the show, I found myself occasionally whispering to my mom asking facts about P.Ramlee to confirm what was played on the stage.. Surprisingly, the show really brought us to follow in the footsteps of the late, great P. Ramlee, in a musical that traces his early days in Pulau Pinang, right up to his heydays in Jalan Ampas.. Again and again, two thumbs up!! Musly Ramlee rocks!! True enough as claimed during the show, there'll be no other P.Ramlee, but somehow Musly Ramlee resembles a lot like the late P.Ramlee.. Especially the voice, my, it was surreal...!

And, thanks to Joe, who earlier on has asked me for a favour to buy the OST CD of P.Ramlee the Musical -- it was because of the OST CD in my hand I was let in by the guards to join in the queue to get the autograph of the main casts!! =)

So yeah I had a great time yesterday night.. Went there with Mama, Kerol, Erin and her bf Faiz.. The show started at 8.30pm and ended at 12 midnight with a 20minutes intermission. And I guess yesterday was one of the special nights as we spotted quite a number of public figures – Emran & Erra, Jacquelyn Victor, Syeikh Muzaffar & Halina, Datin Seri Normala Samsuddin & Datuk Seri Azmi Khalid, Datuk Seri Shahrizat, and the most honored guests of the night, Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Nur Zahirah as well as our Pak Lah. Didn’t take pictures with any of these public figures though..

Anyway, here's some pictures we snapped.. They are all un-edited, that's why some are a bit blurry and such.

Here's a reply to the question posted by 'P.Ramlee' at the end of the show -- Yes, you will be dearly and fondly remembered, forever.. as far as myself is concerned. Rest assured, others too. Thanks to Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina (who btw appeared at the end of the show with the other casts) and her production team for such an effort to come out with such a great show.


Sunday, 8 June 2008

The one with.. the TAGs.

Allow me to quote my friend Niesa,

The things we do to keep our blogs alive.
I mean, seriously? Does anyone read tags?
(I actually do - Esp the ones on Friendster's bulletin board. I have no idea why. Lets just call it a hobby.)

Well Niesa, what do you know.. great minds think alike! :) Except that I don't read those on Friendster's bulletin board -- purely because I can't get access to Friendster via office network. Dang.


Been tagged by Dalie, by Niesa, and recently by Ziez.

So here goes.

TAG #1

1. Unlimited ka-ching in my bank account.. \($_$)/
2. A house.. Fully furnished, that is.
3. A better car.. Anything from Honda will do.
4. A better handphone. The one from HTC maybe?
5. A super hardworking, multi-talented, obedient and loyal personal assistant..

1. Do I need to state the obvious?
2. I mean, seriously?
3. Fine, I'll just mention it anyway ok? My current (national) car is 3 yrs old already.
4. My current handphone is kinda outdated already.
5. So that she can assist me with the 24/7 tasks, as I wish.

Both Dalie & Niesa.


1. Cute.
2. Smart.
3. Funny.
4. Bubbly.
5. Good with writings. Just read her blog and you'll just have to agree with me.

1. Slim. I'm so envy!
2. Soft spoken.. :)
3. Smart. Seriously both Niesa and Dalie are like super smart. They don't have to be a geeky to score in exams.
4. Niesa, I'm so sorry, but I still think you look like Wana, who, by the way to me, still resembles Lock.. :D
5. A hardworking doctor.

Tolong google kan gambar artichoke and put it up in her blog.. ;)

Went through together with me those stuff we had to do back then in school when we were in this bureau named SEBAM (Sebaran Am) under this joker Munir. Heh, those were the days.

Internet. For the obvious reasons.

At this moment, all I can think of is -- I despise the weekend being only 2 days. I wish for it to be 3 days.

No one.

TAG #2

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog -- Can I skip this?
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs -- I'd like to opt to skip this part too, thank you very much.

Hmm so, 7 random facts about me eyh?

Fact 1 - I don't like to drink.
I grew up not liking to take plain water, instead I prefer carbonated drinks especially the point of becoming addictive. That, went on until when I was in Uni. OK this needs a little bit of background info. (God knows why I'm like so rajin now to type). Anyways. When I was in Uni, my bestfriend then was this girl named Nana. Among all other things, we had one thing in common -- we liked food. So for our heights, we were kinda... big... each respectively. I don't have a scanner, but like I said, my mojo is like so ON now, so here's a snap of some pictures of us back then. (Please excuse the imprecise clarity of those pix and hey, no laughie laughie ok?! :P)

