Monday, 19 May 2008

The one with... Monday Blues, eh I mean, Treats.. :)

I started the day quite early. Took my shower at about 10am, and together with my sis Erin we made our move to Jalan Sultan Ismail as Mama was there waiting for us in front of the Sheraton Imperial. She had her ‘mengaji’ class today somewhere in that area and her class finished at about 10.45am. Picked her up and headed straight to MidValley for a late breakfast, or on the flipside -- an early lunch.

Without much deliberation, we went to the Rumah Lempeng Paddington…yup, again. *gRin* Had a great time enjoying our delicious food and chit-chatting. After that we did what girls do best -- shopping!! Managed to grab few items of my liking, and I LOVE the aftermath feelings. I felt GOOD GREAT! :D Well, a wee bit guilty though.. ;P Heck, Guilty Pleasure is the exact word babeyh!! Whatever it is, in a nutshell, I had one heck of a great outing with both Mama and Erin.. Yippieyeayeyyy \(^_^)/

Mama's - Menu #323

Erin's - Menu #303

Mine - Menu# 404 (Yummy!)

Went back home at about 3.30pm, feeling tired yet happy, I got myself refreshed for the next outing -- meeting up with my childhood girlfriends! I was so excited -- well I’ve met Farah quite frequent of late.. So the highlight of the outing was more on both Farah and I being so looking forward to meeting up with Illyani and her son. (Yeap, she’s married with one kid now.. No, no pressure at all, of course..) We happened to be in touch with her back again sometime early this year through Facebook, very much thanks ;) Both Farah & I, we’ve tried to gather other girls as well, but seems like they were not really keen. Oh well, some other times perhaps.

Anyhow, Farah picked me up at about 5pm, with my sis Erin tagging along -- off we went to the GE Mall. Waited at the Starbucks, Yani arrived with her cute lil Irfan not long after that. Boy we sure did have a great time catching up!! =)

Bidding Goodbyes, to the many more Hellos to come!!

Farah sent Yani first to her grandma's house in Keramat AU2, before sending me back home at Keramat AU1. Looking at the timing, Farah decided to make a stop at my house for her Asar and Maghrib prayers before she made her move back to her rented house in Serdang. My parents were not at home, so the timing couldn't be more perfect.. Heh. Well, in the sense we got to conquer the whole house la.. The three of us -- my sis Erin, Farah and myself had a good time laughing at the old photos and old letters... Hahaha.. Looking back, those stuff were so childish and UNcool... :D They are like the laughing stocks now, heh. SiGh, those were the days hah... 8)

My Monday Treats (instead of Blues) was nicely ended with both Farah and I having dinner at Restaurant R&K near my house..

Having typed the entry above, you'd (probably) have noticed that I didn't get to do my work as I've mentioned in my previous post. So yeap, Tuesday I come !! Huhu~~~

OK lah.. Nitey nites. Till later yah~!


  1. Woohoo..have been to rumah lempeng paddington jugak..pegi tu dengan BIG intention utk makan lempeng tapi end-up makan benda lain..i mean menu yg heavy2 ala2 chicken, beef and bla bla bla...

    tengok menu dia yg sgt macam2, mata sudah rambangg ..btul tak??lenkali nak makan lempeng dia yang tingkat2 tu.hihihi =P

  2. lia,

    that marshmallow drink looked yummy! I wanttttttttttt.. hehehe.. this weekend free ke? lepak jom!! sat night ke.. :)

  3. Ms. Pae,

    Hehehe.. itu lah pasal.. but all the menus have lempeng in it aite? So the intention was still fulfilled i suppose, cuma, not in the norm as far as lempeng is involved. heh.

    Ms. Tina~Naj (amboi, namaaa... hehehe),

    It sure did taste yummy too! :) this weekend, buleh buleh.. eh but sat night i have plans already la... so either sat siang or sunday.. raincheck?

  4. sunday morning la nakkk.. macam best je..jom la..i nk makan pancakes jugakkk... :)

  5. cashew nut pls

  6. Ms. Tina~Naj,
    sounds ok to me.. kite calling2 k nanti for the planning? ;)

    Ms. Mak Anon,
    sebok lah kau~~! dah tau kurang cashew nut sbb muchie, pergi lah carik anak ayam.. cheap cheap cheap.


  7. gamba2 sungguh cantik skali .. hehe ..

    yani dah ada baby .. ahh .. masih xpercaya ..

  8. wey baru aku perasan. apsal xletak gamba dr depan?!! smua gamba back view. xsesueiiiii

  9. yani dah ade baby...ekau tu bilo lagi cik farah...? (farah..."i am Johor Girl yo!")

    misteri kad yang hilang masih menjadi misteri....

  10. Ms. Farah,

    Of coz gambar cantik, dah orang2 yang posing sume pun sungguh cantik.. ;)

    ko tuh dah nak kawen lagi awal dari aku, sampai skang aku tak percaye tau.. huhu.

    anyway, yeap.. macam tak sangka yani dh ade baby.. cute sangat baby dia!! lepas2 ni next gathering ko pulak bawak baby ko.. :D

    gambar dari depan sume gegar2, tak cantik untuk tatapan umum. heh.

    Ms. LizZy LeZzy, (name apekah ini??)

    kitorang ni dah ade blog, ko tuh bile lagi cik muchie@cik lizzy lezzy@cik adikku Erin??? :)

    hahaha itu lah.. nanti kerol dah pass kamera kat aku, aku nak tangkap lah gmbr surat2 farah, letak kat sini.. hahaha..

  11. hahaha ..
    aku blk2 tgk kat camera aku ada gamba 'now im a johor girl' .. mcm chilake .. hahaha
    jgn erin. aku sentuh pipi kau laju2 kang .. jgn menjatuhkan krealibiliti aku .. hahaha

    aah lupe. kad hilang. jgn biarkan diri anda diselubungi misteri. lia suruh kerol berhati2 sbb tmpt keje dia sgt laa "misteri".......