Sunday, 4 May 2008

The one with... of some random thoughts of mine.

I had a great weekend with the girlfriends - met with Farah on Saturday and hanging out with Tina & Dayana on Sunday.. But now the ending is kinda a bit dissapointing, am in office stressing out with work..! *siGh*

Anyway, am off to home now.. Maybe gonna have dinner with Mama or something.

As the title says it all, here's that few (insignificant) random thoughts of mine:

1. My favourite song currently - Finally by Fergie.. Such a nice song!

2. I'm wishing that I get to ride that 'Teksi Tunai' and win bucks.. I REALLY hope for it, seriously! *gRin*

3. I can't wait to meet Kerol, he's back tomorrow... Yeayieee.

4. I don't understand why I am tested with such a 'challenging' juniors.. Like, ALL THE TIME. Bummer.

5. I bought 2 pairs of cute wedges today, talking about guilty pleasure eyh? :)

6. My doubt on 'is getting engaged a right thing to do?' remains unanswered...

OK lah.. I'm sick of office already, I'd better make my move now..

Till later~*


  1. lia..
    getting engaged is a right thing to me.. :)

  2. tapiii.. orang kate, dugaan mase bertunang, sangat banyak... takuttttt.. huhu..

  3. lia, if both of u can afford to kawin terus, better kawin terus..benda baik buat aper lengah2kan..betul tak?

  4. haha just get married la..

    which junior is giving you a problem?? all look so dungu saja..

  5. Adah & Joe,
    Do you know why I'm contemplating on this engagement thing? Because apart from the 'challenging' aspects of it, I dig to the fact that it actually helps to 'prepare' us the taste of being committed. Anyway, we shall see. When time comes, it comes. Because so far, the Parents are not involved yet. SO am sure they have some say about this too.

    Ouch! Becareful with your words la weyhh, you'll never know who on earth read my blog. The juniors from my dept. could be too! Huhu.