Friday, 30 May 2008

The one with.. yet another (stoopid) spoof movie.

Despite the obvious known outcome every single time, I don't know why I still opt to watch this kind of movie. Huhu~*

Guess all Kerol and I were looking for was a light yet entertaining flick. All I can say, well, it's kinda funny.. but stupid. Could have done it better I must say. I mean come on, there are freaking a lot of other superheroes to make fun of, it'd be more interesting I'm sure if they really expand the selection to form part of this movie. Hmmm.. looks like Scary Movie 1 will forever be my all-time favourite as far as spoof movie is concerned.

I just got back from JB and now home alone. Mama, Erin & Ajim went to KLCC to watch Indiana Jones. I shall wait for them to come back to know the verdict, apparently I'm under the impression that it's not worth watching.

Alritey. Am so tired from the day-trip journey. Till later~!

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The one with.. the true confession of an (ex) addict..

I’ve been away from office for the past 2 days attending training at Sheraton Imperial.. This seems weird, but I’ve never thought that I'd really enjoyed training so much the way I felt this time around.. *wiNk*

Oh well, all I could think of that may be due to these few reasons:

- Its school holiday, the traffic’s pretty much clear (I still can’t understand the good awe school holiday brings to the traffic in KL every.single.time, but hey hold your horses I ain’t complaining here okey) and Sheraton is very much nearer to my house as compared to the office in KL Sentral. Training starts at 8.30am, I can make my move at 8.15am. Training ends at 5.30pm, I can reach home by 6.00pm. Perfect isn’t it, I just love it!
- Unlike the old office where training rooms are within the same office building, the new off-site training rooms enable us the staff to really sit in the training session without having to worry about having to make a quick appearance back at work during the break or after end of training session to do those little2 things like ‘quickly’ sending emails to clients la, having a ‘quick discussion’ with the boss la, ‘quickly’ returning clients’ calls la, so on and so forth; which eventually will be prolonged much to your dismay.
- Well the topic of discussion this time around is rather technically interesting -- it’s on GST (Goods and Services Tax). Fair enough, it won’t be that topic of interest for the non-accounting people (as of now - Yes? No?). Hmm, I found the training was a heads up, albeit the draggy parts at some points here and there throughout the 2 days session -- like any other training.

Anyway, no no no, am not addicted to training of course you silly..

Well, errr this is rather shallow and embarrassing. But heck, as the title says so.. Here’s my confession.

Like I’ve mentioned in the previous post, I was down with fever due to tonsillitis.. (I'm all fine now, btw! =)) It happened on Friday, the day where everyone’s looking forward to -- I was no exception. However, I got the whole package -- both sore throat and flu. So when the doctor was about to prescribe me with the necessary medicines, the typical question was posted to me, “The flu tablets, you want the sleepy one or not?” Whether it was during my study days or my working days, my typical answer would of course be, “No it’s ok. I’m attending classes / working, can’t afford to take the sleepy type”. But last Friday I did the eccentric request. Thinking it was weekend, I asked for the sleepy type.

I’m sure by now you’d have already guessed it right.

Yes, I was (unconciously) addicted to the flu tablet -- until I brought it (the topic) to the table to my colleagues during the training! Huhu.

Mana laa nak tau kan. All I knew, I secretly ENJOYED it so much the aftermath, i.e. the drowsiness. I remember feeling so happy thinking I’d be dozing-off within minutes after I took the tablet (no, it's not mind over matter, I really felt drowsy not long after I took the tablet) and the next thing I knew, its morning already! I also remember being so excited waking up the next day feeling so refreshed, having the best sleep, quality night’s rest ever.

