Tuesday, 20 May 2008

The one with... a question needing an answer.

Quick question peeps.

How to not to link my name to my blog?

I mean, how to make sure that whenever people type my full name in any of the search engine website, they won't see my blog's URL link as one of the results?

I've tried via G00gle and M$N, it was clear. But how come when I did it via Yah00, the first result shown was my blog's URL link??!

Am sure I've changed everything relevant to my name in this blog -- the account's name & the published name -- to make sure none of them are showing my full name. Even the alphabet 'A' in my name I've changed it to '@'. And mind you my URL link is not showing my full name either, it's edlin@li@.blogspot, not lili@edlin@.

So how now brown cow?

Help. Helppppppppp.


  1. lia darling,

    try kat Setting - Basic - Let Search Engine Find Your Blog? - select 'NO' and try searching your name again, k?

    abot dah try guna Google, dulu blog abot kuar yang first tapi skang kuar kat page 3 ker 4 cenggitu ah..

  2. abbotttooo!!!

    thanks!!! :)

    bukan ape, risau kot2 current employer, or maybe, future employer ke, jumpe.. (terpengaruh fr articles in CLeO.. heh).

  3. eh sudah tak ada in yahoo..but got u in SOME TM CLUB website..

  4. joe,

    yeah, now no more... TM Club is ok, it's showing something good abt me -- that, i don't mind.. ;)

    but i found a link to my FB from either yahoo or MSN -- can't remember, anyway that was taken care off already.