Sunday, 4 May 2008

The one with.. being the night-owls me..

I've tried to be the morning larks when it comes to weekends like the other 'normal' people but that’s gotta be just for once in a while.. for I just can’t help it but to enjoy being the night person me.. :)

Anyway I have to review some works done by my junior before I can send ‘em to the client.. But I can’t freaking understand why it’s hard to get things right, or if not right, at least with an acceptable level of mistakes? It sends me right to the edge thinking what’s freaking wrong, was it me who didn’t give clear instruction and proper guidance… Or was it.... Me?

Seriously, I’m kinda stressed out being in this ‘middle’ position, where at one hand I have juniors to take care off and at the other I have superiors to report to.. It’s even harder that the juniors have the right to rate you as part of the appraisal system, and I tell you, you’d never know how daring they can be these days.. I’m not saying this for nothing; trust me, during the recent appraisal period, my overall score was pulled down because of this one junior who had rated me so bad, so much so it made my average score being lower than the overall department’s average, hence enough to warrant me for a demerit.. That’s affecting my bonus yawww! *siGh* I’m kinda upset cause as much as I dislike my previous SM, I’d never jeopardize my rating for her, well the worst I’d give would be the average score laa at least.. But heck who’s to blame if someone wants to take it SO personal and be SO honest aite.. Thank you very much.

Anyway, back to my earlier ranting, yes, I’m like so torn now in between getting the things done by delegating AND at the same time, making sure I’m being a GOOD senior to juniors.. And that’s not easy peasy!

OK lah.. I thought of wanting to update on what I did today and my plans for tomorrow.. But after talking about work, I think I’ll just put that on hold.. It was such a turn-off, my mistake for talking about the office affair... Huhu.. I want to switch to the other blog, Kerol was online just now and he left a note for me there… And rest assured, that’d make me smile back again… :)


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