Thursday, 3 April 2008

The one with... why oh why...

I guess by now most of us if not all have read the news about her.

Quite a pity eyh? I wonder what has gone into her mind... I used to follow stories about her last time, for I found her to be quite amusing being the math prodigy at a very young age.. But who knows, one proud news after another, has turned to more and more bad news... Who's to blame?

Whatever it is, I really hope for the best of her, it's never too late...

God's bless.


  1. Exactly....

  2. with all that is going on with her life, i think somebody needs to do something to make her realise what she is doing right now... but i really want to know what really happened that pushed her to do what she did... such a waste...

  3. Oya,
    Tu lah.. nak tau jugak what really happened.. but now with that so much huha on 'saving sufi@h' plan whatnots, i felt a bit.. how to say eh.. i mean, come on, just because she's genius? what about all other social problems here in Malaysia?? kan?