So since Friday, I’d be looking forward to taking the flu table at nights in anticipation to have that kind of sleep again. I’m very much a night-owls type of person; I get SO energetic at night even my body is tired -- so being able to slow down and put myself at ease and sleep so soundly is like… heaven! (Told you, what a shallow. Heh.) But hey, don't get me wrong, I'm NOT suffering from insomnia ok. I can sleep if I want to. It just that I'd prefer not to sleep early.. :)

But that's not happening anymore now I know that sleepy type of flu tablets are akin to sleeping pills. The most important thing I was made aware about sleeping pills is that they cannot be used in order to develop a regular sleeping pattern; they merely act as sleep inducers, and nothing more. Every dose taken exposes one to the risk of aggravating the sleeping problems OR leads to addiction -- I was pretty much looked like the latter, though not severe, that's rest assured. I mean, come on, it has been only 5 days, how can it be serious. Plus, that was purely an action out of innocence la ok.


I’m all clean now, though I tell you, I had such a hard time to sleep yesterday night! *iSk* Been tossing and turning, feeling so restless, and I even had the thought of going down to the kitchen to get the flu tablet. NO, I did not do that. I slept at about 3 in the morning.. finally. Which is good, I think I'll get sleepy early tonight -- that'll be very much of a help.

Heh. What was I thinking eyh?

OK lah, I’d better get going now. I’m actually at Starbucks in GE Mall now enjoying my 'me time'. Having iced vanilla latte and cinnamon roll while surfing the net -- NiCE. Came here earlier after the training ends to buy some toiletries from the Watsons. Ironically, the BF is not here (his office’s in GE Mall) -- anyhow it’s not new; he’s on outstation trip..yet again. *yaWn* :P

It’s gonna be hectic in office tomorrow, pretty much expected after the 2 days absence. And I’ll be in JB on Friday for a day trip meeting with client (it's time for the GF to go for outstation trip I reckon.. Hehehe).

So, till I write again on the weekend (hopefully), Ciao~*

Saturday, 24 May 2008

The one with... bits and pieces of life.

1. I'm down with fever.. *siGh* For the third time just within this year, I'm having tonsillitis. Doctor suggested to go for an operation. I was like, "Must I, doctor??" Doctor said, "Up to you.. How bad it's affecting you?" To which I replied, "Very. To the point of annoying. Because it's hard to make people, especially those at work, to understand how bad a tonsillitis can affect my whole health system..". Doctor finally said, "There you go, you heard yourself loud and clear..". *guLp*. HowNowBrownCow???? :(

2. Kerol is back! Kerol is back! Kerol is backkkkk!!! (mind my overreaction ;P)

3. I hope, really hope, I'm all well by... errr NOW! (That's too much to ask? Yes? No?) For I'm having that yearly barbeque dinner with my Gombak friends tonight. The thought of having to give it a miss for the deliciously marinated chicken and lamb, not to mention all the other desserts, is really killing me!

4. I hate my working environment now. Not because of the normal typical office politics. (Well, which office doesn't has this sick virus aite, so let's be positive towards that). It's because of a new virus. A freak person spreading rumors like wildfire and stirring up some negative impressions, blaming the working system in our department -- in the hope to influence others (read: influencing the newjoiners). I mean, why???!

I can only think of these few reasons:
- that person wants to feel superior.. (awww.. what a pitiful)
- that person wants to feel like part of the group.
- that person is badly looking for attention (most likely! so poor thing hah)
- that person seeks for control or power.
- it's purely done out of jealousy or a need for revenge (possible!)

Well of course, sometimes a little bit of bitching helps to curb negative excesses. Sometimes talking to others help to make one thinks of his / her own bad traits and change for the better. Sometimes bitching is helpful to force out some bad things in your own social circle.

But what if it’s not true and just hearsay? Don’t you have a sense of discretion to choose what to say and what not to say? Or to choose what you believe and what not to believe? Do you sincerely think that by painting a bad image of another person makes you’d look better? Don’t you have a sense of self-perception that spreading juicy tidbits makes you look like a 50-year old woman with nothing else to do but spreading some kind of disparaging stories?

