Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The one with.. the true confession of an (ex) addict..

I’ve been away from office for the past 2 days attending training at Sheraton Imperial.. This seems weird, but I’ve never thought that I'd really enjoyed training so much the way I felt this time around.. *wiNk*

Oh well, all I could think of that may be due to these few reasons:

- Its school holiday, the traffic’s pretty much clear (I still can’t understand the good awe school holiday brings to the traffic in KL every.single.time, but hey hold your horses I ain’t complaining here okey) and Sheraton is very much nearer to my house as compared to the office in KL Sentral. Training starts at 8.30am, I can make my move at 8.15am. Training ends at 5.30pm, I can reach home by 6.00pm. Perfect isn’t it, I just love it!
- Unlike the old office where training rooms are within the same office building, the new off-site training rooms enable us the staff to really sit in the training session without having to worry about having to make a quick appearance back at work during the break or after end of training session to do those little2 things like ‘quickly’ sending emails to clients la, having a ‘quick discussion’ with the boss la, ‘quickly’ returning clients’ calls la, so on and so forth; which eventually will be prolonged much to your dismay.
- Well the topic of discussion this time around is rather technically interesting -- it’s on GST (Goods and Services Tax). Fair enough, it won’t be that topic of interest for the non-accounting people (as of now - Yes? No?). Hmm, I found the training was a heads up, albeit the draggy parts at some points here and there throughout the 2 days session -- like any other training.

Anyway, no no no, am not addicted to training of course you silly..

Well, errr this is rather shallow and embarrassing. But heck, as the title says so.. Here’s my confession.

Like I’ve mentioned in the previous post, I was down with fever due to tonsillitis.. (I'm all fine now, btw! =)) It happened on Friday, the day where everyone’s looking forward to -- I was no exception. However, I got the whole package -- both sore throat and flu. So when the doctor was about to prescribe me with the necessary medicines, the typical question was posted to me, “The flu tablets, you want the sleepy one or not?” Whether it was during my study days or my working days, my typical answer would of course be, “No it’s ok. I’m attending classes / working, can’t afford to take the sleepy type”. But last Friday I did the eccentric request. Thinking it was weekend, I asked for the sleepy type.

I’m sure by now you’d have already guessed it right.

Yes, I was (unconciously) addicted to the flu tablet -- until I brought it (the topic) to the table to my colleagues during the training! Huhu.

Mana laa nak tau kan. All I knew, I secretly ENJOYED it so much the aftermath, i.e. the drowsiness. I remember feeling so happy thinking I’d be dozing-off within minutes after I took the tablet (no, it's not mind over matter, I really felt drowsy not long after I took the tablet) and the next thing I knew, its morning already! I also remember being so excited waking up the next day feeling so refreshed, having the best sleep, quality night’s rest ever.

So since Friday, I’d be looking forward to taking the flu table at nights in anticipation to have that kind of sleep again. I’m very much a night-owls type of person; I get SO energetic at night even my body is tired -- so being able to slow down and put myself at ease and sleep so soundly is like… heaven! (Told you, what a shallow. Heh.) But hey, don't get me wrong, I'm NOT suffering from insomnia ok. I can sleep if I want to. It just that I'd prefer not to sleep early.. :)

But that's not happening anymore now I know that sleepy type of flu tablets are akin to sleeping pills. The most important thing I was made aware about sleeping pills is that they cannot be used in order to develop a regular sleeping pattern; they merely act as sleep inducers, and nothing more. Every dose taken exposes one to the risk of aggravating the sleeping problems OR leads to addiction -- I was pretty much looked like the latter, though not severe, that's rest assured. I mean, come on, it has been only 5 days, how can it be serious. Plus, that was purely an action out of innocence la ok.


I’m all clean now, though I tell you, I had such a hard time to sleep yesterday night! *iSk* Been tossing and turning, feeling so restless, and I even had the thought of going down to the kitchen to get the flu tablet. NO, I did not do that. I slept at about 3 in the morning.. finally. Which is good, I think I'll get sleepy early tonight -- that'll be very much of a help.

Heh. What was I thinking eyh?

OK lah, I’d better get going now. I’m actually at Starbucks in GE Mall now enjoying my 'me time'. Having iced vanilla latte and cinnamon roll while surfing the net -- NiCE. Came here earlier after the training ends to buy some toiletries from the Watsons. Ironically, the BF is not here (his office’s in GE Mall) -- anyhow it’s not new; he’s on outstation trip..yet again. *yaWn* :P

It’s gonna be hectic in office tomorrow, pretty much expected after the 2 days absence. And I’ll be in JB on Friday for a day trip meeting with client (it's time for the GF to go for outstation trip I reckon.. Hehehe).

So, till I write again on the weekend (hopefully), Ciao~*


  1. wahlau..3am? i wouldnt wake up even if i had to if it was a working day..haha been training myself to sleep by 11.30pm haha..

    u knw..if theres 1 thing better in starbucks, its the internet..bcoz CB couldnt get me online long enough to blog!..but i prefer coffee bean outside seating was good after a long day of training wasnt?

  2. well luckily it wasnt a working day! 11.30pm? such a vain! :D

    so u went CB after the training or not?

    yeah good time indeed... :)

  3. vain indeed..i feel horrible after sleepin @ 12.30 hahaha..

    of course i went..enjoyed the cool breeze and the non-existent internet..