Sunday, 18 May 2008

The one with... the long weekend..

Who knows, weekend can be VERY long.. siGh.


OK OK OK, I shouldn't be complaining. That's not very grateful of me aite. So scratch the word 'siGh' already. 'yeaY' should be more realistic eyh?

So I shall start it from the beginning all over again. Here goes.

Who knows, weekend can be VERY long.. yeaY!!

(Ok truth is, am kinda bored having a long weekend without the normal hanging-out-with-bf/friends plans.. You get me now? Rite.)

Friday – Terendak friends.
On Friday, I met two of my girlfriends after work -- each one at a different time, different place. Texted Abby at about 5.30pm for a drink -- I was in need of an escape-from-the-annoying-SM plan. (If only Oya was still around.. Huhu). Anyway, thank God Abby was free and kind enough to give me a company.. :) We had a good chat over iced-blended peach and coke at the Killiney’s in Sooka Sentral -- I was practically b*tching about work throughout whereas Abby gave me an update about the all-girls trip plan to Samui this coming November.. Can't wait!!

Thereafter, I returned back to work, finished up the necessary and made my move to MidValley to sort of celebrate the Teacher’s Day with Ms. Dayana.. Hehehe.. We had dinner at Paddington House of Pancakes and had a great time catching up. Finally, I got to satisfy my PMS lust cravings for ice-creams and sugary-type of food.. Nice~* AND, it didn’t stop just there, we then joined in the long queue at the Big Apples Donuts.. A heck of a sinful night, gosh!!!! I must redeem myself, or so I promised..yet again. Damn it. Shouldn't have followed the eating style of the-high-metabolic-rate Dayana. She's like so slim despite her big appetite. I SO need my will power back again when it comes to food :(

Saturday – Taiping friends.
On Saturday, as promised, I woke up at about 10am to go and pick up Kunut at her house. We’ve agreed together with Narqes and Iema to give Ida a visit –- she just gave birth to a beautiful newborn baby girl Dalia on 11 May 2008. Just nice, she made herself ‘qualified’ for a Mother’s Day celebration this year eyh? =) Reached her house in Melawati at about 12.30 noon and made our move back only at about 3.30pm! That’s pretty LONG enough to listen to her new experience and exchanged stories about the related topics -- so overwhelming to me, like totally!! Ngile, ngilu… Hahaha. 4 bio students against me, enough said alright. Iema had to go to Bangi, so only Kunut, Narqes and myself were left for the next activity. Having no specific plan, we headed to Pavillion. Were there until 7.30pm and off we went home.

Sunday – time with family.
Was contemplating to attend Farina’s wedding in Ipoh but has promised Mama earlier to accompany her for a wedding here in KL -- only to find out she has messed up with the date. Ceh!!! Anyhow, I woke up early for a facial. Went there with my sis Erin and her friend. But I didn’t get to have a ‘peaceful’ session today -- the person in charged of my facial was a bit careless, not only once, but twice… Hate it! I was back at home at about 2pm, had lunch, and did nothing but laze around in front of the idiot box with Mama. So idiot until there’s nothing interesting to watch -- I was fast asleep within minutes, only to find myself waking up at 8pm… Arghh bencinye tidur waktu Maghrib!! Bila bangun tuh rase ting-tong semacam jer damn it.. Padahal dah agreed with Mama to go for a ‘walking’ session at Titiwangsa, who knows, she went doze-off in front of TV too.. :)

So now here I am, surfing the net like nobody’s business. I brought back home some works to do, but too lazy to have a look at them. Tomorrow perhaps, after breakfast session with Mama and Erin. Working on a public holiday? Pathetic, I know. But on my defense -- in the words of Abby, we don’t celebrate Wesak Day, so what’s wrong with working then? =)

OK lah, I guess that’s all I have for now. Till later~!

PS. To Kerol, please come back -- PRONTO!!!


  1. you know where Nana keeps all her FAT?

    in her nose.

    as I do.

    we are indeed twins.

    thats why you end up seeing us both on the same day.

  2. so it's the nose hah.

    then i know mine goes where.


    but hey, i appreciate your company so much that day.. ;)

  3. me too. I have freeload you on a minum petang. please be prepared to do so again. *muka tak malu*