Gosh, I despise this person to the max. Nama jer born and breed in KL, tapi perangai macam kampung! None other like Makcik Bedah the gossip-mongers.. (Maafkan saya Cik Bedah, am just being honest). I hope the others are rich-educated well enough not to buy your cheap stories, and I wish you all the best. But still, I despise you. *Go get a freaking life!*

5. Parveen is coming back in June for her sister's engagement! ;)

6. Narnia, that movie, sucks.. *yaWn*

7. I SO want to improve my multi-tasking skills at work. Must.Work.SmartER.

OK lah.. It's time to take my medication. Please pray for me yeah, so I'll get better.. the soonest possible. Appreciate that very much 8)

Till next time~*

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

The one with... a question needing an answer.

Quick question peeps.

How to not to link my name to my blog?

I mean, how to make sure that whenever people type my full name in any of the search engine website, they won't see my blog's URL link as one of the results?

I've tried via G00gle and M$N, it was clear. But how come when I did it via Yah00, the first result shown was my blog's URL link??!

Am sure I've changed everything relevant to my name in this blog -- the account's name & the published name -- to make sure none of them are showing my full name. Even the alphabet 'A' in my name I've changed it to '@'. And mind you my URL link is not showing my full name either, it's edlin@li@.blogspot, not lili@edlin@.

So how now brown cow?

Help. Helppppppppp.

Monday, 19 May 2008

The one with... Monday Blues, eh I mean, Treats.. :)

I started the day quite early. Took my shower at about 10am, and together with my sis Erin we made our move to Jalan Sultan Ismail as Mama was there waiting for us in front of the Sheraton Imperial. She had her ‘mengaji’ class today somewhere in that area and her class finished at about 10.45am. Picked her up and headed straight to MidValley for a late breakfast, or on the flipside -- an early lunch.

Without much deliberation, we went to the Rumah Lempeng Paddington…yup, again. *gRin* Had a great time enjoying our delicious food and chit-chatting. After that we did what girls do best -- shopping!! Managed to grab few items of my liking, and I LOVE the aftermath feelings. I felt GOOD GREAT! :D Well, a wee bit guilty though.. ;P Heck, Guilty Pleasure is the exact word babeyh!! Whatever it is, in a nutshell, I had one heck of a great outing with both Mama and Erin.. Yippieyeayeyyy \(^_^)/

Mama's - Menu #323

Erin's - Menu #303

Mine - Menu# 404 (Yummy!)

Went back home at about 3.30pm, feeling tired yet happy, I got myself refreshed for the next outing -- meeting up with my childhood girlfriends! I was so excited -- well I’ve met Farah quite frequent of late.. So the highlight of the outing was more on both Farah and I being so looking forward to meeting up with Illyani and her son. (Yeap, she’s married with one kid now.. No, no pressure at all, of course..) We happened to be in touch with her back again sometime early this year through Facebook, very much thanks ;) Both Farah & I, we’ve tried to gather other girls as well, but seems like they were not really keen. Oh well, some other times perhaps.

Anyhow, Farah picked me up at about 5pm, with my sis Erin tagging along -- off we went to the GE Mall. Waited at the Starbucks, Yani arrived with her cute lil Irfan not long after that. Boy we sure did have a great time catching up!! =)

Bidding Goodbyes, to the many more Hellos to come!!

Farah sent Yani first to her grandma's house in Keramat AU2, before sending me back home at Keramat AU1. Looking at the timing, Farah decided to make a stop at my house for her Asar and Maghrib prayers before she made her move back to her rented house in Serdang. My parents were not at home, so the timing couldn't be more perfect.. Heh. Well, in the sense we got to conquer the whole house la.. The three of us -- my sis Erin, Farah and myself had a good time laughing at the old photos and old letters... Hahaha.. Looking back, those stuff were so childish and UNcool... :D They are like the laughing stocks now, heh. SiGh, those were the days hah... 8)

My Monday Treats (instead of Blues) was nicely ended with both Farah and I having dinner at Restaurant R&K near my house..

Having typed the entry above, you'd (probably) have noticed that I didn't get to do my work as I've mentioned in my previous post. So yeap, Tuesday I come !! Huhu~~~

OK lah.. Nitey nites. Till later yah~!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

The one with... the long weekend..

