Thursday, 15 May 2008

The one with... ............... [intentionally left blank]

The seminar yesterday was a success…. Or so I believed. Had a great time at KL Hilton mingling with clients and non-clients, and I enjoyed it the most when it comes to eating time… Heh. The food spread was nice yaw! Everything ended at about 6pm, and had a ‘post-seminar session’ with the gang from office. Was contemplating on whether to go to WIP, La-Bodega, or Chillis in BSC, but ended up hanging out at Centro in Sooka Sentral – which was much nearer both to KL Hilton and the office’s car park place (where we parked our car, that is). Had a great time with them colleagues HH-ing and me ribena-ing from 6.30pm till 9.30pm ;)


So now it’s back to normal working days, no more charging time to ‘Seminar Preparation’ code.. Having said that, I have a lot to catch up back in office! *siGh*

Kerol is still not in town, and friends are busy with their other friends / works / partners.

Mutual respect, mutual understanding -- I still cherish that. So I’m cool with it. My after-work time is therefore mostly spent either at home with Mama, or ironically… at office.

Ok lah.. I don’t really have the mood to write. I have a lot of negative hormones attacking me from the inside – PMSing’s the much known term.

Till my hormones are all balanced up!

I need more fooooood.

PS. What’s up with these both M@S and @ir @sia competing in offering the zero fare / free seating promo? Benci tau! It’s not like as if EVERYONE has the luxury of time to monitor their websites to grab the ever changing offers, ALL.THE.TIME. Ape, ingat everyone is a stock broker or something?

It’s different story if every promo is meant to cater for a different travel period.

Like I’ve bought tix to go to Jakarta and Bali based on the whatever promotion they had in March (or was it April) not long time ago, and now they are offering the free seating to some destinations – including Jakarta and Bali too! Damn it.

Oh ok, I just checked the website, it’s for different travel period.


But still, I just hope that there'll be no such thing as gajah sama gajah berlawan, semut mati di tengah2. Err, did I get that simpulan bahasa right? Whatever lah k. Haha.

(I’m PMSing, remember?) *grumble grumble grumble*


  1. hurm, dah makan coklat belum? hehe. :)

  2. so pmsing. sangat sangat. hahahaha ....

    i like centro ... when I have money. hahaha.

  3. Alan,

    hurm, i think i want to opt for ice cream instead... =)

    Abby the cosmic freak,

    hehehe is it? that obvious? heh.

    yeah, agreed. the food is so ex! but the ambience is cool.