Friday, 2 May 2008

The one with... the hopeless case of Lili@Edlin@... huhu.

Warning: Just bear with me. OK?

I have no mood to do work; in fact I have no mood just at all. I ate chicken beriyani for lunch and cleaned the entire plate, and as if that’s not (fattening) enough, I had Cadbury chocolate soon after I came back to office.. And now I’m feeling so bloated, and that’s adding up to this moody feelings I have.


Apesal teruk benor kemaruk kali nih… ShEesh. It’s not like as if this is the first time he’s off for holiday ‘overseas’ where being in contact is rather limited. Maybe because this time around he’s away for outstation jobs both before and after the holiday?

Yep, I miss him so badly… (yup yup sile la roll eyes sampai juling pun, I couldn’t care less).

I went through some old pictures (see, I'm a gone case.. Like, totally!) and thought of putting them up here...

Oh, before that, here's the story about how we met and became an item.. :)

This is the first ever picture of mine he captured. Mase tuh we were still friends. Teman tapi tak mesra lagi.. :P Gambar pun macam blur2 cause I was like, 'Eyyyy jangan la amek gambar aku' but 'I will pose anyway'.. *gRin*.. We went for a late night outing at Putrajaya. That time my friend Muni was still working in Ipoh, so what happened was she had to come down to KL for the MICPA class.. She stayed at the KL Plaza hotel and I stayed together with her so that it'd be easier for us to go to the weekend class together. That night, Muni went jalan2 with Famie while I myself went jalan2 with Kerol.. ;)

This is the one of the very first pictures we took together.. :) As you can see, the picture is kinda blurry a bit, because it was taken using the phone camera.. That time we had dinner at Sate Hj Samuri in Kajang.. Well, one of the first moves I guess... :D During our early 'getting to know you' conversations I did mention to him that I LOVE satay and the next thing you know, he brought me to Kajang for the ever famous satay there.. Not bad, not bad.. *wink*

This picture was taken at KL Tower, after we had our very first anniversary dinner at the Seri Angkasa Revolving Restaurant... and it was only our 6-months anniversary! Hehehe.. Poyo kan.. cause apparently that was the most exclusive anniversary celebration we ever had... Lepas2 tuh sume biase2 jer.. Dengan alasan - tak baik membazir! (kan?) :D

This picture was taken at KLCC, just after Kerol brought me, for the very first time, to attend his friend's wedding.. 8)

This picture was taken at..... Bukit Tinggi! Hehehe... I still remember, it was on Monday.. Mase tu we both decided to call for EL, and just forget about work... Crazy, I know! Especially that I was still a junior then.. *thee hee hee* But we had fun.. And it's all worth the risk.. Hurmmm, those were the days huh? Where workloads were so much lesser and life was not so much hectic..

This picture, well... it's not of any significance for me to put up here if I were to compare with the previous ones.. It's just that I myself don't even realise that I have this picture until before now.. I just discovered it, and it somehow made me smile... (Awwww~*).. This pic was taken when we were having dinner at this one seafood restaurant..

OK lah, I better get myself occupied now.. Friday has never felt this gloomy.. Huhu... Till later~*


  1. lilia laling,
    comel lah engkau ni. aku LDR lagi tak larat. huwaaaaa... :(

    (LDR=Long Distance Relationship)

    p/s: kecewa tak dapat bukak blog ko lg satu.

  2. kenapa dia kelihatan kurus (dulu) jika dibandingkan sekarang?

  3. dalie daling kemaruk jugak (sweet!),

    oh ko LDR ke? aku ingat dia keje kt perak jugak sbb aritu ko turun KL dia drive your Rahman? ape lagi, sile buat satu entry on your detik2 cinta baru berputik, supaya pembace2 gigih ko ni tau how your new love interest started, ewahhhh~*

    adakah dengan menegur how he looks like dulu dan sekarang tanpa mengkomen tentang aku bermaksud aku ni maintain cute and cuddly? hahaha.

    anyway, a'ah.. he's put a bit on weight cause he's happy with me!! matilah ayat poyo tapi lantak lah kan.


  4. oh ye dalie daling,

    sorry la, the other blog, is still, and will always be, P&C...

    dun be sad. pretty pleeeaaassseee *battling eyelashes*


  5. dah jauh baru nak rindu... hehe...

  6. haishhhh not my intention to make ppl puke, butttt... dekat2 pun rindu tau... ;)

  7. poor thing..must be hard esp on a friday afternoon..

    dont worry b4 u knw it he will be back one la!..

    anyways yes back in bangkok..with a embarassed face..i didnt manage to get any souvenirs! long story haha..

  8. *smiling as big as i can*

    its just gonna be another few days aite... cheer up!!! have fun of being *single* when im not around


  9. Joe,

    What, no souvenirs?? You'd better have a good reason for that ok? See you back in office on Monday.

    my much missed Mr. s0ulz

    I'm smiling as big as i can too to find out your comment here... =)

    Oh yessss am SO enjoying being single.. Sabtu Ahad are filled with outings with girlfriends! Don't worry, I didn't go and shop for unnecessary stuff from Guardian or Watson... *thee hee hee*

  10. lilia & soulz,

    aaahhh comel lah korang ni. hihi.

    lilia, aku jauh.. :( huhuu

    dia keje kat motorola penang. hari tu aku pi umah dia sbb kitorg gi kenduri kawin sesama kan. thats y dia yg drive keta aku.

    malu dong mauk cerita dongengan cinta saya. hehe. nanti ya bu ( ni apahal tersampuk indon pulak nih)

    tomorrow hari mu akan lebih ceria! :)

  11. aaaawww so sweeeett.. ;)

  12. Dalie daling and a.z.i.d.i.r.a.h :P,