Monday, 12 May 2008

The one with... the (devotee) cinema-goer me.. :)

Despite the tight schedule and the absence of my partner in crime, we somehow managed to catch these movies:

Iron Man - rawks!
What Happens in Vegas - wickedly funny! =) I love them both to bits.
Hmm... Can't wait for this:


Ok lah.. my department is organising this one seminar in KL Hilton, happening this very coming Wednesday. Will be quite busy as far as the (last-minute) preparation is concerned.

Till later~*


  1. Yup, Ironman rawks!! watched twice, but Che K watched 3 times!!

  2. Oya!!!! how's the new work place??? :)

  3. kan aku dah kata. gsc alamanda ni mmg xberapa pandai .. xde what happens in vegas. tak pandai!!! grrr