Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The one with... another 'angau' post...NOT! :)

Hmm, it’s the attack-of-laziness time! To add on, it’s raining heavily outside and it’s freezing cold here in office; if only I’m at home lying in bed nicely wrapped with the comforter!

Anyway, I’m back to normal – no more in the overly and unnecessary ‘angau’ state over Kerol’s absence :P Well I’ve lost my cool, that normally doesn’t happen.. I was being so ‘transparent’ I think with my posts for the past few days (to the point of triggering a shout out from Acap in Krabi, hehehe.. And not to mention, a post with a lot of comments received too! Thank you, thank you..).. I hereby end my 'angau' episode with this picture:

What do you know, Kerol juga angau sama saya di Krabi yaaaaw!

With that, I shall now rest my case.. *gRin*

Moving on.

Kerol is on his outstation job now, so I am still on a boyfriend-free mode. He’ll be back on the weekend for something (note the italic font was set on purpose *wink*), but then he’ll be back on his outstation trip wayyyyy up until 20 May. Having said that, yeap, he won’t be in town during the long weekend (Wesak Day’s on Monday - 19 May)! P.S - Dayana, are you in KL that weekend? Anyone else? The Girlfriend(s)? Sis? 8)

Hey, am not taking advantage here you know, but that’s the reality check aite, we sometimes just don’t have the time (like we used to have) to spend with friends due to other commitments in life. That’s why I can get so pissed if ever a friend comes to me with this when I give a ring, “Eh Lili@, sombongnya sekarang, tak contact pun…”.. I mean, COME ON, do you ever contacted me in the first place??? SheeSh. I just cannot take it if people call me sombong for the wrong reason. (I’m an emo-freak, so?) Anyway, to me, a good and healthy friendship should be based on a mutual understanding and a mutual respect.. It’s the quality of time spent rather than quantity, please don’t deny that. It's a close-ended statement. Full Stop.

Anyway, I really am, so blessed with understanding girlfriends all around! xOxO =)

OK lah.. I should get the balls rolling with the work. Was in meeting most of the time yesterday and today, so there are a lot of works remain untouched! Yaiks.

Till later~*


  1. Lia,
    again, same situation here. my partner also will off to ptd interview on 16-18 may. see, the girlfriend is calling u now. lepak di NZ saja utk teman kau makan also can :)

    p/s the photos is upload already.

  2. Farah,
    Is it??? Hahaha.. ok ok.. will call you for sure!

    There you go, one of the understanding GFs i have! :)

  3. haha..boy friend free..cannot la..boyfren free only find fren...

    then again, talking abt keepin in touch with so bad with it!

  4. babe,

    i am definitely free on Wesak Day..
    Jom main game kat MidValley, ahahah....

  5. Joe,
    no lah.. when BF is around also got look out for GFs one... just it's not as desperate... :P

    Hahaha, bring it on gurl!

  6. it is much better u donate the money that u want to spend for playing games to "Taufan Nargis" victims......

    isk.. isk.. isk..


    *jeles tk dpt main game*

  7. sehwiiiiiittttt..

    (and not being sarcastic..) :P

  8. mr s0ulz yang ngokngek,

    Jeles la tu! (gaya Saida - ok la tu!)

    incik Nikman,


    (and i'm not being sarcastic neither..) ;)

  9. nmpk the clearer view of that 'tulis-atas-pasir' thingy.
    Kat kurinam aritu tgk thru najib nye pda jer:p

    nak cakap jugak, "Soooo..sweeeet" =)

  10. nak cakap jugak, "AAaaaaAAAaa lambaaaaaatttt.....".


    (padanla dok tersedak2 kt kedai makan mase malam korang lepak kurinam tuh... hehehe)