Who knows, weekend can be VERY long.. siGh.


OK OK OK, I shouldn't be complaining. That's not very grateful of me aite. So scratch the word 'siGh' already. 'yeaY' should be more realistic eyh?

So I shall start it from the beginning all over again. Here goes.

Who knows, weekend can be VERY long.. yeaY!!

(Ok truth is, am kinda bored having a long weekend without the normal hanging-out-with-bf/friends plans.. You get me now? Rite.)

Friday – Terendak friends.
On Friday, I met two of my girlfriends after work -- each one at a different time, different place. Texted Abby at about 5.30pm for a drink -- I was in need of an escape-from-the-annoying-SM plan. (If only Oya was still around.. Huhu). Anyway, thank God Abby was free and kind enough to give me a company.. :) We had a good chat over iced-blended peach and coke at the Killiney’s in Sooka Sentral -- I was practically b*tching about work throughout whereas Abby gave me an update about the all-girls trip plan to Samui this coming November.. Can't wait!!

Thereafter, I returned back to work, finished up the necessary and made my move to MidValley to sort of celebrate the Teacher’s Day with Ms. Dayana.. Hehehe.. We had dinner at Paddington House of Pancakes and had a great time catching up. Finally, I got to satisfy my PMS lust cravings for ice-creams and sugary-type of food.. Nice~* AND, it didn’t stop just there, we then joined in the long queue at the Big Apples Donuts.. A heck of a sinful night, gosh!!!! I must redeem myself, or so I promised..yet again. Damn it. Shouldn't have followed the eating style of the-high-metabolic-rate Dayana. She's like so slim despite her big appetite. I SO need my will power back again when it comes to food :(

Saturday – Taiping friends.
On Saturday, as promised, I woke up at about 10am to go and pick up Kunut at her house. We’ve agreed together with Narqes and Iema to give Ida a visit –- she just gave birth to a beautiful newborn baby girl Dalia on 11 May 2008. Just nice, she made herself ‘qualified’ for a Mother’s Day celebration this year eyh? =) Reached her house in Melawati at about 12.30 noon and made our move back only at about 3.30pm! That’s pretty LONG enough to listen to her new experience and exchanged stories about the related topics -- so overwhelming to me, like totally!! Ngile, ngilu… Hahaha. 4 bio students against me, enough said alright. Iema had to go to Bangi, so only Kunut, Narqes and myself were left for the next activity. Having no specific plan, we headed to Pavillion. Were there until 7.30pm and off we went home.

Sunday – time with family.
Was contemplating to attend Farina’s wedding in Ipoh but has promised Mama earlier to accompany her for a wedding here in KL -- only to find out she has messed up with the date. Ceh!!! Anyhow, I woke up early for a facial. Went there with my sis Erin and her friend. But I didn’t get to have a ‘peaceful’ session today -- the person in charged of my facial was a bit careless, not only once, but twice… Hate it! I was back at home at about 2pm, had lunch, and did nothing but laze around in front of the idiot box with Mama. So idiot until there’s nothing interesting to watch -- I was fast asleep within minutes, only to find myself waking up at 8pm… Arghh bencinye tidur waktu Maghrib!! Bila bangun tuh rase ting-tong semacam jer damn it.. Padahal dah agreed with Mama to go for a ‘walking’ session at Titiwangsa, who knows, she went doze-off in front of TV too.. :)

So now here I am, surfing the net like nobody’s business. I brought back home some works to do, but too lazy to have a look at them. Tomorrow perhaps, after breakfast session with Mama and Erin. Working on a public holiday? Pathetic, I know. But on my defense -- in the words of Abby, we don’t celebrate Wesak Day, so what’s wrong with working then? =)

OK lah, I guess that’s all I have for now. Till later~!

PS. To Kerol, please come back -- PRONTO!!!

