Saturday, 24 May 2008

The one with... bits and pieces of life.

1. I'm down with fever.. *siGh* For the third time just within this year, I'm having tonsillitis. Doctor suggested to go for an operation. I was like, "Must I, doctor??" Doctor said, "Up to you.. How bad it's affecting you?" To which I replied, "Very. To the point of annoying. Because it's hard to make people, especially those at work, to understand how bad a tonsillitis can affect my whole health system..". Doctor finally said, "There you go, you heard yourself loud and clear..". *guLp*. HowNowBrownCow???? :(

2. Kerol is back! Kerol is back! Kerol is backkkkk!!! (mind my overreaction ;P)

3. I hope, really hope, I'm all well by... errr NOW! (That's too much to ask? Yes? No?) For I'm having that yearly barbeque dinner with my Gombak friends tonight. The thought of having to give it a miss for the deliciously marinated chicken and lamb, not to mention all the other desserts, is really killing me!

4. I hate my working environment now. Not because of the normal typical office politics. (Well, which office doesn't has this sick virus aite, so let's be positive towards that). It's because of a new virus. A freak person spreading rumors like wildfire and stirring up some negative impressions, blaming the working system in our department -- in the hope to influence others (read: influencing the newjoiners). I mean, why???!

I can only think of these few reasons:
- that person wants to feel superior.. (awww.. what a pitiful)
- that person wants to feel like part of the group.
- that person is badly looking for attention (most likely! so poor thing hah)
- that person seeks for control or power.
- it's purely done out of jealousy or a need for revenge (possible!)

Well of course, sometimes a little bit of bitching helps to curb negative excesses. Sometimes talking to others help to make one thinks of his / her own bad traits and change for the better. Sometimes bitching is helpful to force out some bad things in your own social circle.

But what if it’s not true and just hearsay? Don’t you have a sense of discretion to choose what to say and what not to say? Or to choose what you believe and what not to believe? Do you sincerely think that by painting a bad image of another person makes you’d look better? Don’t you have a sense of self-perception that spreading juicy tidbits makes you look like a 50-year old woman with nothing else to do but spreading some kind of disparaging stories?

Gosh, I despise this person to the max. Nama jer born and breed in KL, tapi perangai macam kampung! None other like Makcik Bedah the gossip-mongers.. (Maafkan saya Cik Bedah, am just being honest). I hope the others are rich-educated well enough not to buy your cheap stories, and I wish you all the best. But still, I despise you. *Go get a freaking life!*

5. Parveen is coming back in June for her sister's engagement! ;)

6. Narnia, that movie, sucks.. *yaWn*

7. I SO want to improve my multi-tasking skills at work. Must.Work.SmartER.

OK lah.. It's time to take my medication. Please pray for me yeah, so I'll get better.. the soonest possible. Appreciate that very much 8)

Till next time~*


  1. so u on MC??

    well take care n just take it off la!!

    ur new virus sounds freakily cool! so r u goin to get an exterminator?? or a doctor? Narnia was alright la..albeit lame and draggy..watched it in a family bonding session..

    n wahlaueh..ur comment on the dim sum so BLUNT! i wonder what the owner will think when she sees ur comment..kekeke..

  2. not really, since i was on AL so just be it la. didn't bother to ask for MC.

    new virus -- just need to ignore and all will be well.

    i digress, Narnia was bored to the max.. :D

    and hey, just because ur verdict was 4 out of 5 my comment was rather BLUNT now?? ahaha.. oh well, i was just being honest. so what if the owner reads? -- he will know he needs improvement with the dim sums. customers are always right! ;)

  3. Babe,

    1. Narnia amat la boringnyer. Tak bnayak sequel yang best sepanjang ye dak?

    2. Ur sick? Kesian nyer. Better go for the operation la, so that your misery will end.

    3. New virus, sabo jer la. I cukup la menyalpah bab2x cenggini nie.

    4. Kerol is back? Yeay!!!!

  4. Zie,

    1. Tu lah.. teramat boring.. maybe because i memang never follow the movie since the first installment.

    2. Itu lah.. I'm almost recovered by now, thank God this time around it doesn't take that long. maybe because it happened on weekends -- i just make sure i had enough rest. hmm pasal operation tuh, i'm giving myself another go. kalau dapat tonsil lagi, i'll go for it.

    3. memang, sangat menyampah.. *blearrghh!!*

    4. Hehehe.. Kerol is back, yeay! ;)