Friday, 30 May 2008

The one with.. yet another (stoopid) spoof movie.

Despite the obvious known outcome every single time, I don't know why I still opt to watch this kind of movie. Huhu~*

Guess all Kerol and I were looking for was a light yet entertaining flick. All I can say, well, it's kinda funny.. but stupid. Could have done it better I must say. I mean come on, there are freaking a lot of other superheroes to make fun of, it'd be more interesting I'm sure if they really expand the selection to form part of this movie. Hmmm.. looks like Scary Movie 1 will forever be my all-time favourite as far as spoof movie is concerned.

I just got back from JB and now home alone. Mama, Erin & Ajim went to KLCC to watch Indiana Jones. I shall wait for them to come back to know the verdict, apparently I'm under the impression that it's not worth watching.

Alritey. Am so tired from the day-trip journey. Till later~!


  1. at least Indiana Jones is better than superhero .. haha .. nasib baik i xtgk superhero ..

  2. apo ni i u i u.. geli laa.. :D

    anyway yeah my mom said indiana jones was nice -- that, perhaps, she's watched all the indy series.

    superhero best untuk buat gelak2 la.. not that bad, cume.. not up to expectation i suppose.

  3. a ah la superhero sucks!aku hampir nak kuar je dari cinema..tapi layan saje!...indiana jones sangat best! weee

  4. lia...indiana jones amat boring. I slept half through.

    Not worth watching. Amat jauh la nak dibandingkan dengan iron man and speed racer.

    Superhero nie, memang citer flick kelakar sajer.

  5. oh ye ke.. maybe sebab u penat kot.. sbb so far, rata2 cakap quite interesting :)

    anyway i pelik la nape ppl tend to compare with iron man eh? coz they are totally of a diff genre what... pelik sedikit di situh, hmmm.

    a'ah superhero tuh spoof movie bengong2.. tapi bengong yang tak best sangat, tak up to expectation... =)