Thursday, 15 May 2008

The one with... ............... [intentionally left blank]

The seminar yesterday was a success…. Or so I believed. Had a great time at KL Hilton mingling with clients and non-clients, and I enjoyed it the most when it comes to eating time… Heh. The food spread was nice yaw! Everything ended at about 6pm, and had a ‘post-seminar session’ with the gang from office. Was contemplating on whether to go to WIP, La-Bodega, or Chillis in BSC, but ended up hanging out at Centro in Sooka Sentral – which was much nearer both to KL Hilton and the office’s car park place (where we parked our car, that is). Had a great time with them colleagues HH-ing and me ribena-ing from 6.30pm till 9.30pm ;)


So now it’s back to normal working days, no more charging time to ‘Seminar Preparation’ code.. Having said that, I have a lot to catch up back in office! *siGh*

Kerol is still not in town, and friends are busy with their other friends / works / partners.

Mutual respect, mutual understanding -- I still cherish that. So I’m cool with it. My after-work time is therefore mostly spent either at home with Mama, or ironically… at office.

Ok lah.. I don’t really have the mood to write. I have a lot of negative hormones attacking me from the inside – PMSing’s the much known term.

Till my hormones are all balanced up!

I need more fooooood.

PS. What’s up with these both M@S and @ir @sia competing in offering the zero fare / free seating promo? Benci tau! It’s not like as if EVERYONE has the luxury of time to monitor their websites to grab the ever changing offers, ALL.THE.TIME. Ape, ingat everyone is a stock broker or something?

It’s different story if every promo is meant to cater for a different travel period.

Like I’ve bought tix to go to Jakarta and Bali based on the whatever promotion they had in March (or was it April) not long time ago, and now they are offering the free seating to some destinations – including Jakarta and Bali too! Damn it.

Oh ok, I just checked the website, it’s for different travel period.


But still, I just hope that there'll be no such thing as gajah sama gajah berlawan, semut mati di tengah2. Err, did I get that simpulan bahasa right? Whatever lah k. Haha.

(I’m PMSing, remember?) *grumble grumble grumble*

Monday, 12 May 2008

The one with... the (devotee) cinema-goer me.. :)

Despite the tight schedule and the absence of my partner in crime, we somehow managed to catch these movies:

Iron Man - rawks!
What Happens in Vegas - wickedly funny! =) I love them both to bits.
Hmm... Can't wait for this:


Ok lah.. my department is organising this one seminar in KL Hilton, happening this very coming Wednesday. Will be quite busy as far as the (last-minute) preparation is concerned.

Till later~*

Saturday, 10 May 2008

The one with... Happy Mama's day!!

As usual, there are only my sis Erin and myself to celebrate the day with Mama as the rest of the family are at the other various parts of the country.. When it comes to a special day of such, there'll be a meal treat (can be lunch or dinner), and also a gift. We normally will ask Mama what would she prefers to have because she doesn't like surprises. She wants to get to choose what she wants, that's my Mama.. :)

This time around, weird enough, but as good as it is, she asked for.... errr how to describe eh... an MP3 of sort. Not the normal ones. But she wants it akin to something with which she can listen to recitations of the holy Quran, thus learn from it too. Alaaa, you know something like you learn a foreign language from a cassette player or something.. OK am BAD at explaining, but I hope you get the idea.. Cause my next question is, how and where to get such a thing? Does the thing even exists in the market in the first place? If you happen to know about it, please share with me k? Very much appreciated!!

Hmm, I kinda sleepy already.. Plus, gonna have an early and long day tomorrow... Before I end, enjoy the pics... Till later~*

How did you find the energy, Mom..
To do all the things you did,
To be teacher, nurse and counselor,
To me when I was a kid.

How did you do it all, Mom..
Be a chauffeur, cook and friend,
Yet find time to be a playmate,
I just can’t comprehend.

I see now it was love, Mom..
That made you come whenever I'd call,
Your inexhaustible love, Mom..
And I thank you for it all..

I REALLY admire you and your strength, you are the best!!
May Allah bless you always, xoxoxo.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The one with... another 'angau' post...NOT! :)

Hmm, it’s the attack-of-laziness time! To add on, it’s raining heavily outside and it’s freezing cold here in office; if only I’m at home lying in bed nicely wrapped with the comforter!