So, yeah... We were so chubby and plump and.. err.. and such.. :P Until when we were in our final year in 2003, Nana's dad 'offered' a cash reward should she able to shed off some kilos. Can't remember the exact figures but it was VERY tempting enough -- five digits babeyh! Well, Nana took up the challenge, and naturally I was influenced by Nana's new change of lifestyle. Not that I'll be rewarded too, but that sort of brought in some positive effect on me. I followed her DOs and DON'Ts when it comes to food, and every evening after classes we'd go to the lake garden in Shah Alam for a round or two of walking. And one of the DONTs is, we cannot take sweet drinks. All it needs was more and more plain water. SO. Since I was already dislike plain water (because it makes me feel bloated, hence putting it off to my desire to eat -- which I enjoy so much)... AND I had to cut down my intake on sweet drinks.. The verdict -- I was basically ruling out drinking from my daily life! Yes, as awkward as it may sounds, I don't like to drink. And it got carried on until now. You know when I was hospitalised sometime early this year, if there's one good part about it, it'd be on the drip thingy they've put me on. I was basically supplied with enough water, without me having to drink it! :P Huhu. I know it's bad. But I'm improving with each passing days. Anyhow deep down inside me, I still wish that one day there'll be someone who is so genius enough to be able to invent a pill or capsule that can substitutes plain water. You know, a pill equivalent to 8 glasses of water. That'll be very much brilliant, and useful isn't it? ;)

Oh anyway, here's the results after the diet plan.. Nana managed to get rid off almost more than 30kgs (if i'm not mistaken), and I shed off almost 17kgs.. I myself couldn't believed how I did it. But hey, Nana didn't do any crash diet or something. She went through a proper consultation. That, indirectly means, so did I.. =)

The first two pictures were taken during our Uni days, and the last one was taken at end of 2007 during a friend's wedding. I don't have any 2008 pictures with Nana.. Well, hmm.. I've put on a bit of weight as compared to those days after I lost that 17kgs.. But ok lah tu kan? I mean, I look just nice... right? (Oh please just say yes!!) One thing for sure, I can't get rid off my chubby face, it's in the genes!! siGh. Anyway Nana so far has been able to maintain hers.. =)

Fact 2 - I LOVE donuts.
Yeap, to the point of working at the donuts outlet during my semester break.. ;)

That's why, I hate it so much if people tend to pass a remark saying that I go and buy JCo's or Big Apple's for the hype of it. Coz I don't. I simply am in love with donuts. Though not as obsess as I used to.

Fact 3 - I love bracelets.
Funny, I love bracelets but so far none of my collection I bought myself. They are all gifts from those thoughtful people who knows how much I love bracelets.. :) See, tak susah pun nak make me happy.. *hint*hint* :P I just cannot leave the house without having my watch on my left wrist, and a matching bracelet to the outfit on my right wrist.

The above top pic is my collection so far, and the below is the latest I got. Kerol bought 3 beautiful bracelets for me from Krabi.. NiCe!! =)

Fact 4 - I'm the eldest out of 4.
.. and not to brag, but I love all of my siblings' names.
- Lili@ Edlin@,
- Lindzi@ @zreen,
- Lian@ @zlyn, and
- Kh@ir0ul @zzim.

Thanks to my Mama. Else, my name will be Siti T@njung Perak. Seriously, no kidding -- dad wanted to give me that name. Just because his name is short (i.e. @zmi) and thus he wanted a longer name for his children.. *roll eyes* Heh.

Fact 5 - I love blue colours. Isn't that obvious already? =) Oh, of course, except Monday blues. SheeSh.

Fact 6 - I just don't understand the idea of eating nasi lemak at night.
.. and nasi lemak in the morning can last me till the night. Like today, I went for breakfast with Kerol and we had nasi lemak.. And I'm still full until now.

Fact 7 - I LOVE to watch movies and TV series.
I watched Kungfu Panda with my family yesterday night and it was awesome!!

And just now I managed to catch Chestnut on Astro Channel 711 and that Abigail kid was SO cute and talented! Point is, watching TVs at home and movies at cinema is such of my great escape. I can stay glued infront of TV for hours! There's an exception though -- no horror movies for me please..

OK lah.. I'm done here. I SO need to go to sleep now. Am feeling a bit tired now from my outing with Mama, been accompanying her to Carrefourre Wangsa Maju & Tesco Ampang.. School holiday is over so I wonder how the traffic's like for tomorrow.

Heck. It's pretty much predictable isn't it? siGh.

Nite2, till later~*

Sunday, 1 June 2008

The one with.. jom heboh 2008 =)

Jom Jom Jom Jom... Jom heboh heboh~* Hehehe.

Malas nak type banyak, just got home and settled down -- feeling a bit tired now. Especially with the thought that tomorrow is Monday.. *siGh* I wish for a longer weekend! (Who doesn't?)

So alritey, just enjoy the pictures la k!

True enough, staying at home and watching it on telly is far better. But still I beg to differ -- it's the time spent with the company that really matters.. =)

Nitey nite peeps.