Anyway, I’m back to normal – no more in the overly and unnecessary ‘angau’ state over Kerol’s absence :P Well I’ve lost my cool, that normally doesn’t happen.. I was being so ‘transparent’ I think with my posts for the past few days (to the point of triggering a shout out from Acap in Krabi, hehehe.. And not to mention, a post with a lot of comments received too! Thank you, thank you..).. I hereby end my 'angau' episode with this picture:

What do you know, Kerol juga angau sama saya di Krabi yaaaaw!

With that, I shall now rest my case.. *gRin*

Moving on.

Kerol is on his outstation job now, so I am still on a boyfriend-free mode. He’ll be back on the weekend for something (note the italic font was set on purpose *wink*), but then he’ll be back on his outstation trip wayyyyy up until 20 May. Having said that, yeap, he won’t be in town during the long weekend (Wesak Day’s on Monday - 19 May)! P.S - Dayana, are you in KL that weekend? Anyone else? The Girlfriend(s)? Sis? 8)

Hey, am not taking advantage here you know, but that’s the reality check aite, we sometimes just don’t have the time (like we used to have) to spend with friends due to other commitments in life. That’s why I can get so pissed if ever a friend comes to me with this when I give a ring, “Eh Lili@, sombongnya sekarang, tak contact pun…”.. I mean, COME ON, do you ever contacted me in the first place??? SheeSh. I just cannot take it if people call me sombong for the wrong reason. (I’m an emo-freak, so?) Anyway, to me, a good and healthy friendship should be based on a mutual understanding and a mutual respect.. It’s the quality of time spent rather than quantity, please don’t deny that. It's a close-ended statement. Full Stop.

Anyway, I really am, so blessed with understanding girlfriends all around! xOxO =)

OK lah.. I should get the balls rolling with the work. Was in meeting most of the time yesterday and today, so there are a lot of works remain untouched! Yaiks.

Till later~*

Sunday, 4 May 2008

The one with... of some random thoughts of mine.

I had a great weekend with the girlfriends - met with Farah on Saturday and hanging out with Tina & Dayana on Sunday.. But now the ending is kinda a bit dissapointing, am in office stressing out with work..! *siGh*

Anyway, am off to home now.. Maybe gonna have dinner with Mama or something.

As the title says it all, here's that few (insignificant) random thoughts of mine:

1. My favourite song currently - Finally by Fergie.. Such a nice song!

2. I'm wishing that I get to ride that 'Teksi Tunai' and win bucks.. I REALLY hope for it, seriously! *gRin*

3. I can't wait to meet Kerol, he's back tomorrow... Yeayieee.

4. I don't understand why I am tested with such a 'challenging' juniors.. Like, ALL THE TIME. Bummer.

5. I bought 2 pairs of cute wedges today, talking about guilty pleasure eyh? :)

6. My doubt on 'is getting engaged a right thing to do?' remains unanswered...

OK lah.. I'm sick of office already, I'd better make my move now..

Till later~*

The one with.. being the night-owls me..

I've tried to be the morning larks when it comes to weekends like the other 'normal' people but that’s gotta be just for once in a while.. for I just can’t help it but to enjoy being the night person me.. :)

Anyway I have to review some works done by my junior before I can send ‘em to the client.. But I can’t freaking understand why it’s hard to get things right, or if not right, at least with an acceptable level of mistakes? It sends me right to the edge thinking what’s freaking wrong, was it me who didn’t give clear instruction and proper guidance… Or was it.... Me?

Seriously, I’m kinda stressed out being in this ‘middle’ position, where at one hand I have juniors to take care off and at the other I have superiors to report to.. It’s even harder that the juniors have the right to rate you as part of the appraisal system, and I tell you, you’d never know how daring they can be these days.. I’m not saying this for nothing; trust me, during the recent appraisal period, my overall score was pulled down because of this one junior who had rated me so bad, so much so it made my average score being lower than the overall department’s average, hence enough to warrant me for a demerit.. That’s affecting my bonus yawww! *siGh* I’m kinda upset cause as much as I dislike my previous SM, I’d never jeopardize my rating for her, well the worst I’d give would be the average score laa at least.. But heck who’s to blame if someone wants to take it SO personal and be SO honest aite.. Thank you very much.

Anyway, back to my earlier ranting, yes, I’m like so torn now in between getting the things done by delegating AND at the same time, making sure I’m being a GOOD senior to juniors.. And that’s not easy peasy!

OK lah.. I thought of wanting to update on what I did today and my plans for tomorrow.. But after talking about work, I think I’ll just put that on hold.. It was such a turn-off, my mistake for talking about the office affair... Huhu.. I want to switch to the other blog, Kerol was online just now and he left a note for me there… And rest assured, that’d make me smile back again… :)


Friday, 2 May 2008

The one with... the hopeless case of Lili@Edlin@... huhu.

Warning: Just bear with me. OK?

I have no mood to do work; in fact I have no mood just at all. I ate chicken beriyani for lunch and cleaned the entire plate, and as if that’s not (fattening) enough, I had Cadbury chocolate soon after I came back to office.. And now I’m feeling so bloated, and that’s adding up to this moody feelings I have.


Apesal teruk benor kemaruk kali nih… ShEesh. It’s not like as if this is the first time he’s off for holiday ‘overseas’ where being in contact is rather limited. Maybe because this time around he’s away for outstation jobs both before and after the holiday?

Yep, I miss him so badly… (yup yup sile la roll eyes sampai juling pun, I couldn’t care less).

I went through some old pictures (see, I'm a gone case.. Like, totally!) and thought of putting them up here...

Oh, before that, here's the story about how we met and became an item.. :)

This is the first ever picture of mine he captured. Mase tuh we were still friends. Teman tapi tak mesra lagi.. :P Gambar pun macam blur2 cause I was like, 'Eyyyy jangan la amek gambar aku' but 'I will pose anyway'.. *gRin*.. We went for a late night outing at Putrajaya. That time my friend Muni was still working in Ipoh, so what happened was she had to come down to KL for the MICPA class.. She stayed at the KL Plaza hotel and I stayed together with her so that it'd be easier for us to go to the weekend class together. That night, Muni went jalan2 with Famie while I myself went jalan2 with Kerol.. ;)

This is the one of the very first pictures we took together.. :) As you can see, the picture is kinda blurry a bit, because it was taken using the phone camera.. That time we had dinner at Sate Hj Samuri in Kajang.. Well, one of the first moves I guess... :D During our early 'getting to know you' conversations I did mention to him that I LOVE satay and the next thing you know, he brought me to Kajang for the ever famous satay there.. Not bad, not bad.. *wink*

This picture was taken at KL Tower, after we had our very first anniversary dinner at the Seri Angkasa Revolving Restaurant... and it was only our 6-months anniversary! Hehehe.. Poyo kan.. cause apparently that was the most exclusive anniversary celebration we ever had... Lepas2 tuh sume biase2 jer.. Dengan alasan - tak baik membazir! (kan?) :D

This picture was taken at KLCC, just after Kerol brought me, for the very first time, to attend his friend's wedding.. 8)

This picture was taken at..... Bukit Tinggi! Hehehe... I still remember, it was on Monday.. Mase tu we both decided to call for EL, and just forget about work... Crazy, I know! Especially that I was still a junior then.. *thee hee hee* But we had fun.. And it's all worth the risk.. Hurmmm, those were the days huh? Where workloads were so much lesser and life was not so much hectic..

This picture, well... it's not of any significance for me to put up here if I were to compare with the previous ones.. It's just that I myself don't even realise that I have this picture until before now.. I just discovered it, and it somehow made me smile... (Awwww~*).. This pic was taken when we were having dinner at this one seafood restaurant..

OK lah, I better get myself occupied now.. Friday has never felt this gloomy.. Huhu... Till later~*